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Greece Aegean Dispute Turkey

Clinton's letter
Letter by US President Clinton to the chairman of the US House Foreign Relations Committee on the Greek-Turkish dispute in the Aegean
Brief Greek News Bulletin by Macedonian Press Agency,
(Thessaloniki, Oktober 4, 1995)


Introduction: The term "Aegean Dispute" involves three separate albeit interdependent issues...

Relations between Turkey and Greece
Background on Aegean Disputes
Aegean Status Quo
The Continental Shelf
The Territorial Waters
The Air Space.
The Demilitarized Status of the Eastern Aegean Islands
Conclusions (9 Aug 95)

"In the view of the above mentioned realities, the main issues between Turkey and Greece emerge from Greek policies seeking the extension of Greek sovereignty in the Aegean beyond its territory"...



Aegean Sea Crisis
Full coverage with up-to-date information about the last crisis in Aegean Sea between Greek and Turkish forces.

Greece Disputes with Turkey

"In the Aegean Sea Turkey challenges the internationally recognized status quo, disputes International Law of the Sea Convention allowing Greece to extend territorial waters to 12 miles..".

The Aegean Crisis - The Greek island of IMIA

USAF Maps and even Turkish Documents showing the Greek Aegean Islets of Imia to be Greek. Turkey's recent move in the Eastern Aegean Sea to challenge the sovereignty of the Hellenic islets of Imia apart from showing a blatant disregard for the troubled region's stability also failed to take into account a host of binding legal precedents, which weigh decidedly in Greece's favour. Explore the above & more at this new site.

Aegean Sea Crisis

Full coverage with up-to-date information about the last crisis in Aegean Sea between Greek and Turkish forces.


Aegean Sea.(Reference Source)
Aegean Sea.(Reference Source) Van Valkenburg, Samuel. Collier's Encyclopedia, Edition 1996. (Reference Source) Related Articles. Full Text COPYRIGHT 1996 P.F. Collier.

Aegean Sea - Geographic profile.

List of Articles. Aegean Sea - Geographic profile. Aegean Sea. (Reference Source) by Van Valkenburg, Samuel, Collier's Encyclopedia. Edition 1996. (Approx. 1345 bytes.0.)

Dolphin H.C., Aegean Sea - Origination of name

How Aegean Sea took it's name. AEGEAN SEA ... According to Greek Mythology, Athens frequently paid King Minos of Crete, a blood-tribute consisting of seven youths and seven maidens, thrown to the Minotaur in Knossos labyrinths, as his food...

The Coast of Turkey
The islands of N.E. Aegean
The Dodecanese Islands
The Isl. of CRETE

The island of CRETE. The island of Daidalos and Ikaros, of Minoan vases and famous frescoes, of the labyrinth and the Minotaur. The largest of the Greek islands, separating the Aegean from the Libyan sea, marking a boundary between Europe and Africa.

Map of the Aegean Sea and the Cyclades.
Map of the Aegean Sea
Underwater Picture

Taken underwater in the Aegean Sea, Kusadasi, Turkey, July 1995

Eastern Sporades

Eastern Sporades. Between the two continents, Europe and Asia, lie the islands of Eastern Sporades. They actually set the eastern borders of Aegean Sea and they spread along the coasts of Turkey.


Welcome to Skiathos! Skiathos is an island of Sporades, at the north of the Aegean Sea. Lots of people are going there at the summer from all over the world. Especially from Norway, Germany, Italy, England and of course from Greece...

Vernicos Yachts : The Aegean Sea weather map
Map of the Aegean sea

Rhodes. The Dodecanese. In the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea lie the Dodecanese. Meaning "Twelve islands" in Greek, they form a line a few miles away from the Turkish coast. Thousands of years of history have shaped these islands ...

Greek Isl. - Cyclades

About Cyclades Awash in the middle of the azure basin of the Aegean Sea are the Cyclades. They are a network of exquisite hilly islands, where arable land is at a premium and the climate is mild and dry. The ancient Greeks called them the Cyclades...

Bulgaria-Greece dispute
stalls transbalkan pipeline project

(November 9, 1995 )