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Minister of defence Gojko Susak

Minister of defence of the Republic of Croatia , Gojko Susak (born 03.16.1945) died on Sunday night, May 3, 1998, in Zagreb, and was laid to rest on Thursday, May 7, at 14.30 CET on the Zagreb Cemetery Mirogoj. That day has been proclaimed a National Day of Mourning in Croatia.
He performed his responsible and honorable duty during the most difficult time in the creation of Croatian state. In the memory of many Croatians and Americans, Minister Susak will be remembered as a true Croatian patriot, a crucial figure in Croatia's fight for independence.
Velered Kralja Dmitra Zvonimira

The Croatian Defence Minister Gojko Susak was posthumously decorated by President Tudjman with the High Order of King Dmitar Zvonimir and the Danica, and with the Order of Nikola Subic Zrinski and the Order of Stjepan Radic. Tudjman also promoted Susak posthumously in rank for services rendered in the organisation of the Croatian Armed Forces and his contribution to the Patriotic War.

The former US Defence Secretary William Perry a long time friend and colleague of Defence Minister Susak attended Mr. Susak's funeral as a way of thanking the Croatian Defence Minister for all he had done in promoting Croat-American relations . Former U.S. defense secretary William Perry represented Washington at the funeral, but said he also came as a friend. William Perry's speech (1)

William Perry's speech (2)"Gojko Susak's death is...a great loss for Croatia," Perry said. Quoting Shakespeare, he added: William Perry's speech (3)"Now there goes a man, we shall never see his like again."

He described Susak as a patriot and a visionary in military matters, and said his legacy was an armed force that would one day be a valued participant in Western security organizations.

D.N. & S.J.,
Croatian Information Centre

Minister of defence Gojko Susak Zagreb, May 4, 1998.

Today at noon, an extra-ordinary session of the Croatian Government was held during which members of the Government were informed by its President, Dr. Zlatko Matesa, that the Minister of Defense, Mr. Gojko Susak, passed away.

"Gojko Susak was a man of triumph in all his battles, a man who realised his life long dream - the freedom and independence of Croatia - and a man who lost his first battle last night, a battle with an illness. We mourn his death together with his family and friends. He remains in our thoughts and memories," stated Matesa.

In a telegram, Croatian President Dr. Franjo Tudjman expressed his condolences to the Susak family:

"Please accept in my own name, on behalf of the government's and the Croatian people, sincere and deep condolences, for the death of your son, husband and father, my closest associate and personal friend, a man who gave his limitless personal contribution to the realisation of Croatian freedom.

"His years of living in the emigration was dedicated to the centuries long Croatian dream - creating the independent, sovereign, and democratic Croatia . Returning to the Homeland, Gojko took on the most responsible duties of the Croatian Democratic Union and the Croatian Government, during the most difficult time in the creation of the Croatian state and in the Homeland War.

"Gojko's contribution to the creation of the Croatian dream was done without spare - he invested all his capabilities, his patriotism, and before all else, his human virtue. He will forever remain an inspiration for all future Croatian generations," expressed Dr Franjo Tudjman .

"Today, May 3, 1998, at 9:30 pm, in the Dubrava Clinical Hospital, the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Gojko Susak, passed away. Minister Susak was treated for three years for a malignant lung disease. Until a few days ago, the disease was contained. The disease violently spread and consequently his vital organs failed," read a report of the Medical Commission, signed by the President of the Commission, Dr. Andrija Hebrang.

Gojko Susak was born on May 16, 1945, in Siroki Brijeg. He studied maths and physics in Rijeka, followed by Management, Information Technology and Communications at the University of Ottawa, Canada, where he lived from 1969. In Canada he was a manager and owner of several businesses. He was the President of the Croatian-Canadian Cultural Federation, the President of the Croatian Studies Foundation and the Director of the Croatian School in Ottawa. Followed by the first free and multi-party elections in Croatia, Gojko Susak became a member of the government of Croatia. From 1990 to 1991 he was the Minister of Emigration and the Deputy Minister of Defense. In 1991 he was appointed as the Minister of Defense and held that position till his death. Gojko Susak was one of the closest associates to the President of the Republic of Croatia, Dr. Franjo Tudjman. At the recently held 4th Convention of the Croatian Democratic Union, he was elected the Vice-president of the party.

The President of the Government, Dr. Matesa, announced that the funeral for Mr. Susak will be held on Thursday May 7, 1998, at noon at the Mirogoj Cemetery in Zagreb. Thursday has been declared a day of mourning for the Republic of Croatia.

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Lt. Col. Steve Campbell
could be contacted
at (703)
Pentagon expresses regret over
Croatian defense Minister's death

Washington, May 4 (Hina) - The Pentagon on Monday expressed regret over the death of Croatian Defense Minister Gojko Susak.
"We are saddened by his death," American defense spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Steve Campbell said in Washington.
"We look forward to work with his successor on important bilateral issues and Bosnia-related issues."

Croatian defense minister dead
BBC  on Minister of defense Gojko Susak
BBC News
Monday, May 4, 1998

The death of the Croatian defense minister, Gojko Susak, has been announced.
Mr Susak was seen as the leader of the hardline Bosnian Croat lobby within the Croatian government, and represented their interests in Zagreb. Born on March 16, 1945 in Bosnia-Herzegovina, MrSusak broke off studies of mathematics and physics and went to Canada in 1969, eventually running a Toronto pizzeria. In 1989, as the communist Yugoslavia he despised was disintegrating, Mr Susak returned, helping Franjo Tudjman win Croatia's first multiparty elections in 1990. He raised millions of dollars from the wealthy right-wing Croat diaspora. The money helped to fund the buildup of Croatia's army, before it won independence from Yugoslavia in the early 1990s. In two sweeping offensives, Croatia recaptured all its occupied territory and some 180,000 Serbs are estimated to have fled the advance in western Croatia. Mr Susak also developed close ties with Washington and helped to persuade Bosnia's Croats to accept the 1995 Dayton peace accord, which thwarted uniting with Croatia proper. According to reports, he died in hospital in Zagreb on Sunday after suffering from lung cancer since 1996.

Croatian defense minister dies
Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times on Minister of defense Gojko Susak Monday, May 4, 1998
By Snjezana Vukic,
Associated Press Writer

A nationalist who devoted his life to creating and preserving Croatia's independence, Susak also became a useful ally of the United States as it sought to end the Bosnian war. Susak, who died Sunday night, was treated for lung cancer in 1995 in Washington, D.C., and underwent surgery in Boston in 1997. Early this year, he had appendix and ulcer operations and cut down sharply on public activities and appearances.

Croatian defense minister Susak dies
Ally of President Tudjman had been ill with lung cancer
(Associated Press)
MSNBC on minister of defense Gojko Susak

ZAGREB, Croatia, May 4 — Gojko Susak, Croatia's defense minister and a close ally of President Franjo Tudjman, is dead at age 53, the state-run HINA news agency reported. A nationalist who devoted his life to creating and preserving Croatias independence, Susak also became a useful ally of the United States as it sought to end the Bosnian war.


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Unofficial transcript obtained from the Legi-Slate database.
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Washington -- Croatian Defense Minister Gojko Susak gave a news briefing at the National Press Club February 16, discussing the current military and political situation in Croatia and developments following the signing of the Bosnian peace accord.

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