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Abdullah Ocalan Arrested!CNN: Abdullah Ocalan Trial
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Abdullah Ocalan sentenced to death by hanging
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Ocalan's final statement
"I reject the accusation of treason. I believe that I am struggling for the unity of the country and freedom. I believe that my struggle was for a democratic republic not against the republic.
"I hope that the problem which has grown as a result of historic mistakes will reach a solution. I want this trial to contribute to that. I am repeating my call, the determined promise I made at the onset, for a fair and honorable peace and brotherhood in line with the democratic republic.
"I call on humanity, the state and all societal forces to fulfill their duty.
The future of the country lies with peace not war".
  June 29, 1999
Ocalan Charged With Treason;
Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty
February 23, 1999, By Harmonie Toros, Associated Press
Interview With PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan
Kurd-L - January 1999
Editor's note: The following interview appeared in the January 1999 issue of 'Middle East Insight' magazine. We thank Tanya Goudsouzian, its Assistant Editor, for granting us permission to reprint the article. This interview took place shortly before Mr. Ocalan's capture.
Abdullah Ocalan Arrested!Abdullah Ocalan

Kurdish rebel leader snatched in clandestine operation
CNN, February 16, 1999
Ocalan arrested

Europe Ocalan extradition row deepens
Abdullah Ocalan: Hate-figure and hero
Ocalan extradition row deepens
Turks launch fax blitz on Italy
Kurdish TV backs Ocalan
Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan
january 1998 (while arrested in Italy)