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South Pole

CBS News - 3 Weks in Antarctica Three weeks in Antarctica

CBS News crew [correspondent Jerry Bowen, cameraman Brian Nolan, soundman John Weiser, and myself, producer Bruce Rheins] certainly didn't have it as tough as him or the others who first saw this huge—one-and-a-half times the size of the U.S.—and unforgiving continent. But getting here cannot be taken for granted.

V X E - 6
Antarctic Development Squadron Six

Home page of "Ice Pirates", the world's southernmost airline!
Antarctic Development Squadron Six (VXE-6) operates on the harsh Antarctic Continent as the United States Navy's only squadron directly supporting the mission of polar research and scientific programs of the National Science Foundation. They deploy every year for winter flight operations in August and for Operation DEEP FREEZE from October to February. VXE-6 operates 7 LC-130 "Hercules" transport aircraft and 6 HH-1N "Huey" helicopters flying to most parts of Antarctica. The ski-equipped LC-130s move large amounts of cargo, personnel and fuel throughout the continent while the HH-1Ns operate in the local McMurdo area and in different field camp detachments and stations.
During the summer training cycle from March to September, the squadron, manned by over 400 highly trained personnel, is based at Naval Air Weapons Station, Point Mugu, California.

- International Center for Antarctica Information and Research (ICAIR)
"Located within the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand, the International Centre for Antarctic Information and Research (ICAIR) is a newly-established, independent, non-profit organisation established under New Zealand's Science Academy, The Royal Society of New Zealand."

ICAIR's List

"Welcome to TerraQuest, and our pilot expedition to Virtual Antarctica."

Antarctic Support Associates
Page under construction

Alfred Wegener Institute
the German national centre for Polar and Marine research

Polar Biology This electronic version of the print journal (ISSN 1432-2056) of the same name is published on the web by Springer-Verlag Berlin. It presents results of all kinds of studies in plants, animals, and micro-organisms of marine, limnic and terrestrial habitats of arctic and antarctic regions.
Life history, Ecology of organisms and communities, Morphology and taxonomy Distribution, abundance and biogeography, Dynamics of populations Physiology of growth, metabolism and reproduction, Behaviour and sensory physiology Ecosystem studies
Articles are published in Adobe Acrobat portable document format and are available to subscribers using a password provided by the publisher. No password is required to view the article abstracts, which are published in html format.

For subscription and other information contact Managing Editor: G. Hempel

the neutrino telescope project at the South Pole
Arctic World
a server providing information about the Arctic and Antarctic
Antarctica Meteorology Research Center
. Composite satellite weather images

Antarctic Research Center
at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zaeland
Antarctic Streams Hydrology
Antarctic Support Associates

Australian Antarctic Program Online
managed by the Australian Antarctic Division of the Department of the Environment. The Division supports Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) and administers the Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) and the subantarctic Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands. It also conducts its own Antarctic science programs.
Aurora Australis Update
Science area
Links and other info
Research applications.
Details of Individual Science Programs
Australian Antarctic Data Centre

Australian Antarctic Division
Australian Antarctic Stations

This is the most recent image of
the AASTO at the US South Pole Station
Live image updated every 10 minutes.

(The time shown is New Zealand summer time)

Stations operating all year round:
(66º 17'S, 110º 31'E)
(67º 36'S, 62º 53'E)
(68º 35'S, 77º 58'E)
Macquarie Island
(54º 29'S, 158º 56'E)
Summer operations:
Heard Island
(53º 06'S, 73º 43'E) Spit Bay
Commonwealth Bay
(66º 59'S,142º 39'E) Cape Denison, George V Land
Edgeworth David
(66º 15'S,100º 36'E)
Bunger Hills Law
(69º 23'S, 76º 22'E) Larsemann Hills
(70º 13'S, 65º52'E) Prince Charles Mountains
The Davis, Casey and Mawson station webcams are operated by Scott Anderson( at Kingston, Tasmania and others at the Station.
Map of Antarctica.
Living inAntarctica

Australian Antarctic Cooperative Research Center
Arctic Region Supercomputing Centre
Australian Working Group for Antarctic Astronomy
Belgium Antarctic Research Programme
British Antarctic Survey
Byrd Polar Research Center
at Ohio State University
Chilean Antarctic Institute
Cold Tech
a foundation to support research within cold climate technology
Cooperative Research Centre for the Antarctic
and Southern Ocean Environment University of Tasmania, Australia
Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) Data Archive at NGDC
Institute for Computational Earth System Science (ICESS)
University of California, Santa Barbara (researchers at Palmer Station)
Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies

International Arctic Environmental Data Directory
Italian Antarctic Program
Italian Antarctic Program Library
Italian System for Antarctic Data Exchange
Long Duration Ballooning in Antarctica
Long Term Ecological Research

Malin's Antarctic Research.
Antarctic images by Malin Space Science Systems Inc.

All of the material here was captured by M.C. Malin during his fieldwork at McMurdo and environs in December 1993 and January 1994. These two MPEG segments were sent by Dr. Malin shortly after he and his assistant M. Ravine arrived in Antarctica. The first (1.6 Mbytes) shows their arrival and visit to the first sample site via helicopter; the second (1.7 Mbytes) shows their work at that site and return. These pages contain various still images and video clips sent back from McMurdo during the 1993-1994 mission.
Antarctic Images set 1
Antarctic Images set 2
Antarctic Images set 3

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Norsk Polarinstitutt
NSF WWW server
including the Office of Polar Programs
National Snow and Ice Data Center
The New South Polar Times
published in New Zealand
Polar Libraries Gopher
maintained by Eric Tull, University of Calgary
Polar Science Center
Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington

Potchefstroom University
Physics Department, South Africa

South African National Antarctic Programme

Three bases have been built on Queen Maud land, all of which have since been decommissioned due to snow build up. In order to circumvent the accumulation of snow and consequent deterioration of the base, it was decided to build the new base, SANAE IV, on a rock outcrop (nunatuk) called Vesleskarvet. Scientific studies into upper air-, ionospheric- and magnetospheric physics are conducted by teams from the Universities of Potchefstroom and Natal (Durban).
The Directorate Antarctica and Islands of the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism is responsible for all logistical support. This includes the transport of personnel and goods to Antarctica as well as the provision of the base. The Public Works Department (PWD) is responsible for building and maintenance of the base itself.
Neutron Monitors
HF Radar
1994 / 95 Trip
New South African Antarctic Base
Having fun
International Antarctic Home Page

South African National Antarctic Expedition

Scott Polar Research Institute
USCGC Polar Sea
World Data Centre, C (Glaciology)
Antarctic entry in the CIA World Fact Book
The Antarctic Treaty of 1959
Protocol on Environmental Protection
      to the Antarctic Treaty (1991)

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