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US Army Engineers Corps - Cold Region Research Laboratory Slave River Journal Interactive

The Slave River Journal Interactive Page is the Western Arctic's first and only online paper. It offers weekly news, opinion, features and photos of events in Canada's Western Arctic and Northern Alberta.
Alfred Wegener Institute
the German national centre for Polar and Marine research
Polar Biology

This electronic version of the print journal (ISSN 1432-2056) of the same name is published on the web by Springer-Verlag Berlin. It presents results of all kinds of studies in plants, animals, and micro-organisms of marine, limnic and terrestrial habitats of arctic and antarctic regions.
Life history, Ecology of organisms and communities, Morphology and taxonomy Distribution, abundance and biogeography, Dynamics of populations Physiology of growth, metabolism and reproduction, Behaviour and sensory physiology Ecosystem studies
Articles are published in Adobe Acrobat portable document format and are available to subscribers using a password provided by the publisher. No password is required to view the article abstracts, which are published in html format.

For subscription and other information contact Managing Editor: G. Hempel

Arctic Circle Group
AWI WWW Polar and Marine Research Database
Arctic World
a server providing information about the Arctic and Antarctic
Byrd Polar Research Center
at Ohio State University
Cold Tech
a foundation to support research within cold climate technology
Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) Data Archive at NGDC
Institute for Computational Earth System Science (ICESS)
University of California, Santa Barbara (researchers at Palmer Station)
International Arctic Environmental Data Directory
Long Term Ecological Research
Norsk Polarinstitutt
NSF WWW server
including the Office of Polar Programs
National Snow and Ice Data Center
Polar Libraries Gopher
maintained by Eric Tull, University of Calgary
Polar Science Center
Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington
Scott Polar Research Institute
USCGC Polar Sea
- University of Alaska Fairbanks
"Our mission is to support environmental research and science
with an emphasis on high latitudes and the Arctic."

HHC, 1st Brigade, 6th Inf Div (L)

- S.Y. Willassen,       Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Currently includes: Blocks of Ice; Giant White Fields; How to get there
and much more.
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