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South Africa
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Zagreb (Croatia)
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Croats in South Africa
In Search of a Better Life

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Must see: Lusic Ivan's site in South Africa

Independent Online (current news)
Independent Online

(current news)

The Sunday Independent

A weekly newspaper with a search and browse facility, news and information about the publication.

ANC Newswire
Africa Online
Jane' Interview of the Week
Electronic Beeld

Search the South African Press
The Star
The Star & SA Times

The merged publication combines the best of SA Times and several of South Africa's leading newspapers including The Star, The Business Report, The Cape Argus, The Cape Times, The Pretoria News and The Natal Mercury.

The SA Embassy in Washington

SA Embassy - Washington

Business Times
Business Times
Business Day
Financial Mail

SA analysis, archives & data
from a financial view

Mail & Guardian (gopher)
SA's leading
investigative newspaper

News and Archives

Arms smuggling to
Croatia during the war

SA s arms dealing


Revealed where South
Africa can sell arms


Electronic Mail & Guardian

The Web site includes PCReview Online, entertainment, tourism and television guides, an archive of back issues of the newspaper, and a Southern African database.
The email version of the newspaper includes all material supplied by the Weekly Mail but NOT material sourced from The Guardian, The Washington Post and Le Monde, which feature as part of the hard copy version of the newspaper.

Online newspapers listing (1)
Online newspapers listing (2)

South African Broadcasting Co.


Welcome to South Africa
South Africa - LINK 2 South Africa

Long Walk
to Freedom

The Autobiography of
Nelson Mandela online!

The Africa Research
& Information Alliance

South Africa Page

University of Pennsilvania African Studies

South Africa's Politically-Oriented
      Net Sites and Lists

South African Politics

This gopher server, housed at Rhodes University, contains an archive
of ANC documents, a gopher for the Constititutional Assembly, and
the on-line version of the Weekly Mail & Guardian.

University of Cape Town The University
of Capetown
Political Studies

This site has a link to
Mario's Cyberspace Station
        (Thanks Capetown!)

University of Fort Hare Library
African National Congress - South Africa

The Archives of the African National Congress
The following contents lists have been transcribed in an electronic format. These do not represent the entire contents of the archive. Preliminary indexes for other documents available in the archives have been prepared. Researchers may consult the archivist for more information on the contents of the collection.

African National Conference
SA Government of National Unity Homepage
National Assembly

Constitutional Assembly
South Africa's Constitutional Assembly has gone on-line, providing access to all documents submitted in the formation of the new Constitution. This WWW service also allows browsers to submit their ideas and suggestions for the Constitution.

Parliament of South Africa
Dept of Finance
Dept of arts and culture home page
Financial and Fiscal Commission
National Economic Development & Labour Council
African Policy Information Center
Local Government - Durban
Cape Town Home Page
Port Elizabeth - The Friendly City


The Johannesburg stock exchange
The service provides information relating to the stock exchange,
its markets, members and listed companies.

The SA Reserve Bank
Union of - Lawyer's Guide To Doing Business
Business Monitor - South Africa Index
Business Monitor: Legislation & Regulation/Taxation Issues
Trade Compass Guide
Price Waterhouse Information Guide -
U.S. House of Representatives - Internet Law Library - South Africa


Armies and Democracy in the New Africa
(Part Four)

Building Confidence Into the Security of Southern Africa
On the Threshold of Change
IDP Project Profile - Training for Peace
South African defence Policy: in Transition
Key Issues in Current South African Defense Planning

Armed forces: South Africa
South African
National Defence

The South African Army
The Service Corps
The South African Air Force
The South African Navy
South African Medical Service
South African Chaplain Service
Inspector General
Communication Service
SANDF Decorations

General Georg Meiring's Washington Visit
The bad old days when South Africa was at loggerheads with the United States and the other Western powers because of apartheid may be in the dim if not so distant past, but it was nevertheless a remarkable experience to see General Georg Meiring, chief of the South African National Defense Force (SANDF), afforded full military honors with a 19-gun salute in Washington late in March. (April 22, 1996)

SA National Defence Force
Overlord Index - Special Forces
South Africa's Reconnaissance Regiments
C130 Hercules
Transvaal Horse Artillery
Cape Town Highlanders Regiment
Natal Carbineers
Home of the 2sqdn SAAF Flying Cheetahs

15 Reception Depot Home Page
ARMSCOR's Home Page
Tank Boys

4WD Project Bushranger

Army Discussion Archives
Army Talk Gopher Archive

-To subscribe to the list, send email to with the words
Subscribe Army-talk in the body. (The subject is ignored).

ANC Archives
Archives and Heraldry
Institute for Defence Policy (IDP)
Rhodesian & South African Books
South Africa's Pathfinder Company

(JPEG image 1233x781 pixels)
Altech Defence Systems
Jane's Information Group
War Museum
Journal of Natal and Zulu History (XV, 1995) Nicholls
Picard: English for the South African Armed Forces
League of Researchers of South African Battlefields
Dovey's Army pages
Donald R. Morris Home Page
Peter Höhsl Homepage
The Barry Fowler Home Page

Visit also sites related to
Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and
SWA/Angolan War
Rhodesian & South African Books
The Rhodesia Army 1939-1980

Submission on FOI re SANDF
The Media Resource Centre based at the Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS) and the FXI submitted a report to the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) in July 1995 on the proposed changes to the Defence Act as they related to access to information. The Minister of Defence is in the process of investigating the current Defence Act 44 of 1957, with a view to amending it, specifically certain sections of the act which deal with communications.

Clarkes Books: Catalogue 96 - Current Publications
"Rich McAroy's South African Camouflage Page"

Africa Intelligence

National Congress
Manual for
Covert Actions

Missing Children
      Can you help locate these
      South African children?

South Africa's 9-1-1 Force
Gerber Systems

      Somewhere named
      "South African Police
      Unofficial Home Page"
Business Against Crime

      SA business' effort to fight crime
      (The Business Times)

Fraud Detection

      Pattern Recognition and
      Psychometric Evaluation

Counterfire South Africa
Surveillance and Countersurveillance

The mainstay of our business is the design, supply and installation of covert surveillance and countersurveillance systems. Over the last 15 years we have installed and serviced almost 3000 authorised bugging/surveillance devices and carried out an estimated 1400 de-bugging sweeps for business, government and individuals. (10 Dec. 1996)

CCTV Surveillance Systems



South Aafrican sites
and info locator.

South Africa: Related Resources on the Internet
South Africa - Related Resources on the Web
South African Netsites
South African Based WWW servers

A directory of various WWW and Gopher servers
that are housed in South Africa.


AfroNet is an on-line organization
for AfricanAmerican students.


Fillings CyberCafe
Pretoria has its first cybercafe, which grew
with assistance from Filling 4 Pancakes
restaurant. It serves pancakes - with a side of

The Drum

An Internet service dedicated to Africans
and African Americans who are on the Internet.

The South African Linguistics Archive

The Universal Black Pages

An index of African and African American WWW home pages,
developed by the Black Graduate Students Association at the
Georgia Institute of Technology.

African Studies at UW-Madison

This WWW server is similar to the one housed at
the University of Pennsylvania, housing educational
material on African and African American Studies.

African Studies links
African Studies WWW

This WWW server, housed at the University of Pennsylvania, contains
an archive of educational material for those interested in African and
African American studies.

African American Homepage

This homepage is a directory of Internet sites of cultural interest
to Africans and African Americans.


Sponsored by the U.S. government, the Minority On-Line
Information Service provides a database of all Historically
Black Colleges & Univerisities (HBCUs) in the United States.

African History

( H-Africa) Home page

H-SAfrica Site Home Page
The H-SAfrica Web Site is a part of the Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine initiative. H-Safrica is an international electronic discussion group dedicated to the promotion of all aspects of South African history.

Africa: Our Story.

This homepage contains cultural and historical
documents related to Africans and African Americans.

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