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Translated transcript of Osama bin Laden's
video-taped "Message to American people"

 Watch video As aired by Aljazeera, October 29, 2004
Transcript of bin Laden's 
'Message to American people' 
October 29, 2004 This page was updated Oct 30, 2004, when I replaced CBS News video clip and first version of translation provided by my private translator. Here is now the more accurate translation courtesy of The Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project.Read transcriptRead transcript

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Osama bin Laden admits
for first time that he
ordered 9/11 attacks
Intel: Osama Video
Boast, Not Threat
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A top government counterterrorist official says the new videotape of Osama bin Laden appears to contain no specific threat but is aimed instead at showing al Qaeda remains active and effective. (CBS/AP, Nov 01 04)
A new message from bin Laden to the American people about the reasons and resulats of the 9/11 attacks.
The head of Al-Qaeda says the continuation of US policy will lead to the repetition of what happened.

 Watch video Presenter:  The head of Al-Qaeda organization directed a message to the American people and this is his video and audio apearence in this tape which Jezeera acquired for the first time after two years. At the beginning of his message, he spoke about the reasons why they chose the US to execute 9/11.

 Watch video Osama bin Laden: Oh the American people, I address these words to you regarding the optimal manner of avoiding another Manhattan, and regarding the war, its causes and its consequences. But before this, I say to you: Security is one of the important pillars of human life, and free men do not take their security lightly, contrary to Bush's claim that we hate freedom. Let him explain why we did not attack Sweden, for example. Clearly, those who hate freedom have no pride, unlike the 19, may Allah have mercy on them. We have been fighting you because we are free men who do not remain silent in the face of injustice. We want to restore our (Islamic) nation's freedom. Just as you violate our security, we violate yours.

 Watch video  Watch video Presenter:  Bin Laden spoke for the first time about the main reasons he thought of executing Sept 11 attacks, confirming that the Israeli operation in Lebanon was the first incident where he thought of it.

 Watch video Osama bin Laden: But I am amazed at you. Although we have entered the fourth year after the events of 9/11, Bush is still practicing distortion and deception against you and he is still concealing the true cause from you. Consequentially, the motives for its reoccurrence still exist. I will tell you about the causes underlying these events and I will tell you the truth about the moments this decision was taken, to allow you to reflect.

I say to you, as Allah is my witness: We had not considered attacking the towers, but things reached the breaking point when we witnessed the injustice and tyranny of the American-Israeli coalition against our people in Palestine and Lebanon then I got this idea.

The events that had a direct influence on me occurred in 1982, and the subsequent events, when the US permitted the Israelis to invade Lebanon with the aid of the American sixth fleet.

In those critical moments, I was overwhelmed by ideas that are hard to describe, but they awakened a powerful impulse to reject injustice and gave birth to a firm resolve to punish the oppressors. As I was looking at those destroyed towers in Lebanon, I was struck by the idea of punishing the oppressor in the same manner and destroying towers in the US, to give it a taste of what we have tasted and to deter it from killing our children and women.

 Watch video Presenter:  Bin Laden considered in his message that the results of September 11 were successful in his opinion and as a reason of that, he said that the similarity between the administration of Bush the father and the arab regimes said Bush learned so much from them during his visits.

 Watch video Osama bin Laden: We had no difficulty dealing with Bush and his administration, because it resembles the regimes in our (Arab) countries, half of which are ruled by the military, and the other half are ruled by the sons of kings and presidents with whom we have had a lot of experience. Among both types, there are many who are known or their conceit, arrogance, greed, and for taking money unrightfully.
This resemblance began with the visit of Bush Sr. to the region. While some of our people were dazzled by the US and hoped that these visits would influence our countries, it was he who was influenced by these monarchic and military regimes. He envied them for remaining in their positions for decades, while embezzling the nation's public funds with no supervision whatsoever. He bequeathed tyranny and the suppression of liberties to his son and they called it the Patriot Act, under the pretext of war on terrorism.
Bush Sr. liked the idea of appointing (his) sons as state governors. Similarly, he did not neglect to import into Florida the expertise in falsifying (elections) from the leaders of this region in order to benefit from it in difficult moments.

 Watch video Presenter:  Bin Laden considered the way Bush dealt with the first moments of Sept. 11, giving a good chance to the executors of Sept. 11 to complete it.

 Watch video Osama bin Laden: We agreed with the general commander Muhammad Ata, may Allah have mercy on him, that all operations should be carried out within 20 minutes, before Bush and his administration would become aware. We never imagined that the Commander in Chief of the American armed forces would abandon 50,000 of his citizens in the twin towers to face this great horror alone when they needed him most.
It seemed to him that Related linka girl's story about her goat and its butting was more important than dealing with planes and their "butting" into skyscrapers. This allowed us three times the amount of time needed for the operations, Allah be praised.

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The final part of the message is that the security of the Americans depends on the policy that they execute despite the winner of the elections.

 Watch video Osama bin Laden: Your security is not in the hands of Kerry or Bush or Al-Qaeda. Your security is in your own hands, and Related linkany (US) state that does not belittle our security automatically guarantees its own security.

 Watch video Presenter:  In his message Bin Laden also made some other points. So he pointed to the contradiction which considers oppression and killing of innocents a legal act. They have broken international law as Bush the father did with the children of Iraq according to bin Laden. Bin Laden pointed to the millions of pounds of explosives dropped on Iraqi children as bush his son had done, as he said to remove an old agent and install a new agent to help instealing the oil of iraq.
Bin Laden also said the events of 9/11 came as an answer to this oppression and said that if the answer to this oppression is considered bad terror, then we need to do it. And he stressed that he wants to deliver this message to the Americans in words and in deeds since the 9/11 events.
He reminded Americans of a few warning messages through various news media like Time Magazine and CNN as well by other, Arab media and correspondents since 1996.
He warned Americans of the conswquences of their countries policies.
He talked abou the damage Sept 11 caused to the US economy and that it cost close to a trillion dollars. He talked about President Bush and that the emergency law requires more money.

Osama bin Laden translation courtesy of
Reference Related linkMEMRI TV Monitor Project
(The Middle East Media Research Institute)

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