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Agency records already released or declassified under the Freedom of Information Act can be searched. Documents previously released to the public since November 1996 are contained in this database, which will be periodically updated to reflect the release of new information.
You can search the CIA Electronic Document Release Center by one of the following two methods:

Finding Documents in the CIA Collection
A Full Text Search

This search is based on the text converted from documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Please note that, due to the image quality of some older and duplicated documents, the resulting documents may display with various imperfections. Once the search results are displayed, select a title to access the document's summary information.
Other books
and manuals


African National Congress Manual
(Covert Actions)
American Security in the 21st Century
(U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century)
Chinese Unrestricted Warfare
- Part One

Chinese Unrestricted Warfare
- Part Two

Chinese Unrestricted Warfare
(Full 505K)
Chinese Unrestricted Warfare
(Full Zipped 188K)

"CIA Manual
on Assassinations"

CIA Textbook on
Psychological Operations
In Guerrilla Warfare

"CIA Torture Manual"
Cloak and Dagger
Book Store

Code Names and
Numbers for Weapons
Acronym Finder CRB Research Books
Deep Politics Bookstore

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Spy Books page
Domain Hijacking
(A step-by-step guide)
Force XXI Acronyms
(military jargons)
Far Gone Books
Handbook of International
Economic Statistics (CIA)

Hardening Solaris SPARC/x86
security for Firewall usage

(A step by step guide)
Hit Man Manual


Jefferson's Manual
(The Congressional Research Service pulled out the old Jefferson's Manual
(, the procedural guide Congress uses, and
reported: "In Congress impeachment proceedings are not discontinued
by a recess.")
Korean War
Guerrilla Manual
A pocket guide to
NSA sabotage

List of MI6 OfficersList of MI6 Officers
List of STASI informers (Zip file, 1.5 Mb) List of STASI informers
(Zip file, 1.5 Mb)
Tony Geraghty: "The Irish War"
(Forbidden pages 158-164)
MI5: Certificate
of the Secretary of State
 Download this TOP SECRET file !
IOSS Operations Security:
Intelligence Threat Handbook

MCW Books
& Videotapes

Military Art
and Science, War,

Book Index

National Defence,
and Armed Forces

National Intelligence Book Center
Surveillant Magazine

National Security Agency
Employee's Handbook

National Security Agency
Subliminal Posthypnotic Scripts

The New Hacker's Dictionary
Nuclear Weapons
Transportation Manual

Open Source Intelligence professional Handbook
(Proceedings, Volume I)
Pegasus: CIA Assassination Project
- Tatum's Saga

Securing FTP uploads using SSH
(A practical guide to securing FTP under Linux)
The Torture Reporting Handbook
How to document and respond to allegations of torture within the international system for the protection of human rights. By Camille Giffard The Human Rights Centre, University of Essex
Word 6 (3900 kilobytes).
Word 6 compressed as a .ZIP file (680 kilobytes).
rich text format (RTF) plus images, all compressed as a .ZIP file (400 kilobytes);
this option consists of the book in RTF plus two images from the appendices in .GIF format, for faster download.
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and a full web version will follow as soon as possible.

Sun Tzu (500 BC):
The Use Of Spies

The Martial Arts
U.S. Army Manuals
and Publications

US Army Area

US Attorneys' Manual
(US Department of Justice)
Army Field Manuals

US DoD: Cooperative Threat Reduction

US DoD: Consideration of Others Handbook
Defense Almanac 1999

US DoD: Dictionary of Military Terms
US DoD: NATO Only Terms
US DoD: Joint Acronyms and Abbreviations
US DoD: Joint Staff Officer's Guide 1997
(HQ US European Command, )
Download the complete Word version of AFSC Pub 1
Manual for Courts-Martial

Military Justice Glossary of Terms

The Nature and Purpose of Military Law

Organization and Functions Guidebook

Uniform Code of Military Justice

Worldwide List of Military Installations

US Department of Army FM 90-10 Manual
(Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT))
US Dept. of Energy:
School Security Handbook

US Library of Congress
Country Studies

US State Dept.:
Background Notes

US State Dept.:
Report by Country

US State Dept.: Travel Warnings
and Consular Information Sheets

USSR KGB Archives
Viking Phoenix Archives
War Books at Lancer Militaria Page
Who guards your front doors?
(A practical guide to securing POP3 under Linux)