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Jihad UnspunJihad UnspunSITE Institute, MEMRI Spread Bogus Intelligence Reports Of Fresh Attacks In US
By  Khadija Abdul Qahaar, Jihad Unspun, March 12, 2006
Bogus news circulating through the "Intelligence" media including  SITE Institute and  MEMRI on pending Al-Qaeda attacks inside the United States sourced in a message by a purported Al-Qaeda undercover soldier Rakan Ben Williams shows both are disseminating propaganda for profit.
The last evidence of exploitive journalism comes with the release by  Global Islamic Media Front’s (GIMF) Final Warning To The American People on behalf of "Rakan Ben Williams" on March 10, 2006 that was given wings by both intelligence outlets. The GIMF message was published in both Arabic and English and posted to a small number of forums before SITE and  MEMRI (המכון לחקר התקשורת המזרח התיכון) endeavored to give it wider birth. In it, "Williams" issues a host of threats and alleges that his group is simply waiting for the "go" order from Shiekh Osama bin Laden to carry out operations inside the US.
For the record, GIMF has absolutely no affiliation to Al-Qaeda. None, zero, zip.
The expressed purpose of the group is to wage electronic jihad and they have not the means, ability or even the slightest intention of carrying out the threats they issue. Rightly or wrongly, their agenda is simply engaging in misinformation in an effort to terrorize the enemy and this is widely known.
On November 24, 2005, GIMF posted a similar warning that included an explicit threat to assassinate Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, Tony Blair and George Bush. This was given equal attention by the two "intelligence" outlets however it remains little more than empty words in cyberspace after a few good giggles on the Arabic boards by those who mistakenly think this is useful. The Brothers of Tawheed place their faith in Allah for victory and act in defense of the Ummah; they do not engage in idle threats or throw volleys to the Americans that weaken the efforts of the Mujahideen. Child's play.

Rakan, Lone Warrior While misinformation does not bode well on Muslims, its implications on the so-called intelligence media like SITE and  MEMRI that fuel these spurious threats is even more astounding. Either  SITE has absolutely no intelligence or they are willfully distributing this information to further their agenda. The SITE Institute claims it "tracks terrorist activity online for various groups, including the Department of Homeland Security." Charging a whopping $5000 USD per seat per year for their Intel Service ,   SITE is peddling tabloid journalism for profit plain and simple, capitalizing on fueling Western fear by dramatizing so-called security threats that even the novice readily dismissed. MEMRI on the other hand has an even more sinister goal and that is to establish a negative view of Arabs as terrorists to further the cause of Zionism so the fact that they distributed several excerpts of the Final Warning To The American People message is less surprising.
The co-founder and president of  Middle East Media Research Institute and the registered owner of its website is an Israeli called  Yigal Carmon (יגאל כרמון). Colonel Carmon spent 22 years in Israeli military intelligence and later served as a counter-terrorism adviser to two Israeli prime ministers, Yitzhak Shamir and Yitzhak Rabin. More shocking still, its work is subsidized by US taxpayers as an "independent, non-partisan, non-profit" organization that has tax-deductible status under American law. MEMRI’s efforts to promote racism still go unhindered however their credibility as an intelligence news media continues to decline with every spurious caveat like this one they publish.
While these vaporous threats where disregarded for the most part before sinking like a stone and the West can relax over "Rakan Ben Williams", Americans should not rest easily. Both Sheikh Osama Bin Laden and Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahri in their latest statements specifically put America on notice that attacks on US soil were forthcoming unless the Americans abandoned their war on Islam and rest assured, the real Al-Qaeda does not issue empty ultimatums.
Source: Jihad Unspun (JUS)
Latest newsYigal Carmon (יגאל כרמון) is the president and founder of the  Middle East Media Research Institute.
Yigal CarmonHe was a colonel in the Israel Defense Forces.
According to MEMRI's original site:
He served in the IDF/Intelligence Branch from 1968 to 1988. From 1977 to 1982 he was the Acting Head of Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria and the Advisor on Arab Affairs to the Civil Administration. Following Col. Carmon's retirement from the IDF he was Advisor to Premiers Shamir and Rabin for Countering Terrorism from 1988 to 1993. In 1991 and 1992 he was a senior member of the Israeli Delegation to peace negotiations with Syria in Madrid and Washington.
During his time in Military Intelligence, he became a senior officer of its Unit 504, a small secret unit dedicated to human intelligence which was particularly active in Lebanon and administers  Facility 1391, a prison described by critics as  "Israel's Guantánamo". Asked (Washington Post May 4, 1995) whether he would justify the infliction of pain to extract information, Carmon replied:
"Pain is not taking life. Pain comes and goes. Pain disappears. You know, everyone experiences that. Unwillingly, of course."
Between 1994-1996, he argued that "public declarations made by Arafat and his associates contradicted the spirit of the Oslo accords and reflected their genuine intentions." (Yossi Melman)
MEMRI was founded in February 1998 by its president Yigal Carmon a retired colonel in Israeli military intelligence, and the academic Dr. Meyrav Wurmser. The organisation became more prominent after the September 11, 2001 attacks, due to increased Western public interest in Arab and Iranian affairs. At that time, it expanded its staff considerably, setting up new branches abroad in early 2002. More growth and expansion of focus was experienced during the Iraq war, as media activity increased in that area. Located in Washington DC, MEMRI has branch offices in Jerusalem, Berlin, Brussels, Moscow, and London, and a Media Center in Jerusalem.
It is one of the few free sources of English language translations of material published in Arabic and Persian or Farsi. MEMRI publishes their translations, analyses, and in-depth reports on their Web site. They also distribute them, "free of charge, by fax and email" to anyone who asks for them.

Newsfeed"Rakan ben Williams" Newsfeed
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המכון לחקר התקשורת המזרח התיכון
Rakan ben WilliamsThe Middle East 
Media Research Institute
March 10, 2006   No.1112
Purported "Al-Qaeda Undercover Soldier, U.S.A":
Last Warning to American People

Two Operations Will Occur; Your Homeland Security Agency Must Surrender; States Far Away From Washington, D.C. Such as Arizona Will Be Hit; We Await Orders From Our Commander Osama Bin Laden; America Will Be Brought to its Knees

On March 10, 2006, the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF) posted, on the Islamic websites, a final warning to the American people, on behalf of "Rakan Ben Williams" who defines himself as "Al-Qaeda under cover soldier, USA [sic]."
It is not clear exactly who is behind this name. Moreover, according to a previous statement by GIMF public relations bureau director Saif Al-Din Al-Kinani on the GIMF Internet newscast Sout Al-Khilafa, GIMF is not affiliated with Al-Qaeda.
But on November 8, 2005, the London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat reported: "The Global Islamic Media Front has threatened [the West] on the Internet by means of its new soldier, whom it calls Rakan Ben Williams, and whom it claims is a white Englishman who converted to Islam."
Also, on November 24, 2005, the GIMF posted on the Islamic websites a similar warning, under the same name, that included an explicit threat to assassinate Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and U.S. President George W. Bush, when the time comes, with a clear mention of the possibility of doing so after they complete their current terms of office. Although this communiqué was directed to these leaders, it noted that it referred to all Western leaders, and included special mention of Berlusconi. At its conclusion, the communiqué said that it had been written by "the one who thirsts for the blood of the Crusaders, the secret soldier of Al-Qaeda, Rakan Ben Williams, Italy (the Vatican)."
In the following warning, Rakan Ben Williams warns that, unlike after the 9/11, Madrid, and London attacks, which are still being investigated, "[after] the coming attack there will be no one to analyze and investigate, because the mind and the heart will be unable to comprehend it… This will not be a single operation", the report added, "but two; one bigger than the other, but we will begin with the big one and postpone the bigger one, in order to see [how] diligent the American people is [in preserving] its life. If it chooses life, [it must] carry out the demands of the Muslims, and if it chooses death, then we are its best perpetrators." The warning appeared in Arabic and in English. The following are excerpts from the original English version:

The Last Warning to the American People (Rakan Ben Williams)
"I discern your wonder about this warning in which you do not quite recognize what to make of it. You are probably asking: Why would Al-Qaeda Organization announce its upcoming operations inside the mainland? Why the repeated warnings?
Originally by the commander in Chief of Al-Qaeda (the victorious, by the grace of Allah), followed by the same warning through his trusted deputy, and now by Rakan Williams (Al-Qaeda’s under cover soldier in the west).
"What could be the theme?
"What exactly is being planned?
"Could it be another one of Al-Qaeda’s tricks?
"How would anyone in a right mind, while in the preparation stages, discloses the objectives? Let alone before completing the arrangements! Military experts would fully agree that such a disclosure would only come out from an insane.
"However, coming from Al-Qaeda, a disclosure like this reflects one thing and one thing alone: full faith and trust in Allah. Ultimate faith in Allah and His infinite power, He (Allah) is the only true protector and helper. The conviction in our men and their unexpected abilities to prepare and carry out such missions comes second to next in our trust in Allah.
"You ought not to be intolerably upset; for whoever survives this upcoming blow will have a probability to learn an amazing lesson in the art of conducting 'expeditions.'
There Will Be Two Operations in the U.S.
"Despite the fact that the New York, Washington, Madrid, and Londonexpeditions have been carried out a few years back. The search for clues on how they were conducted in such a successful manner is still going on and reports upon reports are still being written about them. However, the next expedition might not find someone who can provide analysis for. The top intellects, strategists, and analysts, will be totally clueless as to how to explain what occurred. Let me also inform you that we are talking about two operations, not one. The scale of one of them is larger than the other but both are large and significant. However, we will start with the smaller, and temporarily put the larger on hold to see how serious the Americans are about their lives. Should you value your own life and security, accept Muslims’ demands, but if you shall prefer death (over giving in to Muslims’ demands). Then, we, by the grace of Allah, are the best in bringing it (death) to your door steps.
Bush and His Clan are Incapable of Protecting You
"Do not put your hopes on Bush and his clan, they are incapable of protecting you, and if they think they are, let them foil or stop the two upcoming operations, and punish those who are responsible for them. But if they could not identify and foil the devastating events coming your way, you must ask yourselves: How long will we continue allowing ourselves to be slaughtered with full advance knowledge of our fate?
"Let me now inform you why we opted to inform you about the two operations and your inability to stop them before they are carried out. The reason is simple; you cannot uncover or stop them except by letting them be carried out. Furthermore, the best you could do would be to accelerate the day of carrying out the operations. In other words, if we schedule the operation to take place tomorrow, the best you could do is to make it happen today.
Your Homeland Security Agency Must Surrender
"This indeed is a sweet situation to be in. It is a win-win all the way for us. It is the ultimate control and the most stunning way to stop an operation (accelerating it with the same impact). What we are saying is this: You will have a choice of either let us carry it out on our own schedule and with our own hands or allow your own intelligence apparatus to cause it to happen. This second choice will cause a level of dissatisfaction (with your decision makers) to reach its highest level. Therefore, your Homeland Security Agencies would have no choice but to surrender and wait for the inevitable to happen.
"I will not give any more clues; this is enough as a wake up call. Perhaps the American people will start thinking about the magnitude of the danger that is coming their way.
American States Far Away From Washington, D.C. are Helpless "O’ you helpless Americans, especially those living in States far away from Washington, D.C.! Your country is comprised of many States that should not have anything to do with Muslims. Take the State of Arizona for example; what does this State have to do with killing Muslims in Palestine, Afghanistan, and Iraq? What interest of theirs serving, helping, and siding with the Jews and Israel?
"If some members of your Congress and Senate are being used as Jewish tools manipulated by Israel, why do you bear the consequences?
"Why do you bring death and destruction to your homes and lives in an apparent sacrifice for a handful of dishonest men and women?
"They took advantage of your state of unawareness to advance their own agenda. They have built and strengthened the State of Israel while bringing adversity and destruction to you in the process. Therefore, the net result for you is death, losses and insecurity. But for them is wealth, fine and secure life. You have sent your loved ones to die in the Hell of Iraq not to bring you security but to bring security to the State of Israel. But the sad thing is that the pain will not stop at the loss of your loved ones in Iraq or Afghanistan, but the pain will even be greater when death and destruction comes once more to you in your own homes, by the grace of Allah.
We are Awaiting Orders from Our Commander Osama Ben Laden
"The operations are ready to go, we are just waiting for orders from the commander in chief, Osama Ben Laden (may Allah preserve him). He will decide whether to strike or to hold. We swear by Allah that there are so many tricks and tactical maneuvers that will make your heads spin, by the grace of Allah. You will be brought to your knees, but not until you lose more loved ones and experience significant destruction.
"Now is the time to wake up and dust off this state of complacency and ineffectiveness to save yourselves and your loved ones from catastrophes sure to come your way. Remove war mongers from positions of power and throw them in prisons, where they belong. Rid yourselves of 'the Jewish pests' that brought nothing to you but adversity and loss of lives and wealth. They have deceived you for many years, it is time now you turn the table on them and make an example out of them.
"Rid yourselves of media crafters who deliberately kept you in the dark for so long and made a mockery of you before the rest of the world. Boycott NBC news and dismiss its Jewish CEO, Fred Silverman. Do the same to INC news and fire its Jewish owner, Leonard Goldstein, the same is true for CBS and its owner William Bailey. Find credible media outlets that bring nothing to you but facts. Unfortunately you won’t find any in your country. Do you know why? Because your rogue State fights any media dedicated to the truth, no matter how small it is.
Watch Al-Jazeera and Visit Mujahideen Websites to Get Educated
"Visit Mujahideen web sites to get to know who they are. You will see for yourselves that they are not what your media outlets made you believe they are. If you cannot do that, the least you could do is to watch Al-Jazeera Channel; there you might get 20% or less of the truth about the war zones. Resent the corrupted politicians in Washington, D.C. and demand justice, if they do not give in to your demands, you must declare autonomy so you may live in peace and security.
"This is the last warning you will receive from us. Consequently, if you ignore it, we regret to inform you that we will carry out devastating operations against the States of America and we will not show mercy whatsoever, you would have brought destruction to yourselves. Do not ever forget, you have rejected the truce which was offered to you by Muslims; you have supported the thieves of the white house and blessed their adventures. Therefore, you get nothing from us short of similar treatment; for only blood for blood.
"May Allah facilitate a way for us to spill the blood of the occupiers and cut off the heads of the aggressors. Allah has full power and control over all of His affairs, but most mankind knows not.
"Rakan Ben Williams
"Al-Qaeda under cover soldier