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Journals & Magazines
Must read! Nando Times -- Today's Health & Science Headlines
Must read! American Health Consultants - Hot Health News Topics
Must read! CNN Food & Health Main Page
Must read! Boston Globe Science and Health
Must read! The Medical Reporter
Must read! Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
Must read! National Law Journal
Must read! Journal of Cost and Quality
Must read! Health News Online
Must read! Hospital News of Florida
Must read! Modern Healthcare
Must read! NewsPage-- Healthcare
Must read! NewsPage -- Insurance
Must read! Roll Call
Must read! Science Magazine
Must read! The Scientist
Must read! New Scientist

Must read! American Medical Association

Weekly news for the medical industry under the news button. But of greater general value is the archived and annotated coverage of JAMA issues. JAMA is the #2 US publication covering medical advances.

Must read! JAMA- The Journal of the American Medical Association.
AMA's flagship journal.
Must read! Archives Journals
the new Women's Health Journal Cluband Nine specialty journals:
Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Archives of Dermatology
Archives of Family Medicine
Archives of Internal Medicine
Archives of Neurology
Archives of Ophthalmology
Archives of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Archives of General Psychiatry
Archives of Surgery
Archives Journal Club - Women's Health

Must read! The British Medical Journal
Must read! The Student British Medical Journal
Must read! Western Journal of Medicine
Must read! International Journal of Medicine
Must read! Canadian Medical Journal
Must read! Academic journal catalog

published at regular intervals by the Center for Nursing Research at the University of Texas School of Nursing at Galveston.

Must read! Florida Medical Newspaper  (Hospital-News)

The electronic version of Florida Medical Newspaper containing a subset of the articles and features found in the print edition. Hospital News' target audience is the medical community. Its readers are physicians, administrators and managers of large medical facilities, nurses and other allied health care professionals.. Each month Hospital News publishes articles, features and columns that are of interest to health care providers, medical-related businesses, educators and others interested in the Florida health care market. Monthly features include: Listing of all CONs issued by HRS; Practice Services which provides information on operating an individual or group medical practice; News to Note, which provides news briefs of what's happening throughout the state. Also included each month is an editorial theme pertinent to the health care community; news about reforms, HMOs, PPOs, CHPAs; an education bulletin board; and profiles of newsworthy professionals.

Must read! Health Services Research Journal

The journal is published bimonthly for the Hospital Research and Educational
Trust by Health Administration Press in cooperation with the Association for Health
Services Research. It is the official journal of the Association for Health Services Research.
Resources Available: About HSR, HSR Editorial Board, Preface to the Ten-Year Index:
Volumes 20-29, Ten-Year Index by Author: Volumes 20-29 (100k, be patient!), Ten-Year
Index by Subject: Volumes 20-29, Subscription & Single Copy Information, Coming Attractions

Must read! AM News.

The weekly newspaper of medicine.

Must read! Your Health Daily

by The New York Times Syndicate, includes news, reatures, analysis and columns from a variety of news sources in the United States, Asia and Europe. The info rmation is updated daily and ranges from articles about the latest heart disease research to new reports on asthma, cancer and depression to coverage of AIDS conferences and feature articles about weight loss, nutrition and men's and women's health. Users also can search a database of past medical and health articles by topic or keyword.

Must read! Pediatric Surgery Update

Monthly Electronic Newsletter of Interest
to Primary Physicians, Pediatricians,
and Surgeons...
Humberto L. Lugo-Vicente M.D. FAAP, Editor-in-Chief

Must read! Ambulatory Pediatric Association Newsletter

Newsletter about the happenings and events in the
Pediatric realm and also within the Association itself.
Donna M. D'Alessandro M.D., Online Editor

Must read! Pediatric Bulletin

Bi-monthly reviews of current trends
in the field of Pediatrics.
Myrna R. Nieves, MD, FAAP, Editor

Must read! Acta Pediatrica

We would like to share our accumulated knowledge
obtained from various experiences and sincere discussions
on pediatric medicine with all those who are interested
in child health. It is of utmost pleasure for us to participate
in the world wide information network as internet.
We hope we could facilitate mutual and honest information
exchanges through this network.
Toshio Hishi, Chief Editor

Must read! Pediatric Pharmacotherapy

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a brief, referenced,
peer-reviewed source of continuing medication information specifically
related to children. The major focus of the material will be the
initiation and monitoring of medications in the primary care setting.
For comments or questions contact Stephen M. Borowitz, M.D.

Must read! Infectious Diseases in Children

Infectious Diseases in Children, the primary news source for
pediatricians, covers new drugs and procedures for diagnosing
and testing pediatric infectious diseases.
This monthly newspaper presents succinct reports from medical
symposia, as well as interviews with the experts in pediatric
infectious diseases, keeping pediatricians aware of current
developments in diagnostic practices and procedures, vaccines,
drugs, and treatment. Physicians can apply this valuable
information to their daily practice.
For further information contact

Must read! Drug Watch International

Provides informative articles/news regarding the legalization of drugs.
The Public Access Documents Page contains many notables, including:
Position paper on "Medical Marijuana" use. Position paper on Drug and Alcohol Treatment. Position statement on drug testing. "A Fork in the Road; Toward a Drug Free Culture". "Drug Induced Violence". The Dutch Get Tough on Drugs An article on needle exchange programs "The Success of Tough Drug Enforcement" Position Paper on Drug User Accountability. A MANUAL ON DRUG DEPENDENCE
To find out about specific drugs and their effects try using DrugSearch with a direct link at this site. For further informations contact The WELL

Must read! Journal of Informatics in Parimary Care

Journal which deals with the effects of informatics on pirmary care and
how new systems are changin the way physicians look at their computers.
Sheila Teasdale, Editor

Must read! Cancer Biotechnology Weekly
Must read! Cancer causes and control
Must read! Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Now, you can access the vast information resources of the National Cancer Institute--from original research papers to peer-reviewed summaries on state-of-the-art treatment, supportive care, screening, and investigational drugs--in one convenient place. Site includes abstracts of articles and full-text of newsitems from the journal, as well as other information supplied by the National Cancer Institute.
The National Cancer Institute's CancerNet service makes the cancer information statements from PDQ and other cancer information from the NCI available quickly and easily via the Internet and selected other electronic information services.
CancerNet gives you access to PDQ information summaries on treatment (for health professionals and for patients), supportive care, screening and prevention, and investigational or newly approved drugs. The treatment and supportive care summaries are available in English and Spanish. CancerNet also provides access to fact sheets on over 100 cancer-related topics from the NCI's Office of Cancer Communications, selected PDQ News items, information on ordering NCI publications, citations and abstracts on cancer topics extracted monthly on the bibliographic database CANCERLIT, and additional information on PDQ and its availability.

Must read! Journal of the National Cancer Institute ISSUES

Must read! War on Cancer (at US NEWS Online)

US News Online web site's retrospective of the the 25 years since
Nixon declared war on cancer, with reports on progress that has been
made so far, what we still need to learn, and how survivors' lives have
been affected. In addition, there is a special guide to the top hospitals
for cancer treatment in each state & major metropolitan area.
For more informations contact Kim J. Smith (kjsmith@USNEWS.COM)
US News & World Report

Must read! The Cancer journal

Le Journal du Cancer, El Diario del Cancer

Must read! Biomedical and Healthcare Journals, published by Carfax, UK

Must read! Dermatology Online Journal

Dermatology Online Journal is not just a new journal, but a new concept in the paradigm of information management for the specialty. Designed to take advantage of the unique features of electronic communication, it is a peer reveiwed journal which has the goal of presenting free and easily accessed relevent material to dermatologists.

Must read! Annals of Saudi Medicine
Must read! DJO: Digital Journal of Opthalmology
Must read! Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID)
Must read! Global Emergency Medicine Archives
Must read! Journal of Image Guided Surgery
Must read! Journal of Immunology

Must read! NIH Clinical Alerts
Must read! Protein Science
Must read! Radiographics
Must read! Radiology
Must read! UniScience News Net

Abstracts of Research News from American Universities

Must read! Osteopathic Medicine WWW Resources OnLine Journal
Must read! Medical Research Agencies Index

links to the web sites for the big dollar medical research organisations and institutes. Most offer research newsand background info.

Must read! The American Journal of Maternal/Child Medicine

is published bimonthly by the American Journal of Nursing Co. The subject material is centered around the issues affecting maternity and young children, from infancy through older development. Departments include editorials and research in the field maternal and child medicine, as well as special articles in each issue that address specific concerns of the nursing community. You may click: subscription information

Must read! American Journal of Nursing
Must read! Intelligenetics' Bio-journals
Must read! International Journal of Neural Regulation

is a new peer review journal and the editors are now accepting papers. The process is going to be same as the classic model of paper professional journals but only the medium of publishing will differ. No paper just electronic bits. Those authors who have a manuscript to submit may want to look at the SSNR Editorial Policy document Readers may also want to check back also on the growing library of reprints from paper peer review journals. This endeavor owes many thanks to both the authors and the original publishers for giving their permission. Subject matter included in the Interantional Journal of Neural Regulation includes epilepsy, muscular sclerosis, immune disorders, high blood pressure, etc.

Must read! Biomedical and Healthcare Journals, published by Carfax, UK
Must read! Bioscene - Journal of College Biology Teaching

is the official, refereed Publication of the Association of Midwest College Biology Teachers.

Must read! Journal of Molecular Biology
Must read! International Journal of Neuronal Regulation
Must read! Neurobiology of Disease
Must read! Frontiers in Bioscience

Must read! Physiological Reviews
Must read! APStracts
...Abstracts in Journals of the American Physiological Society
Must read! Journal Neurophysiology
Must read! Journal of Applied Physiology
Must read! Archives of General Psychiatry

Must read! Perceptions magazine

is dedicated to the wholeness of life and sovereignty of the human being. We believe that to be truly free, you must have control of your political environment, access to crucial health information, and exposure to concepts that expand consciousness. The magazine is designed to bridge the differences between political ideologies and to bring people together, says Perceptions magazine editor.

Must read! Update in Health Services Research

University of Washington Dept of Health Services

Must read! The Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law

is a multidisciplinary publication published quarterly by Duke University Press. Articles contain original scholarship on health politics, policy, and law from areas such as political science, economics, history, sociology, health services research, philosophy, ethics, and so forth. Manuscripts must be explicit in their analysis of the implications for understanding the politics of health care and/or for improving health care policy making. Because the readership is diverse, articles must have a broad apeal as well.
All questions regarding the editorial process and subscription information may be directed to the editorial office.

Must read! National (US) Center for Health Stats,

A page from the National Center for Health Statistics. leads to some free on-line data, including press releasesand other documents. Also leads to information on materials that are available electronically or in print for a fee. Some free detailed downloadable files are in Acrobat .PDF format and a reader is needed.

Must read! Health Care Financing News

Must read! News Filter from Stanford University

Must read! Press Releases

from JAMA and the Archives Journals.

Must read! Health on the Internet Newsletter

Internet Information for Health Professionals. There is a wealth of health related information available on the Internet but finding the material you require can often be a difficult process. Health on the Internet is a new publication that aims to help solve many of the problems encountered in searching the Internet

Must read! Health Info-Com Network Medical Newsletter

Must read! RSNA News
Bioethics bulletin.
Center for Clinical Ethics and Humanities in Health Care

Must read! Newsletterof the
World Federation of Right to Die Societies

Quarterly newsletter of the 37 right to die organizations
in the world, dealing with euthanasia, assisted suicide,
Hemlock Society, Derek Humphry, Dr.Jack Kevorkian, etc.
Extensive coverage from the following regions:
Africa // Finland // Israel// United States
And the Euthanasia World Directory

Must read! The Good Health

Daily updated Health News and Newsgroups dealing with health issues.
This website also provides valuable information about the field of Health, including Health Organizations (A database of over 1000 throughout the U.S.), Let's Talk Health (Current discussions on various topics), Library (A collection of information for you to browse), FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about various health concerns, Mailing list information for email on health care, Products and Services (A few selected offerings), and other sites on the Web to check out