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Must read! Journal of the National Cancer Institute
Now, you can access the vast information resources of the National Cancer Institute--from original research papers to peer-reviewed summaries on state-of-the-art treatment, supportive care, screening, and investigational drugs--in one convenient place. Site includes abstracts of articles and full-text of news items from the journal, as well as other information supplied by the National Cancer Institute.
The National Cancer Institute's CancerNet service makes the cancer information statements from PDQ and other cancer information from the NCI available quickly and easily via the Internet and selected other electronic information services.
CancerNet gives you access to PDQ information summaries on treatment (for health professionals and for patients), supportive care, screening and prevention, and investigational or newly approved drugs. The treatment and supportive care summaries are available in English and Spanish. CancerNet also provides access to fact sheets on over 100 cancer-related topics from the NCI's Office of Cancer Communications, selected PDQ News items, information on ordering NCI publications, citations and abstracts on cancer topics extracted monthly on the bibliographic database CANCERLIT, and additional information on PDQ and its availability.

Must read! War on Cancer (at US NEWS Online)
US News Online web site's retrospective of the the 25 years since
Nixon declared war on cancer, with reports on progress that has been
made so far, what we still need to learn, and how survivors' lives have
been affected. In addition, there is a special guide to the top hospitals
for cancer treatment in each state & major metropolitan area.
For more informations contact Kim J. Smith (kjsmith@USNEWS.COM)
US News & World Report

Must read! The Cancer journal
Le Journal du Cancer, El Diario del Cancer

Must read! NewsGroup
Must read! NewsGroup
Must read! FAQ - Powerlines Cancer
Must read! Cancer Guide
Must read! Cancer Patient Resources on WWW
Must read! Information About Cancer For Patients And Their Families
Must read! Medicine On-Line, USA
Must read! Cancer Links
Must read! CancerNet Information gopher
Must read! CancerNet service from the University of Bonn,Germany
Must read! Oncolink
Must read! Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center
Must read! International Agency for Research on Cancer
Must read! Imperial Cancer Research Fund FTP
Must read! ChronicIllnet - Cancer
Must read! Computer Education and Research Institute for Cancer Academia
Must read! TeleSCAN-European Telematics Services for Cancer Research, Netherlands
Must read! Jefferson Cancer Center
Must read! Oncolink - Multimedia Oncology Resource
University of Pennsylvania

Must read! Fred-Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA
Must read! Cancer causes and control
Must read! Burzynski Research Institute Brain Cancer Clinical Trials
Must read! Breast Cancer Information Clearing House,

Must read! National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations
NABCO is the leading non-profit central resource for information
about breast cancer and a network of more than 370 organizations
that provide detection, treatment and care to hundreds of thousands
of American women. Their new Website contains listings of
over 150 national breast cancer support groups, current news items,
and other valuable resources to help educate people and save lives.
For more informations e-mail to NABCO info

Must read! Introduction To Skin Cancer
Must read! Pediatric Leukemias
Must read! Practical health tips
Dr. Bob of Plano, Texas, US offers practical information
on Health and Disease and some strong opinions.
information is offered on:

Current (9 Apr 1996) Health News
Immunizing sick kids and Increase in basal cell cancer,
Depression - Fibromyalgia - Hepatitis B - How to Live
Longer and Healthier - Home Pregnancy Tests -
Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Prostate Problems -
Safe Sleeping for Your Baby (SIDS) - The Safe Use of Herbs

Information submited by Gary Ewell J.

Must read! Prostate Cancer InfoLink
Must read! Sarcoma Central
Must read! Amanda's page for Hodgkin's Disease
Must read! 1994 California Cancer Registry Report
Must read! University of Texas M.D. Anderson Oncology Case Reports & Reviews, USA
Must read! Bone Marrow Donor Programme, Singapore
Must read! Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide
Must read! Roxane Pain Institute, USA
Must read! Special Love, Inc.
Must read! IMF - International Myeloma Foundation
Must read! CancerNet
Must read! OncoLink
Must read! CANSEARCH
Must read! Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Must read! Carcinogenic Potency Database Project
The Carcinogenic Potency Database (CPDB) is a widely used resource
on the results of chronic, long-term animal cancer tests. It provides a
single, standardized and easily accessible database that includes
sufficient information on each experiment to permit investigations
into many research areas of carcinogenesis. Both qualitative and
quantitative information on positive and negative experience

Must read! Tobacco Web Site
This web site, sponsored by American Psychological Association's Division
28, pulls together several sources of information on tobacco:
For example it points to confidential information of Brown and Williamson
that was mailed to the University of California anonymously. You'll find
related links to various Tobacco Control Organizations, as well, such as
ASH--Action on Smoking & Health HomePage, GASP, INFACT,
Non-Smokers Rights Society, AIRSPACE Breather's Digest,
"deMurderers" by Guerrilla Media, Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program
Pete Dako's Casual--Thank You for Not Smoking, NicNet, Nicotine Anonymous

The Cancer-L
To subscribe to Cancer-L (Cancer-List)
write e-mail to :