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Cyberspace Clinic
Must read! Search Prescription Drug Information
- Searchable database of 4000 brand name entries. Fuzzy logic searching allows access when exact spelling in unknown. Search by Name, brand name, therapeutic action.
Must read! Doctor's Guide to the Internet
Lots of pharmaceudical companies got together and developed this guide: Besides including the updated medical news from conferences, medical literature, newswires and the net, there are links to new medical sites, news groups, lists, and a medical find of the week. Lots of press releases on new drugs or indications, of course. A powerful medical database that is easy to use makes this site particularly helpful.
Must read!Recipe Archive
A new recipe archive site with 10000 recipes
Must read! Drug Watch International
Provides informative articles/news regarding the legalization of drugs.
The Public Access Documents Page contains many notables, including:
Position paper on "Medical Marijuana" use. Position paper on Drug and Alcohol Treatment. Position statement on drug testing. "A Fork in the Road; Toward a Drug Free Culture". "Drug Induced Violence". The Dutch Get Tough on Drugs An article on needle exchange programs "The Success of Tough Drug Enforcement" Position Paper on Drug User Accountability. A MANUAL ON DRUG DEPENDENCE
To find out about specific drugs and their effects try using DrugSearch with a direct link at this site. For further informations contact The WELL
Must read! PharmInfoNet
Must read! MIMS Australia Drug Information Database

Must read! Drugs Database
Must read! Simone Protective Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Must read! PPS On-Line
Must read! Indigent Patient Services
Must read! PhRMA: America's Pharmaceutical Research
Must read! Harvard - Center for Imaging and Pharmaceutical Research Home Page
Must read! International Summit on Drugs
Must read! Health Care and Pharmaceutical Opportunities on the Internet
Must read! Eli Lilly and Company
Must read! CIIT - Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology
Must read! Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Must read! MEDMarket Healthcare Manufacturing Industry
Must read! Grupo CS
Must read! PharmaSoft
Must read! Interphex China '95
Must read! Drug Reform Coordination Network
the Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet), a Washington-based education and advocacy group working to raise public awareness of the consequences of drug prohibition. For more informations send e-mail to Must read! PharmWeb at the University of Manchester, UK
Must read! Pharmacist's Information Project
The Pharmacist's Information Project (PHIP) Newsletter is a
health newsletter sent via e-mail monthly. Readers enjoy letters
and questions from subscribers, with answers from the pharmacists,
articles on conventional medicine, alternative health,
health resources, reviews of WWW sites, software and other info
of interest to anyone who cares about their health, or works with
health concerns professionally.
If you would like to begin receiving your FREE subscription, all
you need to do is SEND AN E-MAIL to with a subject line of:
"PHIP ADD ME". A FREE service.

Must read! Australian adverse drug reactions bulletin
ISSN 1325-8559 (for electronic version)
Australian adverse drug reactions bulletin is a publication of the
Australian Drug Reactions Advisory Committee (ADRAC). The ADRAC
Secretariat resides in the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). TGA
is Australia's regulatory agency for therapeutic drugs and devices. TGA
is a division of Australia's Department of Human Services and Health.

Australian adverse drug reactions bulletin is published 4 times per year
(varies) in paper and electronic form. Australian adverse drug
reactions bulletin in electronic form commenced with vol. 14, no. 1
(February 1995).

Must read! Mental Health
Comprehensive mental health resources from Mental Health Advice to Forensic Details In addition to indexes on topics including Attention Deficit Disorder, Music Therapy, Counseling, Policy, Depression, and Psychology, also available are links to web pages that allow you to submit or review questions posed to licensed professional therapists, examine crisis, grief, and healing, mental health information and resources, forensic Psychiatry, and more.
Also available - directory and database of mental health information, an encyclopedia describing mental illnesses, treatment, medications, and research, layperson's guide to psychotherapeutic drugs - an Introduction to common medications used in therapy, and more.
Must read! Potentially Dangerous Drugs for the Elderly
a personal hit list by Robert S. Stall, M.D.--Internist/Geriatrician. Try his home page too.