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Alternative Therapy
and Natural Medicine
Must read! Internet Resources on alternative Medicine (gopher)

Must read! AMR'TA's Home Page

The Alchemical Medicine Research and Teaching Association (AMR'TA) Home Page is one of the most comprehensive of the "alternative therapy" or "natural medicine" sites. Basicly Natural Medicine, Complementary Health Care and Alternative Therapies this page includes links to medical and health organizations and Associations , educational institutions and training programs, especially those offering courses in such therapies, including at "traditional US Medical Schools".

Must read! IBIS

the Interactive BodyMind Information System alternative medicine site from AMR'TA, full of interesting links and information.

Must read! Yahoo - Health:Alternative Medicine
Must read! Complementary_Practices
Must read! The Alternative Medicine Home Page
Must read! Alternative Care
Must read! The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sumeria
Must read! Spirit-WWW, Spiritual Consciousness on WWW
Must read! ClarkNet about Alternative Medicine
Must read! Health Issues

This site explains medical specialities from the perspective of 6th graders.

Must read! The Oriental Medicine Home Page

Must read! The Oriental Medicine Mailing list

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SUBSCRIBE [your address] OrMed

Must read! Chinese medicine resource center

Chinese medicine resource center features Chinese medicine articles,
online store, message board, link exchange and much more.

Must read! European University of Chinese Medicine
Must read! Dutch Acupuncture Information
Must read! Acupuncture Home Page

Must read!
Must read! Traditional Acupuncture
Must read! The Chiropractic Page
Must read! alt.folklore.aromatherapy

Must read!

Must read! the Homeopathy Home Page