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Archives and Libraries

Must read! The Texas Medical Association
Glossary of Managed Care Terminology

Must read! World Health Organization page
Must read! World Health Organization Library Digest
Must read! the National Institutes of Health in the U.S.
Must read! Emory Health Sciences Library MedWeb
Must read! Nursing
Must read! BIOSCI News Archives

Must read! Medical Information Resource Center

Must read! US Department of Health and Human Services
Providing links to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease this US government site contains patient inf ormation documents on diabetes, digestive diseases, endocrine disorder, kidney disorders and urologic disorders, as well as links to other information sources.

Must read! Virtual Hospital Home Page
A continuously updated medical multimedia database includes its multimedia Health Books (patient instructional material s) on such Organ Systems as: Breast, Cardiovascular, Endocrine/Metabolic, Gastrointestinal and Immunologic and such Departments as Anaesthesia, College of Dentistry, Dermatology and Family Practice.

Must read! Virtual Health Science Guide
a serious science of Medicine site points to the most complete technical medical resource sites on the net. The emphas is is on advanced Medical Knowledge databases. Covers pharmacy, medicine, genetics, medical technology but not much general health info. If you ever wanted to see all the genome databases or the brain slice sites - this is the place.

Must read! Marshall University School of Medicine Home Page
The site is home to the RuralNet Rural Health Gopher Server and Rural Health WWW. Featured at the site is The Interactive Pati ent, MUSOM Postings, Physician Recruitment and Placement, West Virginia Vital Statistics 1993, Publications, Facts and Figures on Higher Education, and links to Other WWW of Interest.

Must read! National (US) Center for Health Stats ,
A page from the National Center for Health Statistics. leads to some free on-line data, including press releases and other documents. Also leads to information on materials that are available electronically or in print for a fee. Some free detailed downloadable files are in Acrobat .PDF format and a reader is needed.

Must read! Medical/Health Sciences Libraries

Must read! HyperDOC: NLM History of Medicine Division
The National Library of Medicine's History of Medicine Division is a searchable database of nearly 60,000 images f rom its prints and photographs collection.

Must read! Search Prescription Drug Information
- Searchable database of 4000 brand name entries. Fuzzy logic searching allows access when exact spelling in unknown. Search by Nam e, brand name, therapeutic action.

Must read! Health Policies -
The Electronic Policy Network (EPN) has started a new World Wide Web page "Health Policy," edited by Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Starr.
The Health Policy page carries the full text of articles and reports on such issues as health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, managed care, the future of hospitals and medical practice, public health, bioethics, and new technology. Many of the items com e from leading research and advocacy organizations as well as academic analysts.
Edition 1.0 focuses on the current battles over Medicare and Medicaid, privatization of public hospitals, post mortems on the defeat of health care reform, the managed care revolution, and the politics of tobacco.
In a news release, among listed members of the EPN are the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, the Economic Policy Institute, the Twentieth Century Fund, Families USA, and the Russell Sage Foundation. The EPN is managed by Richard Rath.

Must read! Helsinki Multiple Sclerosis Site
contains addresses for newsgroups, mailing lists, gophers, and FAQs, and it offers links to research archives, MS organizations, other MS web pages including CSHSD (Centre for the Study of Health, Sickness and Disablement), and research institutes around the world. Also available, links to info on software for the disabled.

Must read! Yahoo: Mental Health
Comprehensive mental health resources from Mental Health Advice to Forensic Details In addition to indexes on topics including Attention Deficit Disorder, Music Therapy, Counseling, Policy, Depression, and Psychology, also available are links to web pages that allow you to submit or review questions posed to licensed professional therapists, examine crisis, grief, and healing, mental health information and resources, for ensic Psychiatry, and more.
Also available - directory and database of mental health information, an encyclopedia describing mental illnesses, treatment, medications, and research, layperson's guide to psychotherapeutic drugs - an Introduction to common medications used in therap y, and more.

Must read! Annals of biomedical engineering (tables of contents).

Online catalogues, guides and search engines
for health and medicine related resources on Internet:

Must read! EINet
Must read! HealthNet
Must read! MedWeb
Must read! Center for Disease Control and Prevention

As for neurological disorders, the Web is a particularly popular place
since it can display magnetic resonance and computed tomography
images of neurological anatomy:

Must read! Alzheimer's disease
the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa-Carleton

Must read! Brain Injury
Must read! Neurosciences
Must read! Whole Brain Atlas