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Must read! Pediatric Surgery Update
Monthly Electronic Newsletter of Interest
to Primary Physicians, Pediatricians,
and Surgeons...
Humberto L. Lugo-Vicente M.D. FAAP , Editor-in-Chief

Must read! Ambulatory Pediatric Association Newsletter
Newsletter about the happenings and events in the
Pediatric realm and also within the Association itself.
Donna M. D'Alessandro M.D., Online Editor

Must read! Pediatric Bulletin
Bi-monthly reviews of current trends
in the field of Pediatrics.
Myrna R. Nieves, MD, FAAP , Editor

Must read! Acta Pediatrica
We would like to share our accumulated knowledge
obtained from various experiences and sincere discussions
on pediatric medicine with all those who are interested
in child health. It is of utmost pleasure for us to participate
in the world wide information network as internet.
We hope we could facilitate mutual and honest information
exchanges through this network.
Toshio Hishi , Chief Editor

Must read! Pediatric Pharmacotherapy
The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a brief, referenced,
peer-reviewed source of continuing medication information specifically
related to children. The major focus of the material will be the
initiation and monitoring of medications in the primary care setting.
For comments or questions contact Stephen M. Borowitz, M.D.

Must read! Infectious Diseases in Children
Infectious Diseases in Children, the primary news source for
pediatricians, covers new drugs and procedures for diagnosing
and testing pediatric infectious diseases.
This monthly newspaper presents succinct reports from medical
symposia, as well as interviews with the experts in pediatric
infectious diseases, keeping pediatricians aware of current
developments in diagnostic practices and procedures, vaccines,
drugs, and treatment. Physicians can apply this valuable
information to their daily practice.
For further information contact

Must read! Journal of Informatics in Parimary Care
Journal which deals with the effects of informatics on pirmary care and
how new systems are changin the way physicians look at their computers.
Sheila Teasdale , Editor

Must read! Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

Must read! Pediatric Points of Interest
at Johns Hopkins University. Exceptionally informative site
providing many points of interest to professionals and parent
s alike including pediatric organizations, Fun 'Stuff' for Kids
on the WWW, Links, Humor and Art in Medicine, Hospitals,
Parenting Resources and Patient Education Material

Must read! Paediatrics Case of the Month from MedConnect

Must read! Virtual Children's Hospital, USA

Must read! PEDINFO, Washington University School of Medicine, USA

Must read! Arkansas Children's Hospital, USA

Must read! Children's Medical Center, University of Virginia

Must read! Dept. of Pediatrics, University of Kansas Medical Center, USA

Must read! Dept. of Pediatrics, Marshall University School of Medicine, USA