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By Jeff Laymon

Date: Wed, 29 Nov 95 17:26:38 PST
From: Must read! Brain Board
Must read! Braintainment Center

Life was pretty grim after the attack. The paramedics said my brain was probably without oxygen for 5 minutes or more. All I know is I woke up without short term memory and many cognitive functions. I wasn't brain dead but I might as well have been.

For months I lived under an oppressive mental fog. My physical and mental disabilities cost me my job as a successful technical writer. The only thing I looked forward to was the OJ trial which distracted me enough to assuage my mental and emotional pain.

Then I found the Internet and brain tune-up software called THINKfast(tm). It happened while I was surfing the World Wide Web one night. I came across a most interesting site called the Braintainment Center. Here I discovered on-line brainpower check-ups, such as, an IQ test and a left/right brain analysis. Better yet I downloaded a free demo version of THINKfast(tm)- the new brain-game that wakes up more of your brain the more you play.

Guess what? It really worked for me!

It could be compared to a home exercise machine for the brain- except it's fun. It puts the user through a set of brain-games which, at least for me, has left me alert, energized, and totally focused. I can only liken it to the neuro-stimulation (I'm told) cocaine gives, but without the adverse physical and legal ramifications. The life-enhancing benefits THINKfast has brought to me are numerous and unfortunately beyond the scope of this writing.

The BrainTainment Center also merits more mention. It is a growing community of like-minded individuals who can share their own experiences with THINKfast at an electronic village called the Brain Board . It's a great forum for people to express their testimonials, opinions & questions as well as, for those much more intellectually gifted than I, the bragging rights to the highest Brainpower scores (a method of expressing progress in the game.)

There is also a wealth of frequently updated information on mind machines, biofeedback, "smart pills," herbs and other natural products to improve the brain, mind & body. For instance, one of their contributing editors, Ray Sahelian, MD, is the melatonin expert whose book and works were featured in Newsweek. The BrainTainment Center offered articles on melatonin months before the national exposure.

If not for the Internet, connections like these would be impossible. I'm quite tired of the press making it out as an unsafe place where stalkers, hackers and scammers lie waiting to grab you.

I began my Internet journey as a means to escape the frustration and boredom of a life without a purpose. What I discovered through my time on the Net was a view into a new world - a connected world in which borders collapse while hands are joined electronically by the attractions (magnetics, harmonies and vibrations) - all those things that attract groups of souls together on an intellectual, emotional or spiritual level. All the myriads of like-minded groups are now able to form a pattern in this new quilt created by man in the closing days of the twentieth century.

THINKfast is but one thread in this quilt, and I am grateful for the opportunity to testify to the impact that the Internet has brought to my life. My journey may have begun as an escape but has become a wonderful way to be "in touch" with a borderless world preparing to enter the new millennium.

11/29/95, Jeff Laymon