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Corona Corona was the U.S. nation's first photo reconnaissance satellite system, operating from August 1960 until May 1972. The program was declassified in February 1995. At the present time, CORONA program documents and imagery are being reviewed and processed for transfer to the National Archives and Records Administration.

 Index of the Declassified Records  The Index of the Declassified CORONA,
ARGON, and LANYARD Records
is available.
Contact the FOIA office for more information.
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Corona Pioneers
Press Releases
Press Release
Press Release
Executive Order
Success for Space Reconnaissance

- Abstract from Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing
Vol 61, No. 6, June 1995
Recently declassified satellite imagery available through the United States Geological Survey. Or contact: Customer Services - U.S. Geological Survey EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, SD 57198, Tel: 605-594-6151

U.S. National Reconnaissance Organization
Press Releases
NRO Key to Acquisition of Hazard Support System
- 29 June 1998
General Dickman, Mr. Klinger Join NRO Team
- 18 June 1998
National Reconnaissance Office Awards Launch Contract
- 11 June 1998
NRO Satellite Successfully Launched
- 8 May 1998 (view photo)
NRO Provides Support to the Warfighters
- 28 April 1998
TiPS Fact Sheet
- 20 November 1996
Spy Satellite Processing Helps Combat Breast Cancer
- 13 September 1996
NRO Satellite Successfully Launched
- 29 January 1998 (view photo)
Additional Early Photo Satellite Records Declassified
- 26 November 1997
NRO Satellite Successfully Launched
- 7 November 1997
NRO Satellite Successfully Launched
- 23 October 1997
Dave Kier Named NRO Deputy Director
NRO Satellite Successfully Launched
- 20 December 1996 (view photo)
The Environment on the Intelligence Agenda
- 25 July 1996
NRO Statement on Small Satellites
- 1 July 1996
Small Tether Satellite Deployed by NRL
- 20 June 1996
How to Access CORONA Images Through USGS
- 24 April 1996
Acting NRO Director Appoints External Review Panel
- 17 April 1996
Jeremiah Panel Terms of Reference
- 17 April 1996
Corona Press Release
- 24 May 1995
Declassification of Historical Imagery
- 24 Feb 95

Articles and Speeches

Remarks Delivered at the Naval Research Laboratory
- 17 June 1998
Remarks Delivered to the National Space Symposium
- 9 April 1998
NRO Presentation to the Senate Armed Services Committee Strategic Force Subcommittee
- 11 March 1998
National Network of Electro-Optical Manufacturing Technologies Conference Remarks
- 9 February 1998
SAFSP Alumni Holiday Party Speech
- 6 December 1997
Director's Remarks to the Nat'l Network of Electro-Optical Manufacturing Tech. Conference
- 9 February 1998
Speech to National Space Club
- 15 September 1997
Nomination Testimony
- Prepared Testimony for Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space
ARPATech '96 18th S&T Symposium
- 22 May 96
RIT Center for Imaging Science Industrial Associates Meeting
- 23 October 1995
The National Space Club
- 20 June 1995