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Balkan associations out of question; Gligorov


ZAGREB, Apr. 13 (OSLOBODJENJE AGENCY - ONASA) -- MacedonianPresident Kiro Gligorov said Friday that Macedonia wants to cooperatewith its neighbors but it opposes forming a new Balkan association.

European associations should serve as a model for affiliations inthe Balkans, Gligorov told the Croatian Parliament in his first visitabroad since surviving an assassination attempt last October.

"Macedonia is firmly committed to cooperate with its neighbors butonly on the basis of mutual interest," he said. "These relations andcooperation must be built carefully, but by no means on the basis ofpreviously inherited schemes."

Gligorov said Macedonia opposes any similar "alliances, federationsor confederations between former Yugoslav, Balkan or adjacentcountries."

"Europe and the Balkans have had enough bitter historicalexperiences in such political alliances."