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Dragan Bisenic of the Belgrade daily "Nasa Borba" discusses in the paper's issue of July 6 the furor caused in the Croatian press concerning an alleged letter by professor of "Harvard University" to Balkan leaders.

Bisenic cites a reference in the Zagreb press to a letter of "a mysterious" group of professors from the Harvard university, which have sent a letter to the political leaders in Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo, in which, according to these reports, they advocate the formation of a "new Yugoslavia". The letter supposedly also includes an offer for the solution of the crisis and help in the operationalization in the introduction of this plan. At the same time, stressing that the Croatian leadership has already made two public statements that it is against any Balkan or Adriatic associations, the letter of the Harvard group is brought in connection with the plan previously presented by the Yugoslav businessman from Paris, Boris Vukobrat, and the conference he recently organized, as stressed in those reports, supported financially by the Council of Europe.

As the promoter of the Harvard professors these reports cite former USsecretary of state Henry Kissinger, as well as Russia, stressing strongCroatian rejection of any ideas of this kind.

The international community, says Bisenic, obviously, is itself conscious that it does not have the clear picture how to proceed in the Balkans. The search for a possible solution which would lead to the integration of the former region of a once unified state has, it seems begun first in the intellectual circles, which have estimated that the actions of the international community in the beginning of the crisis was wrong, and that the recognition of the new states risen from former SFRY came too early.

A first signal in that direction was, as Bisenic thinks, the broad analysis of Flora Lewis in "Foreign Policy" magazine, stating that "the solution for Yugoslavia is Yugoslavia". The second signal was a series of articles in the American press. The third, according to the author are the proposals of Vukobrat himself, which insist also on some form of re-integration of the Yugoslav region. It is important to note, says the author, that Vukobrat has been recently invited to visit Washington.

(Source : Belgrade daily "Nasa Borba", July 7, 1995.)