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 More Information on Indian nuclear tests?
Kashmir Crisis

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 The unfinished Indo-Pak war (BBC)
 Press Briefing of Indian Jets wreckage
 Mushahid Hussain's Interview to BBC
 Press Briefing of Mushahid Hussain
on shooting down Indian Jets

 Pakistan's Foreign Office statement
on recent Indian Air Strikes in Kashmir

 How To Crush Kashmir
Freedom Movement
(Part I)

 How To Crush Kashmir
Freedom Movement
(Part II)

 Media Reports on atrocities
in Indian occupied Kashmir

  (SOURCE: Kashmir Journal)

 Human Rights Watch: Rape in Kashmir
Since the Indian government crackdown against militants in the disputed territory of Kashmir began in earnest in January 1990, both security forces and armed militants have used rape as a weapon: to punish, intimidate, coerce, humiliate and degrade.110 Rape by Indian security forces most often occurs during crackdowns, cordon-and-search operations during which men are held for identification in parks or schoolyards while security forces search their homes. In these situations, the security forces frequently engage in collective punishment against the civilian population by assaulting residents and burning their homes. Rape is used as a means of targeting women whom the security forces accuse of being militant sympathizers; in raping them, the security forces are attempting to punish and humiliate the entire community.111 Rape has also occurred frequently during reprisal attacks on civilians following militant ambushes. In many of these attacks, the selection of victims is seemingly arbitrary and the women, like other civilians assaulted or killed, aretargeted simply because they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Kashmiri militant groups have also committed rape. In some cases, militants have raped women whose family members were believed to be informers or supporters of rival groups. In other cases, women have been raped and killed after being held as hostages for their male relatives. Although some militant leaders have condemned these abuses and vowed to take action against those who have committed rape, few have been able to discipline their own members, and the abuses continue.   (Full Text)

 Hostages in Kashmir

Date: Thu, 27 Feb 1997
From: David Mill Subject: Hostages in Kashmir
It is 605 days since Dirk Hasert (German), Paul Wells, Keith Mangan (both British) and Don Hutchings (American) were taken hostage in Kashmir. Sadly, while their families continue to fight for their release, public awareness is not as strong as it could and should be.
We're hoping that, as well as using the site as a source of information for media coverage, some of you may help boost the campaign by publicising its launch and perhaps also link to it (possibly using one of the icons available on the site)?
These men shouldn't be forgotten and, like us, perhaps you'll feel inclined to try to help them and their families.
David Mill

Two Research Papers By Yossef Bodansky   (1)
Copyright © 1995 Yossef Bodansky
P.O. Box 35661 ** Houston, Texas 77235-5661 ** USA
Phone or Fax: 713-723-6016 * E-mail: BSAPHIR@AOL.COM
Freeman Center Web Site (URL):

 Kashmir : Pakistan's Strategy
by Yossef Bodansky
 Pakistan's Kashmir Strategy
by Yossef Bodansky
 Islamabad's Road Warriors
by Yossef Bodansky. the Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare of the U.S. Congress

 To whom does Kashmir belong?

 John Kifner, "Through Nuclear Crisis, Pakistan Publicizes Kashmir Struggle,"
New York Times, June 3, 1998

Kashmiri-American Council
Useful link collection about the Kashmir Conflict, including U.S. State Department's Country Report on Human Rights Violations in Kashmir.
 The Paradise That Was Jammu & Kashmir
This site contains archived articles from Indian, U.S. and Pakistani newspapers regarding militancy in Kashmir.

 Revealed where South Africa can sell arms
July 28, 1995
Until now a secret, SA's classification of potential arms-buying countries reveals 30 blacklisted countries, reports Stefaans Brummer
NIGERIA, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Yemen ... These are some of the 30-odd countries blacklisted by South Africa's new human rights-leaning classification of arms client countries. The secret list is published by the Mail & Guardian today.
The classification is a substantial review of earlier versions and appears designed to clear South Africa's reputation as an international arms-dealing skunk. The change from an apartheid-era version revealed by the M&G last December -- and in Armscor's attitude to publication of the leaked document -- is marked.
* In the Middle East, restrictions are imposed neither on Israel nor on many Arab states. It seems to reflect a search for new markets, while the old are not alienated. It may be asked whether good foreign policy does not demand a choice between potential enemies. The same can be asked about India and Pakistan -- both of which are classified with the same Category II level of restriction -- in the light of the ongoing Kashmir dispute between the two countries. The government is clearly not ready to alienate either.   (Full Text)

 WATCH TV LIVE India Doordarsham TV
 "We will break LoC like Berlin wall"
 G-8 vindicates Pak stand
 "Enough stock in Kargil"
 "Kargil conflict if prolongs will affect economy"
 Soldiers laid to rest
 Ex-servicemen want to go to Kargil
 Parents of disappeared

 Ministry of External Affairs Government Of India
 Indian Defence Forces
 Army in Kashmir: The Truth About Kashmir
 Indian Armed Forces Web Page (Unofficial)
 The Indian Parliament Home Page
 The HINDU Newspaper
 The Indian Express
 The Times of India
 Articles from Indian, US & Pakistani newspapers
 Papers from the Indian Defense Review

 Islamic fundamentalism turns paradise into Hell

From: Kashyap Pandit, news:soc.culture.indian.jammu-kashmir
4 Aug 1996
Cradled in the lap of majestic mountains of the Himalayas, Kashmir is the most beautiful place on earth. On visiting the Valley of Kashmir, Jehangir, the great Indian Mughal emperor, is said to have exclaimed: "If there is paradise anywhere on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here."
And, till very, very recent times it was Paradise on Earth, but now the paradise has been turned into hell.   (Full Text)

 Auschwitz in Kashmir
 Kashmir: Poetry of Nature
 Kashmir: A Picture Gallery
 Socio-Cultural Ethos of Kashmiri Pandits
 Terrorist Role of Pakistan
 The Afghanistan Factor
India is preparing to make a third attempt to hold local elections in the volatile state of Kashmir. But the recent murders of fourteen pro-India militants and a boycott of the polls by 32 Kashmiri social, political and religious groups threatens further turmoil.
From Gemini News Service, featured on the OneWorld News Service 6 September 1996

 Could tug of war over Kashmir spark nuclear battle?
 Islamic Fundamentalism in Kashmir
 Pakistan's Kashmir Strategy
 Islamabad's Road Warriors
 Pakistan's support to militancy
 Terrorist Role of Pakistan
 The Rise Of The Trans-Asian Axis
 Threat of Nuclear Terrorism


-- INCORE guide to Internet sources on conflict and ethnicity in Pakistan

 Guide to Internet Sources of Ethnicity and Conflict in Kashmir
 Pak Support To Kashmir Militants Depicted In A Documentary

 Freeman Center for Strategic Studies
The primary purpose of the Freeman Center is to improve Israel's ability to survive in a hostile world and counteract Arab propaganda - just as we, the Kashmiri Pandits, are fighting the massive disinformation campaign that has been launched against us by Pakistan and Pak-trained agents.

 Kashmir: Paradise in Difficulties

 Mr. Raj Bhatnagar's site
This site contains some excellent archived discussions on Kashmir that took place on soc.culture.indian and Hindu-D. Specifically, it has the complete electronic version of Dinananath Raina's superb book, "Kashmir, Distortions and Reality" a must read for all Kashmiris, and all Indians.
 Global Hindu Electronic Network
 India Budget Homepage : National Informatics Centre
 India News
 India related Links
 News from India -- IndiaWorld
 News from India -- The Hindu
 Information about India
Good one-stop place to browse on all things connected with India, including news about Kashmir This site contains some archived articles from Indian, US & Pakistani newspapers regarding militancy in Kashmir.

 HimoNews - Himalayan Online News Service

From: T.Matthew Ciolek
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01 June 1997
"Daily news and local media headlines from the Himalayan countries of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and Northern Indian States including Kashmir to on-line subscribers all over the world. HimoNews updates news from Kathmandu twice daily, during weekends and other public holidays in Nepal, the HimoNews service will be updated only once a day"
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 Pakistan's Historical Role
Kashmir Terrorism Index: Pakistan's Historical Role In Fomenting Terror In Kashmir

 Kashmir Times
 Daily Excelsior

The largest circulated daily of Jammu and Kashmir

 The Kashmir Front--news and info about Kashmir

News and stories from around the web about a paradise ravaged by war

Indian Armed Forces website for Information on History, Organisation, Achievements, Career Prospects. Army in Development of J&K

 HinduSaktha Home Page

Excellent images of deities of various Devi temples from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. A must site for Devi Bhakthas.

 Islamic Fundamentalism in Kashmir

The Muslim and Hindu peoples of Kashmir have lived in relative harmony and friendliness since the 13th century when Islam first became the majority religion in Kashmir.

 Indo-European Kashmir Forum

36 Guildford Street, Luton Bedfordshire LU1 2NR Tel: +44 01582 454528
Fax: +44 01582 483327 General Information on Kashmir

 Kashmiri Scandinavian Council ( KsC )

Kashmiri - Scandinavian - Council ( KsC ) Hvem er ansvarlig for dette ? Selvfølgelig ! Det Internasjonale samfunnet. The Kashmir problem ! A Nuclerar threat for the world

 Site from Finland
Contains some good photos of Kashmir.
 American Friends of India

American Friends Of India is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to raising public awareness about issues affecting Indo-US relations

 Ms. Gulrukh Ahanger's "My beautiful home Kashmir"
 Wildlife in Dachigam, Kashmir
Dachigam National Park and some other photos.
 Life of Sri Sankracharya
Sri Sankracharya's trip to Kashmir, and a reference to Sankracharya's debate with learned men of Sarada- Peeth.
 English translation of Shiva Sutras
English translation of Shiva Sutras (the central text of Kashmiri Shaivism, revealed to Sage Vasugupta in a dream. Tradition has it that upon waking, he went to a nearby mountain & found a rock inscribed with the verses)
 Shri Shri Netra Tantra school of Kashmiri Shaivism
 Adventure Travels
Adventure Travels has a lovely photograph of Kashmir's Kahan Valley (now a part of Pakistan).
 Lyrics by Zeppelin
 Temple near Srinagar
 Picture Land
 The Sufi Center
 Global Hinduism
 Languages and Scripts of India
 The Hindu Pantheon
 The Hindu Deities
 Bhagavad Geeta
 Jyotishi - Vedic Astrology
 List of Desi Home Pages
 Gateway to India
 Discover India
 Explore India
 IndiaTime Website
 India Club
 Worlwide Indian Network
 Press Trust of India (PTI) Web
 Agni Search for Indian Websites
 India Related Links
 100+ India Links

Jammu & Kashmir News
 More Information on Indian nuclear tests? Kashmir conflict is the reason
for Indo-Pak arms race
 Situation in Kashmir
 Situation in Indian-Occupied Kashmir
 Pakistan to send FM with India
 Indian helicopter gunship shot down
 Indian jets shot down
 Indian jets shot down in Pakistan territory
 Pakistan shoots down 2 Indian MiGs jets
 UN Secretary General concerned
 Kashmiri Freedom fighters speak
 US concerned
 KAC condemns attacks in Kargil
 JKLF News on Kargil
 Editorial on Kargil conflict
 Rumours of Indian plans to attack Pakistan
 Growing tension between India and Pakistan
 More news ...
A Brief Catalogue of Indian Atrocities in Kashmir

Founded June 1996
Daily News from various sourcesare being carried on
on forum "KASHMIR JOURNAL", including;
- Kashmir Information Service (KRIS),
- Kashmir News Report (KNR),
- Kashmir Times (APHC),
- Kashmir Global Network (KGN),
- Kashmir Canadian Council (KCC),
- Institute of Kashmir Studies (IKS),

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Pakistan Press International
Pakistan News Service
 Pakistan Press International
Asim Mughal Page
 Pakistan News Service Discussion
 Listing of United Nations Documents
 Kashmir - A spare thought for humanity
 Library Documents on Kashmir
 U.N. Nov '93
 APHC Speech at U.N.
 History & Problems
 Kashmir - Paradise Lost
 Pakistan - The Land of Pure
 Kashmir on Internet

 Islamic Information & News Network
 Kashmir Journal
 FAQs on Pakistan
[Newsgroup: Soc.Culture.Pakistan]
 Pakistan News Service
[Newsgroup: bit.listserv.pakistan]
 Pakistan News Service Discussions
[Newsgroup: bit.listserv.pns-l]

 Jammu & Kashmir
Jammu Kashmir is a disputed region to the north of Indian and Pakistan. Packed with natural beatuty it has often been referred as the Switzerland of teh East. More recently the peole of Kashmir have been struggling for freedom from India resulting in grave human rights abuses.
 Information Times - America's online daily newspaper
Information Times - America's online daily newspaper, Washington, DC, USA
 The Kashmiri-Canadian Council Home Page
Kashmir: An Introduction
 History of Kashmir
The Muslim and Hindu peoples of Kashmir have lived in relative harmony and friendliness since the 13th century when Islam first became the majority religion in Kashmir.
 Free Speech Internet Television
Free Speech is the first, and only, audio/video webcasting site created entirely by its members. We believe that democratic media can and will change society for the better.
 Pakistan Link - The Internet Edition
Pakistan Link, the largest American-Pakistani newspaper
 Kashmir Liberation Cell
Kashmir Liberation cell is the voice of Kashmiris who are fighting for the right of serlf determination

 Information Times
- America's online daily newspaper

Stop the Egyptianization of Pakistan

 Journalists Forum 
Indian soldiers dying like dogs in Kashmir
Journalists should sue Nawaz Sharif autocracy

 India Kills Human Rights
 Burning Punjab
 UN Resolutions on Kashmir
Pakistani Government official pages:
 Indian Fraud Against Kashmir
 The Danger in Kashmir
 Double Betrayal
 Kashmir in the Crossfire
 British Lord
 Kashmir Dispute

 Council of Khalistan
 Indian soldiers dying like dogs - U.S. Congressman blasts Indian regime
 Stop dying like dogs for Indian oppressors - Sikh soldiers should abandon Indian Army
 Mass exodus from Punjab villages
 India using chemical weapons in occupied Kashmir
 Military Force cannot suppress freedom of the Kashmiri People
 Now is the time to Free Khalistan
 Indian Defense Minister attacks America
 American Congressman: India is Anti-America
 Unjust assault on Kashmiris
 Christian village burned by Hindus
 Sikhs Demonstrate to Commemorate Golden Temple Massacre
 Indian Government genocide against the Sikh Nation
 U.S. should reconsider its India policy
 Indian intelligence interrogates reporter
 U.S. Rep: America should support freedom of Sikhs and Kashmiris
 Punjab Chief Minister Hides Police Brutality
 Khalistan leader condemns political arrests by Punjab Government

 The Friday Times
 How Pakistani journalism copes
 First things first
 Sharif's cousin challenges property distribution
 Sethi honored by Amnesty International
 You can't fool all the people, all the time

 Merit, what merit?
 Police protection!
 Is war inevitable?
 "Government's GDP growth target is totally unrealistic"
 Government fails to boost index

 If wishes were horses, beggars would ride
 Vagaries of fortune and cricket
 Life of a revolutionary
 Nuggets and international jokes

South Asian Magazine Updated : 9 June 1999 The JS diaspora remember their magazine and Calcutta. All cover stories now available for free download

 Kashmir - Paradise on Fire

Concise yet comprehensive analysis of the dynamics of Jammu & Kashmir dispute and India-Pakistan relations.

 Koshur, Samchar, Ahmedabad

Om Namah Shivai Welcome to the site of All Kashmiri Pandits residing in Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar (Gujarat, India) Koshur Samchar is a charitable, social and cultural association of all the Kashmiri Pandits residing in the twin cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar in the Indian State of Gujarat.

 Kashmir Maps

The University of Texas at Austin The following maps were produced by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, unless otherwise indicated. Kashmir Maps

 The Region of Kashmir and its People

Cultural heritage of Kashmir is as multi-dimensional as the variegated backdrop of its physical exuberance which has nursed and inspired it all along.


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