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Dunblane Massacre
Web page of condolence
By © Mario Profaca, Freelance Journalist
Zagreb, Croatia

Appeal in memory of the tragic children
Following the tragic deaths of 16 children in the Dunblane shooting, The Daily Record has launched an appeal in memory of the victims of the Dunblane shooting. It is for the community of Dunblane in conjunction with the Victims of Crime Trust. With the help of their readers, the newspaper will donate a minimum of £75,000.
Terry Quinn, Editor of the Daily Record, said:
"The whole of Scotland is in mourning. They will want to create something in lasting memory of these inocent victims of a senseless massacre. I am sure Daily Record readers will respond in their normal positive manner by backing our worthwhile appeal."

Norman Brennan, chairman of the Victims of Crime Trust , announced his organisation was putting £5,000 into the fund.
Mr Brennan said: "I am delighted that my group are involved with the Daily Record in launching this appeal."

Appeal pledges can be sent to: with the Subject APPEAL Please include your details and the amount you would like to pledge. Or, in the UK, you can call 0800 987 984. International callers can phone +44 990 100 825. Cheques made payable to the Daily Record Dunblane Donation Fund can also be sent to: The Daily Record Dunblane Appeal, PO Box 955, Glasgow, Scotland, G9 2EJ.

In his e-mail message
to Internet

David Mill wrote:

If any of you are able, we would be most grateful if you could give this some coverage or even a link.

Many thanks.
David Mill ,
Online Editor
The Daily Record

Dear David,

As a war correspondent, covering eight wars world wide, I witnessed so many inocent victims and so many children among them, but I always found myself failing to take it as a cold blooded professional journalist. The senseless massacre of your little ones was the same experience. My thoughts are with their grieving mothers and fathers.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid I couldn't participate in your humanitarian action sending donation to The Daily Record Dunblane Donation Fund. That's why I create this web page instead, to inocent victims and to their parents with deep condolence and understanding .

In Memory of Dunlane's Children NEWS FLASH
Dunblane Massacre Update


The First and Only electronic magazine from, and dedicated to, the Highlands of Scotland, this site provides continually updated news on the event. Includes an official statement from Chief Constable William Wilson and Trust Fund Details. It allows anyone to send condolences to the victim's families.

Dunblane Massacre (at CNN)

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