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U.S. Spy Plane Standoff
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Special Report: US-China Relations Falun Gong
 Chinese Espionage Cox Report News China denies stealing neutron secrets
Thursday, July 15, 1999 (BBC World)
China says it has independently mastered the technology needed to build a neutron bomb - a nuclear weapon that produces extremely high levels of radiation. The announcement is being seen as the most exhaustive attempt so far to discredit a US Congressional report earlier this year alleging China stole America's nuclear secrets.
BBC Video
BBC Diplomatic Correspondent Bridget Kendall: "President Lee's statement is a risk"

At a news conference in Beijing on Thursday, government spokesman Zhao Qizheng angrily denounced the American allegations as "a slander on the Chinese people and our scientists."
Beijing's decision to release the information comes at a sensitive time in the region and for relations with the US. China is currently engaged in an escalating war of words with Taiwan over the island's efforts to gain formal recognition as a fully independent state. US President Bill Clinton is also under pressure at home over his policy of engaging China through trade while not doing enough to protect US military secrets.

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Mr Zhao said technological breakthroughs made by Chinese scientists had paralleled those of their US counterparts.
He added the charges of theft contained in a report by Republican Congressman Christopher Cox had obvious "racist" overtones.
"The Chinese can't be as smart as the Americans, therefore they must have stolen the technology," Mr Zhao said sarcastically.
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CIA veteran traces long course of support for Tibet guerrillas
Wednesday, July 7, 1999 (The Boston Globe)
As a young CIA operations officer in 1958, John Kenneth Knaus was asked to lecture on Sino-Soviet relations to a group of men identified only as "Asians" at a covert site near Washington. But realizing that his audience was Tibetan "trainee guerrillas," including a brother of the Dalai Lama, Knaus scrapped his "standard semi-academic presentation" in favor of what he hoped would be "a useful exposition of how their fight was related to the free world's stand against communism."
Now retired from the CIA and an associate at Harvard's Fairbank Center for East Asian Research, Knaus recounts the story of the Tibetan resistance and the CIA's role, in an absorbing and valuable book, resisting the temptation to turn the story into a personal memoir.
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NATO attack Chinese Embassy NATO attack Chinese Embassy  Beijing TV live
Beijing TV live

 NATO regrets
 NATO regrets

 At Least Three Killed in NATO Air Raid on Chinese Embassy
 China Strongly Condemns NATO Bombing CCTV Special: KOSOVO
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences They Call This Intelligence?
ABC News
The NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia is just the latest in a string of CIA mistakes. Take a look at an array of deadly mishaps.

Doubts About a Bombing
ABC News
The CIA may have ignored a mid-level official’s warning that the target NATO had chosen in Belgrade was not what they thought. NATO bombed the Chinese Embassy, and U.S.-China relations are still suffering, with new slights reported.

Two China Embassy Victims Called Spies

The New York Times
June 25 1999

Intelligence failure blamed for bombs
By Joyce Howard Price
The Washington Times
May 10 1999

CIA slipup behind bombing
By Jim Abrams
Associated Press
The Detroit News
Washington - Defense spy chiefs say faulty information led to mistaken strike on Chinese Embassy. A CIA error that was based on faulty information and then went undetected in subsequent checks.

Chinese Embassy was on the target list
Serbia Info News / "Sunday Times", www serbia-info com news, Sunday Times, Tanjug, May 09 1999
BEIJING, May 8 (Xinhua) -- The government of the People's Republic of China issued a statement here this morning, in which it lodged the strongest protest against the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia.
"The Chinese government and people express their utmost indignation and severe condemnation of the barbarian act," it said. "The U.S.-led NATO should bear all responsibilities arising therefrom," it stated.
The Chinese government reserves the right to take further actions on the matter, it said.
U.S.-led NATO forces dropped three missiles from different angles on the embassy of the People's Republic of China in Yugoslavia at midnight Friday.
The building of the embassy was seriously damaged. At press time, two had been confirmed dead while more than 20 were injured with two others missing.
CCTV Special: KOSOVO Sun Tzu : (500 BC)
The Use of Spies
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XINHUA News Agency
Human Rights Records in the United States
BEIJING, March 1, 1999 (Xinhua) -- A signed article by Ren Yanshi entitled "Human Rights Records in the United States" was published here today. Following is the full text of the article. On February 26 the United States issued its "1998 Human Rights Report".
U.S. Human Rights Report - Chinse Supplement Posing as a "human rights judge" once again, it attacked the human rights records of more than 190 countries and regions. Ignoring the actual situation, the report blamed China for committing "widespread and well documented human rights abuses," but did not say a single word about the human rights problems in the United States. (Full text)
Ren Yanshi on U.S. Human Rights Records
Human Rights Records in United States
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Qin guilty for illegal party
Subversive acts deserve punishment
A Knot to Be Untied-Differences on Human Rights
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Official Criticizes Human Rights Watch for Report
Chinese Scholars Refute US Human Rights Report
A Look at the U.S. Human Rights Record
China's Rebuttal of US Human Rights Reports
Peace,Development and Human Rights

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