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Time in Guatemala City
República de Guatemala
Listen the anthem!
Listen the anthem!
Capital: Guatemala City
14° 38' North / 90° 22' West
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Many news sources in Guatemala are published in Spanish language, so we provide its raw translation for you here.


Public Broadcasting Service
Pacific News Service
Merco Press  South Atlantic's News Agency

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UN BCPRUN BCPR Crisis Prevention and Recovery
Disaster Reduction Unit

Foreign Relations,
Guatemala 1952-1954

Department of State Publication 11026
National Democratic Institute
For International Affairs
activities in Guatemala

The International
Republican Institute
activities in Guatemala

AAAS Science and
Human Rights Program

Guatemala documents
OASInter-American Committee
Against Terrorism

  • The Second Specialized Conference
    on Terrorism
      held in Mar del Plata, Argentina
    on November 23-24 1998 concluded with the adoption of the Commitment of Mar del Plata
  • CICTE by resolution
  • AG/RES. 1650 (XXIX-O/99).
  • OAS: Resolution Strengthening Cooperation to Prevent, Combat, and Eliminate Terrorism (RC.23/RES.1/01) was adopted by the 23rd Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs,
    September 21, 2001 in Washington, DC.

  • Conferencia de Fuerzas Armadas Centroamericanas Conferencia
    de Fuerzas Armadas Centroamericanas

    of Centralamerican
    Armed Forces

    United States Army South United States Army South:
    USARSO Comunity News

    U.S. Marine Corps - SouthU.S. Marine Corps

    U.S. Marine Corps - SouthU.S. Marine Corps - South

  • Clickable map of Guatemala
  • Guatemala Military Rank Flags
  • Guatemala Political Flags
  • Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity
    (Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca)
  • National Liberation Movement
    (Movimiento de Liberación Nacional)
  • Possible Flag of an Unidentified Guerilla Movement
  • Guatemala Subnational Flags
  • Paramilitary and arms
    Peace, Social Justice, Human Rights
    Disarm Education Fund

    Disarm Education Fund
    in Guatemala

    Guatemala to pay Paramilitary
    Guatemala says it will pay at least $420m to Paramilitary who battled rebels during the country's civil war. (BBC, August 20, 2004)
    Guatemala swaps guns for bicycles
    Guatemalans can exchange their guns for sewing machines and bicycles under a new plan to disarm the population.
    (BBC, July 10, 2004)

      Clandestine Radio Watch Latest Report Clandestine Radio Watch

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    Any word All the words Exact phrase
    Accountable Intelligence or Recycled Repression? Abolition of the EMP and Effective Intelligence Reform
    Amnesty International, 10 June 2003
    NDICU.S. National Drug Intelligence Center
    Guatemala Documents

    U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationIntelligence Brief:

    (Report prepared by the Mexico/Central America Intelligence Unit of the Office of International Strategic Support, April 2003)
    Dilemas de la Reforma del Sistema de Inteligencia en Guatemala by Manolo Vela, FLACSO: Diálogo, March 1999 (in Spanish).
    Poder Legislativo y Servicios de Inteligencia en la Guatemala de Post-Guerra by Manolo Vela, Fundación Myrna Mack, 2000 (in Spanish).
    Declassified Records on CIA Involvement
    in the 1954 Coup in Guatemala
    Source: the CIA Electronic Reading Room
    Guatemala Documentation Project
    Source: National Security Archive.
    Rescuing Police Reform: A Challenge for the New Guatemalan Government PDF file
    (Jan. 2000) Source: Washington Office on Latin America

    News and Media  Radio and TV

    Watch it!TV news
      General overview
  • Timeline: Guatemala (BBC)
  • BBC Country Profiles
  • CIA World Factbook Profile
  • MSU Global Edge Profile
  • MSU Global Access
  • MSU Comercial Guide
  • InfoPlease Almanac
  • International Monetary Fund Profile
  • Library of Congress Country Portal
  • Library of Congress Reading Room
  • Nationmaster Statistical Database
  • OECD Documents
  • U.S. State Dept. Background Notes
  • U.S. State Dept. Post Report
  • U.S. State Dept. Regional Topics
  • U.N. Statistics: Millenium Profile
  • UNESCO Institute for Statistics
  • World Bank At-a-Glance Table  PDF file
  • World Bank Projects and Programs
  • GUAPA - Guatemala Poverty Assessment
  • World Bank Profile: Guatemala
  •   Government
  • Congreso de la República
  • Congreso de la República

  •       (Inter-Parliamentary Union Report)
  • Portal de Gobierno

  • Chiefs of State/Cabinet Members
  • Constitution

  • Constitución
  • Flag
  • National anthem

  • Election Information

  • Tribunal Supremo Electoral

  • Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores
  • Ministerio de Gobernación
  • Ministerio de la Defensa Nacional
  • Ministerio de Finanzas Públicas
  • Ministerio de Comunicaciones,
           Infraestructura y Vivienda
  • Ministerio de Educación
  • Ministerio de Economía
  • Ministerio de Agricultura,
           Ganadería y Alimentación
  • Ministerio de Salud Pública
           y Asistencia Social
  • Ministerio de Trabajo y Previsión Social
  • Ministerio de Energía y Minas
  • Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes
  • Ministerio de Ambientey
           Recursos Naturales
  • Ministerio Público

  • Secretaría de
          Planificación y Programación

  • Superintendencia
           de Administración Tributaria

  • Superintendencia de Bancos

  • Consejo Nacional
          de Ciencia y Tecnología

  • Superintendencia de
           Telecomunicaciones, Gerencia Técnica

  • Instituto Geográfico Nacional

  • Instituto Nacional de Estadística
  •   Military / Defense
  • Military of Guatemala
  • Military (
  • Ejército de Guatemala
  • Biographies
  • Fabrica de Municiones del Ejército
  • Escuela Militar de Aviación
  • Escuela naval
  • Instituto Adolfo V. Hall
  • Guatemala: Military
  • (
  • Cong. Res. Service Reports
  • SIPRI Military Expenditures
  •   Intelligence
  • Abolition of the EMP and
          Effective Intelligence Reform

  •       (AI, 10 June 2003)
  • U.S. DEA Intelligence Brief: Guatemala

  •       (April 2003)
  • Dilemas de la Reforma del Sistema
         de Inteligencia en Guatemala
  • (March 1999).
  • Poder Legislativo y
           Servicios de Inteligencia
  • Declassified Records on CIA Involvement
          in the 1954 Coup in Guatemala
  • Foreign Relations, Guatemala 1952-1954

  •        (U.S. Dept. of State)
  • Guatemala Documentation Project

  •       (National Security Archive)
  • Rescuing Police Reform: A Challenge
          for the New Guatemalan Government

  •        (January 2000)
  • Parliamentary law and practice
  • Bibliographic References
  • Legislature Overview
  • Political History
  • SIPRI Int'l Relations and Security Trends
  • U.S. State Dept. Bureau
  •   Human Rights
  • Amnesty Intl. Documents Library
  • Economic Freedom of the World Report
  • Freedom House Freedom Rating
  • Heritage Foundation Freedom Report
  • Human Rights Watch Profile
  • RWB Freedom of the Press Profile
  • U.S. State Dept. Human Rights Report
  • U.S. State Dept. Religious Freedom Report
  • Doctors Without Borders Activities
  • International Red Cross Activities
  • Cruz Roja Gualtemalteca
  • ReliefWeb Documents and Maps
  • UNICEF Activities
  • UNICEF - Guatemala
  • Country Links
  •   Foreign Policy / Relations
  • Foreign relations in
  • Country Indicators Mapserver
  • Council on Foreign Relations Resources
  •   Diplomacy
  • Diplomatic List
  • Embassy Listings For Guatemala
  • Guatemala embassies in the world
  • U.S. Embassy in Guetemala
  • Embassy of Guatemala in the U.S.A.
  • Key Foreign Service Post Officers
  • U.S. Embassies/Consulates in Country
  •   International Organizations
  • OAS - Organization of American States
  •   Demographics
  • GeoHive Population Statistics
  • Population Reference Bureau: Guatemala
  • PRB Pop & Reproductive Health Data
  • PRB World Population Data Sheet
  • Refugee & Internally Displaced People
  • U.S. Census Bureau Country Data
  • UNFPA State of World Population
  • World Bank GenderStats
  • World Bank Health/Nut./Pop. Stats
  •   Culture
  • Dress
  • Guatemala's Vanishing Textile Arts
  • Local Languages and Dialects
  • Music: Marimbas de Guatemala
  • Maya astronomy
  • Maya calendar
  • Religions
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  •   Academic Resources
  • Universities in Guatemala
  • Universidad del Valle
  • Universidad Francisco Marroquin
  • Universidad Rafael Landivar
  • Universidad Rural de Guatemala
  • Universidad San Carlos
  • Asociacion de Investigacion
         y Estudios Sociales
  • Biblioteca Nacional de Guatemala
  • Escuela Nacional Central de Agricultura
  • Centro de Estudios de Guatemala
  • Centro de Estudios Económico Sociales
  • Centro de Investigaciones
         Economicas Nacionales
  • Centro de Investigaciones
         e Información en Desarrollo
  • Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología
  • EBI Guatemala
  • Facultad Latinoamericana
         de Ciencias Sociales
  • Kaqchikel Resource Center
         University of Kansas
  • K'inal Winik
  • Cleveland State University
  • Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología Agrícola
  • Instituto de Estudios Políticos
         Económicos y Sociales
  • Instituto Nacional de Estadística
  • Laboratorio de Información Geográfica
  • Revista La Cuerda
  • World Bank Education Profile
  • Biographies of Prominent Figures
  •   Health
  • CDC Health Advisory
  • FAO Nutrition Profile
  • FAO Nutrition Statistics
  • Global Hospital Directory
  • U.N. WHO Health Profile
  • U.N. WHO Travel and Health Guide
  •   Environment & Resources
  • UNEP Country Envronmental Profile
  • FAO Earlz Warning System
  • World Resources Institute: Guatemala

  • FAO Forestry Data
  • FAO Water Data
  • USGS Minerals Data
  •   Food & Agriculture
  • FAO Agricultural Data
  • FAO Fisheries Data
  • FAO Food Crisis Early Warning System
  • FAO Water and Food Security Profile
  •   Energy
  • International Energy Agency Statistics
  • U.S. Dept. of Energy Profile
  • U.S. DOE Int'l Energy Annual
  •   Banking
  • Bank Holidays
  • Central Bank
  • Investment Financing Sources
  • Regional Development Banks
  • World Bank Banking Law Database
  •   Business Promotion
  • FDI Xchange
  • Int'l Chamber of Commerce
  • IPAnet
  • Business and Investment Guides
  • Directories
  • Holidays
  • Protocol
  • U.S. State Dept. Commerical Guide
  • Telephone Directories
  • Transparency Int'l Corruption Report
  • World Bank "Doing Business" Info
  •   Development and Business
  • Business Opportunities
  • Development Gateway Country Profile
  • Development Organizations List
  • U.S. AID Activities & Country Info
  • U.S. AID Mission Directory
  • U.S. AID Mission Web Site
  • U.S. TDA Activities

  • UNDP Human Development Reports
  • UNIDO Activities
  • World Bank Development Indicators
  •   Privatization
  • MIGA - IPAnet
  • Privatization: Fact Sheet
  • Privatization Link: Guatemala
  • Privatization transaction data (1988-1899)
  •   Trade and Investment
  • Trade and Investment Leads
  • Trade and Investment
  • Treaties & Agreements
  • Partners and Trade Leads
  • FAS Agricultural Trade Data
  • Federation of Int'l Trade Associations
  • Foreign Investment Advisory Service
  • Globus & Nat. Trade Database
  • GSP Guide
  • IADB Databases
  • Investment Promo Network Documents
  • ITC Tariff and Trade Data
  • NOAA Fisheries and Trade Statistics
  • Office of the U.S. Trade Rep Info
  • Trade Stats Express
  • U.S. Census Bureau
          Commodity Trade Data
  • U.S. Census Bureau Trade Balance Data
  • Country and Industry Market Reports
  • U.S. DOC Int'l Accounts Data
  • U.S. DOC Trade Compliance Reports
  • U.S. DOC Trade Info Center Database
  • U.S. Sanctions
  • U.S. State Dept.
          Econ. Policy/Trade Report
  • UNCTAD Foreign Investment Data
  • UNCTAD-WTO Int'l Trade Center Profile
  • USA Trade Online
  • WTO Country Information
  • WTO Tariff Schedules
  •   Labor
  • Dept. of Labor Foreign Labor Statistics
  • ILO International Labor Statistics
  • ILOLEX Country Profile
  • Language: Dictionary and Translation
  • Legal: Global Legal Information Network
  • Legal: ILO NATLEX Labor Law Database
  • Legal: Library of Congress Law OnLine
  •   News and Media Sources
  • El Periódico
  • Infopress Centroamerica
  • Diario La Hora
  • Prensa Libre
  • Siglo Veintiuno
  • World Press: Guatemala
  • Press: News and Media Sources
  • Press: Newspapers On-Line
  • News: Newspapers On-Line
  • Press: Radio Stations on the Internet
  • Press: Regional / Country Periodicals
  • Press: TV and Radio Stations
  •   Telecom & Info Tech
  • Communications
  • American University Profiles
  • U.S. DOC Profile
  • World Bank Profile
  •   Transportation & Travel
  • Transportation in Haiti
  • Shipping Facilities
  • World Seaports Directory
  • U.S. DOT Transportation Profile
  • World Airlines Directory
  • World Airports Directory
  • Currency Converter
  • International Dialing Codes
  • Expatriates, Living Abroad, Relocating
  • U.S. State Dept. Travel Warnings
  • U.S. State Dept. Passport Services
  • Overseas Security Advisory Council
  • U.S. State Dept. Consular Affairs Bureau
  • U.S. State Dept. Consular Information
  • Tourism Offices Directory
  • Travel Info Portal
  • US Customs - Know Before You Go
  • Brochure
  • Worldwide Geographical Names Server
  • U.N. Economic Commission
          for Latin America
  • Local Time
  • Weather: Local Forecast
  • World Meteorological Organization Data
  •   Maps
  • Maps - National Geographic
  • Maps - Univ. of Texas Library Collection
  • UN Detailed map of Guatemala
  • Yahoo Search
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    IFRCInternational Federation of
    Red Cross and Red Crescent

     Newsfeed Newsfeed: Guatemala

    Peace Brigades International PBI - Guatemala Peace Brigades International

    CIP Center for International Policy
    CIP: Guatemala

    U.S. Law Enforcement Involvement
    in Counternarcotics Operations
    in Latin America

     PDF file A research memo for WOLA by Lora Lumpe on the participation of U.S. non-military security agencies in the drug war, including the FBI, the DEA, the Coast Guard and Customs. (June 2002)
    Drugs, Democracy and Human Rights Project
    U.S. Law Enforcement Overview, 2002

  • Guatemala Decertified, April 2003


  • Central America Regional Program
  • USAID program for Guatemala
  • The BodyThe Body
    AIDS and HIV Information Resource
  • BODY documents related to Guatemala

  •  PDF file HIV/AIDS in Central America
     PDF file An Overview of the Epidemic
    and Priorities for Prevention
    (206Kb, PDF)
     PDF file Facing the HIV/AIDS Pandemic (PDF, 786Kb)
     PDF file USAID's HIV/AIDS Program
    in Guatemala
    (April 2003, 399Kb)
     PDF file U.S. Census Profile (79Kb)
     PDF file National Health Accounts
    in HIV/AIDS: Guatemala

     PDF file UNAIDS Country Epidemiological
    Fact Sheet on HIV/AIDS: Guatemala
    Find latest news!   HIV/AIDS In Guatemala

    Asociación Gente Positiva
    Información para gente con VIH
    Asociación de Salud Integral
    (Information in English)
    CDHG -- Centro de Información de VIH/SIDA
    Información sobre el VIH/SIDA Comprehensive information
    about AIDS, testing and treatment.
  • AIDS Fact Sheets - Updated
  • AIDS Treatment News

  • CAAF - Children
    Affected by AIDS

    HIV/AIDS Fact Sheets - CDC
    Maintained by the CDC, the full text of HIV/AIDS surveillance reports and of articles on AIDS topics is available.
    HIV - AIDS Information on the Internet,
    provided by AEGIS

    The material at this site describes in detail everything there is to know about HIV: treatments, prevention, statistics, Supreme Court decisions, and news.

    Human rights sources

  • Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA

  •  PDF file Report: Human Rights in Post-Election Guatemala (September 1, 2005)
  • Amnesty International's 35-Point Plan
    to End Impunity in Guatemala
  • Foundation for Human Rights in Guatemala

  • Forensic Anthropology and Human Rights
    (Stefan Schmitt website)
  • Guatemala Documentation Project

  • National Security Archive
  • Guatemala: the lethal legacy of impunity

  • (Amnesty International)
  • Guatemala: Memoria del Silencio

  • (Comisión para el Esclarecimiento Histórico)
  • Human rights cases in Guatemala

  • Justice for Genocide

  • El Movimiento: recogiendo los pedazos

  • (English version available)

  • Oficina de Derechos Humanos
    del Arzobispado de Guatemala

  • Plataforma contra la Impunidad en Guatemala

  • Peace Brigades International: Guatemala

  • Science and Human Rights: Guatemala Projects
    (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
  • Sex Discrimination in the Guatemalan Labor Force
    (Human Rights Watch)
  • Violencia Institucional en Guatemala,
    1960-1996: una reflexión cuantitativa
    (Book by Patrick Ball, Paul Kobrak, Herbert F. Spirer, January 1999).
  • Casa Guatemala
  • Ecumenical Program on Central America and the Caribbean (EPICA)
  • The Everardo Foundation
  • Foundation for Human Rights in Guatemala
  • Guatemala Canada Solidarity Network
  • Guatemalan Commission for Historical Clarification (CEH)
    (Conclusions and Recommendations)
  • Guatemala Truth
  • Jennifer Harbury: Letters and Information
  • Latin American Working Group (LAWG)
  • United Nations Verification Mission in Guatemala (MINUGUA)
  • Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA
  • )
  • Peace Brigades - Guatemala
  • Rights Action/Guatemala Partners
  • School of the Americas Watch
  • Speak Truth to Power
  • Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition (TASSC)
  • Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA)
  • Guatemala Scholars Network
  • National Security Archives
  • Latin American Studies Association (LASA)