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Republic of Haiti
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Many news sources in Haiti are published in French language, so we provide its raw translation for you here.


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    Haiti - Country in crisis

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    websiteA New Chance for Haiti?
    Caribbean Report N°10,
     PDF file  MS Word Full report (Nov. 18, 2004)

    U.S. Army War College
    Strategic Studies Institute

     Book Reconciling the irreconcilable:
     PDF file The Troubled Outlook
    for U.S. Policy toward Haiti

    by: Dr. G. Marcella, Dr. D. E. Schulz
    Book (59 pages), March 1994

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    OASOAS: Situation on Haiti
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    National Coalition for Haitian Rights
  • Monitoring: Police
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  • Presentation at the Inter-American Human Rights Commission on the Human Rights Situation in Haiti
      (Washington, 22 October 2004)
    Amnesty condemns
    Haitian human rights failures

    Prime Minister Gerard Latortue rejected the allegations of human rights abuses and said complaints against police were being investigated and violators sanctioned.
    (ABC News, November 13, 2004)
    Amnesty International:
    Haiti, June 2004

    The Truth Behind The Haiti Coup
    Free Speech TV (FSTV)

    Political Troubles in Haiti: NCHR invites belligerents to respect the principles of international humanitarian law
      (Press Release, 28 October 2004)
    NCHR-Haiti condemns the behavior of members of the Former Haitian Military
      (Press Release, 9 September 2004)
      Clandestine Radio Watch Latest Report Clandestine Radio Watch

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    PentagonU.S. Department of Defense
    Statement on Haiti
    (Feb 29 04)

    United States Army South United States Army South:
    USARSO Comunity News

    U.S. Marine Corps - SouthU.S. Marine Corps

    U.S. Marine Corps - SouthU.S. Marine Corps - South

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    IFRCInternational Federation of
    Red Cross and Red Crescent

     Newsfeed Newsfeed: Haiti
    HIV/AIDS In Haiti

    HIV/AIDS In Haiti And Caribbean
     Watch Panel

    U.S. Drug Enforcement AdministrationIntelligence Brief:

    in fokus
    A Year After Coup
    Haiti: A Year After Coup,
    Poverty and Paralysis
    (AP, 28 Feb 2005)
    We Will Not Forget:
    The Achievements of Lavalas in Haiti

    (Haiti Action Committee, 28 Feb 2005)  PDF file (1Mb)
    Watch video A Look Back at the U.S. Role
    in the Overthrow of Aristide

    (Democracy Now (USA), 28 Feb 2005)
    Ex-Haitian Soldiers Endangering Elections
    (AP, 28 Feb 2005)
    Three UN peacekeepers in Haiti
    wounded during patrols

    (UN News Centre, 28 Feb 2005)
    Haiti police fire on protesters
    (Independent Online (SA), 28 Feb 2005)
    Haiti Massacre and the UN
    Kevin Pina interviewed Dennis Bernstein

    (ZNet (NY), 28 Feb 2005)
    Gabriel Marcella's idea --
    Protectorate may be Haiti's only alternative

    Gabriel Marcella, U.S. Army War College
    (The Miami Herald, Jan. 02, 2005)
    "Haiti: On the Verge of
    Conflict and Instability"

    The Power and Interest News Report (PINR),
    drafted by Erich Marquardt (Feb. 2, 2005)
    Haiti, a protectorate?
    Should the UN Run Haiti?

    Some See Little Alternative

    Few analysts are optimistic that municipal, legislative and presidential elections scheduled for next year will happen, or that they'll be legitimate if they do. ''Elections presume an infrastructure not only of political capabilities but of values that underwrite a democratic system,'' said Gabriel Marcella, a Latin America expert at the U.S. Army War College.
    ``I simply don't see those.''
    (Pablo Bachelet, Miami Herald, Dec. 12, 2004)
    Gabriel Marcella's idea --
    Protectorate may be Haiti's only alternative

    Gabriel Marcella, U.S. Army War College
    (The Miami Herald, Jan. 02, 2005)
    If elections can happen in Iraq, why not Haiti?
    by Bill Fletcher Jr. (ZMag, Jan. 5, 2005)
    Protectorate Touted to Mend
    Haiti's Crippled Society

    Some analysts doubt the Caribbean nation can surmount the chaos to resolve its own crises and say a long-term solution is needed.
    By Carol J. Williams, Times Staff Writer
    (Los Angeles Times)
    US-installed regime in Haiti
    compensates former brutal military

    by Haiti Information Project (Jan. 5, 2005)
    Canada plays big role
    in propping up Haiti regime

    by Tim Pelzer (People's Weekly, Jan. 05, 2005)
    Brazil´s ambitions in Haiti
    by Robert Chesal and Theo Tamis,
    Radio Nederland Wereldomroep
    (June 2, 2004)

    Peace operations
    Declaring Victory:
    Planning Exit Strategies for Peace Operations

    Benson, Kevin C. M.; Autumn 1996.
    (An overview of the operation )
     PDF file Perspectives from the Americas
    on Military Intervention
    (June 2002)
     PDF file Grenada, Panama, and Haiti:
    Joint Operational Reform

    Cole, Ronald H.; Joint Force Quarterly
    No.20:57-64 Autumn-Winter 1998-1999.
    (Especially note "Haiti", pages 61-64.)
    Logistics in Haiti
    Dolinish, Gerald A.; Army Logistician
    No.1:24-28 January-February 1996.
    Civil Affairs and Logistics in Haiti
    Henderson, Nancy C.; Army Logistician
    No.3:20-23 May-June 1996.
     PDF file Joint Intelligence and Uphold Democracy
    Wilson, Thomas R.; Joint Force Quarterly,
    No.7:54-59 Spring 1995.
    Haiti: A Case Study
    in Post-Cold War Peacekeeping

    A nine page report made by Ambassador James F. Dobbins, Special Advisor on Haiti, U.S. Dept. of State in September 1995 at the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy Conference. (Sep, 1995)
    The Road to U.S. Intervention in Haiti
    The transcript of a program produced by the Center for Defense Information and televised on September 25, 1994. Offered commentary by Elliott Abrams (former Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs), Harriet Babbitt (U.S. Ambassador to the OAS), Jean-Claude Martineau (spokesman for President Aristide), and others. (Sep 25, 1994)
    U.S. Marines arrive in Haiti
    CNN, Tuesday, February 24, 2004

    Opposition gets more time
    to consider peace plan
    Operation Uphold Democracy - May 2004
    U.S. Joint Forces Staff College
    Operation Restore (Uphold) Democracy -- Haiti
    September 19, 1994 - March 31, 1995
    Compiled by Janet L. Seymour, Bibliographer, Air University Library, Maxwell AFB, AL
    Operation Uphold Democracy
    Invasion, Intervention, "Intervasion":
    A Concise History of the U.S. Army
    in Operation Uphold Democracy

    By Walter E. Kretchik, Robert F. Baumann, and John T. Fishel; U.S. Army Command and General Staff College Press Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 1998
    Peace Operations and Humanitarian Support Strategic Assessment 1996
    Lessons From Operation Restore Democracy
    by Captain Michael W. Schellhammer, USAR
     PDF file The Regional Responses to
    Internal War Fund For Peace
    interview: Ms. Claudette Werleigh

    former Foreign Minister of the Republic of Haiti
    U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Coast GuardAlien Migration Interdiction
  • Haitian Migrant

  • Atlantic City-based USCG
    cutter intercepts Haitian boat

    The boat was spotted 10 miles south of West Caicos Island by a Coast Guard helicopter early Saturday. The 50-foot sail freighter was described as dangerously overloaded, with 132 Haitian migrants aboard, according to Coast Guard officials.
    (Atlantic County News, May. 5, 2005)
    Bahamas authorities detain 20 Haitian migrants Authorities intercepted a boat carrying 20 Haitian migrants off the Bahamas, bringing to more than 200 the number caught trying to enter the country this year. (AP, Jan. 26, 2005)
    The Jamaican coast guard
    rescued 38 Haitian migrants
    whose wooden boat stalled off the country's east coast. More than 2,000 Haitian migrants have been repatriated so far this year, according to Haiti's National Office of Migration. (AP, Dec. 31, 2004)
    208 Haitians on 30-foot sailboat
    caught en route to U.S.
    (Dec. 29, 2004)

    Small Arms Trafficking:
    Disarmament in Haiti
    by Nicole Mlade (Oct. 27, 2004)
    Haiti drug link - Cops say fake fishermen
    smuggling arms, aliens

       The Jamaica Gleaner (Sep. 9 2003)
    World History Archives
        UN Institute for disarmament research
    focusing on small arms

    Small Arms Trafficking in the Americas
    By Jeffrey Fields (August 2001),
     PDF file Center for Nonproliferation Studies
    UN Small Arms Conference:
    Evaluation and Prospects

    By Tamar Gabelnick and Pamina Firchow
    (June 1, 2001)