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Indonesia's army accused
of slaughtering refugees

There were reports early Sunday that Indonesian soldiers and militia had attacked and killed refugees in a town once considered a safe haven in East Timor. (Sep. 12, 1999) F U L L S T O R Y

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ITNNews Monday August 30 1999 Referendum

Leaders of the opposing factions in East Timor have been meeting to try to end the fighting there, in the build-up to Monday's referendum on independence.
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The UN says one of its workers has been killed, marring what had otherwise been a peaceful vote on East Timor's future status. The polls have closed in the independence vote where an estimated 79 percent of those registered have cast their ballot. ITN's Tom Bradby reports.

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All Economic and Social Areas
Security Council Resolutions
General Assembly Documents
UN Press Releases
1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
UN Press Briefings
1996 1997 1998 1999
A Constitutional Framework
for a Special Autonomy
for East Timor

rejected by East Timoreans
in favor of independence.

UN: Question of East Timor
Briefings, reports, maps, and a series of audio Webcasts made by UN Officials, including Kofi Annan, on East Timor and its future.

Security Council
Resolutions on Timor - 1999

Who gave a green light?
SC resolution 1257 (1999)
SC resolution 1246 (1999)
SC resolution 1236 (1999)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
United Nations in Indonesia
Links to all UN-agencys represented in Indonesia.

East Timorese Violence:
Is the U.N. to Blame?, September 10, 1999
Briefing that looks at criticism of the UN and West's handling of the Timor situation. Includes links to related opinion pieces, and background information.

Profile: The Militias
Xanana Gusmao: President National
Council of Timorese Resistance (CNRT)

The East Timor Relief Association.
Text of Indonesian president's
announcement on peacekeeping troops

AFP (09/12/99)
Profile: The Militias East Timorese overjoyed
by news of peacekeepers,
but fears remain

AFP (09/12/99)

Allan Nairn's Statement
to his Arresting Officers
and the Public
Allan Nairn Detained

Earlier this week, journalist and Pacifica contributor Allan Nairn was arrested and detained by security forces in Indonesia-occupied East Timor. He has since been flown to West Timor where Pacifica Radio's Amy Goodman reached him earlier today by cell phone.  (September 16, 1999)

 The Lippo Scandal Repression for Profit:
Human Rights in Indonesia and East Timor

Listen to the CorpWatch Radio™ Interview!

A CorpWatch Radio™ Interview
with Allan Nairn and Bella Galhos

Investigative journalist and activist Allan Nairn has done groundbreaking work exposing U.S. complicity with Indonesia's brutal military forces.
Known as the  ABRI  , the Indonesian military is responsible for killing between 400,000 and a million people since it seized power in 1965. He is a survivor of the 1991 Dili Massacre where Indonesian forces opened fire killing some 271 unarmed Timorese protestors. He is currently helping to launch Justice For All, a grassroots organization working to link U.S. complicity with human rights abuses abroad, with the domestic effects of economic globalization. (To contact Justice for All, write to Justice For All, PO Box 20363, New York, NY 10025, USA)
Allan Nairn visited the San Francisco Bay Area in October 1998, with Timorese dissident Bella Galhos. They spoke with CorpWatch Radio™. Nairn began by describing the events that led to resignation of Indonesian dictator, President Suharto in May of last year in the wake of protests against IMF austerity measures imposed as a result of the country's economic crisis. Nairn pointed out that Suharto and the  ABRI  could not contain the protests, despite their long history of repression.

(Full text)

The Suharto-US Corporate Connection
Focus on the Corporation
May 1998
Robert Weissman and Russel Mokhiber

Allan Nairn's Testimony at the House
Briefing on the IMF and Indonesia
IMF Efforts Hinder Democracy
Abid Aslam
April 6, 1998

IMF dossier on Indonesia
Political and Economic Crisis in Indonesia

Implications for East Timor Campaign for Self Determination
Indonesia's Killers
March 30, 1998
Allan Nairn
The Nation

November 24 - 30, 1998
Andrew Hsiao & Jason Vest
Press Clips, Village Voice

Tension Rises In East Timor as Crisis Deepens
Sonny Inbaraj
March 30, 1998

Mobil May Have Known About Sumatra Massacres
Mobil Operations In Sumatra (Indonesia)
Investigated As Villagers Sue
Drillbits & Tailings
December 21, 1998.

Global Goldrush: Freeport McMoRan in Indonesia
Corporate Watch Editorial
Freeport McMoRan: Mining Corporate Greed
By Jenna E. Ziman
The American Observer Staff Writer

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East Timor Action Network
East Timor Human Rights Centre

Indonesia and East Timor
Human Rights Watch 1999 World Report
The International Red Cross
Crisis in East Timor

Amnesty International - USA
includes bulleting and in-depth reports that examine human rights
and other issues in Indonesia and East Timor.

East Timor Human Rights Page
East Timor jumping-off point. This site has the most links to important articles on the genocide. It even has a map for those who don't know where East Timor is.
National Commission of Human Rights
Komisi Nasional - Hak Asasi Manusia. Komnas - HAM. This is how the State look at things. English and Bahasa Indonesia.

The United States Security Strategy
for the East Asia-Pacific Region 1998

Scout Report
US State Department Consular Information Sheets
CIA factbook on Indonesia
Indonesia Map Online
Noam Chomsky: Why Americans
should care about East Timor

The US Government should act to correct its complicit role in alleged past atrocities comitted by Indonesia in E Timor.
Ending 20 Years of Occupation:
East Timor and U.S. Foreign Policy

from the Noam Chomsky Archive.
Statement by President Clinton on East Timor.
"At stake are the lives and way of life of innocent people. At issue is whether the democratically expressed will of the people can be overturned by violence and intimidation." (Sept 9. 1999)
Clinton: US To Play Supporting Role
Associated Press, (09/12/99)
Clinton Praises Indonesia Move
Associated Press, (09/12/99)More stories related to Timor crisis
YAHOO! Full coverage
Free Republic - The Lippo Scandal
A page from Free Republic on the scandal were President Clinton is
supposed to have received donations from the Indonesian company Lippo.

Suharto and His Family: The Looting of East Timor
By George J. Aditjondro
The historical involvement of former president Suharto and other elite in establishing financial interests in E. Timor. Argues that this is one of the reasons E. Timor will not be granted independence.

CIA Compiled Indonesian Death Lists in 1965 The United States and
the Overthrow of Sukarno,

CENSORED 1965-1967

By Peter Dale Scott,
Pacific Affairs, 58,
Summer 1985, pp. 239-264.

This essay, as classic as it is obscure because of the sensitivity of the topic and the disinformation surrounding it, is now published for the first time in the U.S. This article is around 87,000 bytes and includes 122 footnotes. Peter Dale Scott is a professor of English at the University of California in Berkeley, and an advisory board member at PIR .
The book version circulating in Indonesia was officially banned by the Attorney General about eight years ago. This led to remarkably accurate and candid summaries being published on page 1 of nearly all the Jakarta daily newspapers. These summaries focused on Scott's case that Suharto, rather than the PKI, was implicated in the murder of the generals.

Printing history:
"The United States and the Overthrow of Sukarno, 1965-1967," Pacific Affairs, 58, Summer 1985, 239-64.
Reprinted in Intelligence/Parapolitics (Paris), 79, July 1986, 13-19.
Original longer text published in Lobster (Hull, England), 20, Fall 1990; and translated into Dutch as "De Verenigde Staten & Indonesie 1965," in Indonesie: De Waarheid Omtrent 1965 (Amsterdam: Indonesia Media, 1965), 170-235.
Translated also into Bahasa Indonesia, as Peranan C.I.A. Dalam Penggulingan Bung Karno. Buku ini dilatang beredar oleh KEJAGUNG RI. (West Berlin: Perhimpunan Indonesia, 1988).

See also:"CIA Compiled Indonesian Death Lists in 1965"
For more information contact:
PublicPublic Public Information Research, Inc. ,
PO Box 680635, San Antonio TX 78268
Tel: 210-509-3160 Fax: 210-509-3161
Nonprofit publisher of NameBase
Daniel Brandt , PIR founder & president

Canadian complicity in the genocide in East Timor
East Timor Alert Network (ETAN) Canada

East Timor Action Network Supports Bill
Restricting Military Training of Rights Violators

Endorses International Military Training Transparency and Accountability Act

The East Timor Action Network/U.S. ( ETAN ) today said it strongly supported expanding restrictions on military training to Indonesia and will work for passage of the "International Military Training Transparency and Accountability Act" (IMTTAA) by Congress.
The bill introduced today in the U.S. House of Representatives by Reps. Chris Smith (R-NJ), Lane Evans (D-IL), Nita Lowey (D-NY), Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and 47 other members of Congress would ban most military training to Indonesia because of ongoing human rights violations.

"The Indonesian military continues to brutalize the people of Indonesia and occupied East Timor," said Lynn Fredriksson, Washington Representative of ETAN . "Passage of this legislation will send an unmistakable message that training of the Indonesian military is unacceptable while human rights violations in East Timor and Indonesia continue."
"The U.S. should not provide the Indonesian military with training it has used to more effectively murder, torture and oppress," said Fredriksson. "Indonesian President Habibie and General Wiranto have made great promises since General Suharto's fall from power, but few of these promises have yet been realized," she added.
The IMTTAA would close loopholes that have allowed the Pentagon to continue training militaries even when Congress bans them from the International Military Education and Training (IMET) and similar programs. Last Spring, ETAN , members of Congress, and journalist Allan Nairn revealed ongoing training of some of Indonesia's most notorious military units through the Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET) program; combat training Congress thought it had banned after the 1991 Santa Cruz massacre in East Timor when it cut off IMET.
Seeking support for the bill from their colleagues, a bipartisan group of Congressmembers wrote : "The executive branch must understand that when Congress says to halt military assistance to murderers, torturers, and thugs, we mean what we say."
In January, the Indonesian government said it would consider full independence for East Timor. However, the human rights situation in East Timor has worsened in recent months, with numerous reports of torture, killings and disappearances of civilians. In recent weeks, at least 10 East Timorese were killed and hundreds have fled their homes as civilian militias organized and armed by the Indonesia military have attacked East Timorese who support independence and self-determination. Troop levels remain high as shown by leaked Indonesian armed forces documents released by ETAN and others last October.
On her recent visit to Jakarta, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright expressed "grave concerns about the fighting and the availability of arms" in East Timor. She said "We see an urgent need to stabilize the situation through the disarmament of all paramilitary forces. ... We favour confidence-building measures, such as a reduction in the number of troops, and an international presence to reduce the prospects for future violence."
In Indonesia, military violence has also continued. Even as some Indonesian officers go on trial for torturing Acehnese detainees, others continue to massacre Acehnese civilians. Military officers have testified in court to kidnapping Indonesian dissident leaders last spring; several of the activists have never resurfaced.

The East Timor Action Network/U.S. supports genuine self-determination and human rights for the people of East Timor and democracy in Indonesia.
On December 7, 1975, the Indonesian military brutally invaded East Timor. The following July, East Timor was illegally but formally "integrated" into Indonesia as its "27th province." According to human rights groups and the Catholic Church more than 200,000 people -- one-third of the pre-invasion population – have been killed by the Indonesian occupation forces.

Wed, 10 Mar 1999
John M. Miller
Media & Outreach Coordinator, East Timor Action Network
PO Box 150753, Brooklyn, NY 11215-0014 USA
Fax: (718)222-4097
Contact: Lynn Fredriksson, 202-544-6911
John M. Miller, 718-596-7668
Web site:

Photographs allege torture of Timor women
HKStandard, Fri, 21 Nov 1997

DARWIN: Graphic photographs allegedly showing Indonesian soldiers torturing East Timorese schoolgirls were released in in Australia on Thursday.
The Darwin-based East Timor International Centre (ETIC), a group opposed to Indonesia's 22-year occupation of the former Portuguese territory, told a media conference the pictures were evidence that the Indonesian military was still persecuting East Timorese.

The photographs show young, naked and half-naked women with bags over their heads. Men in army fatigues and balaclavas are shown undressing the women, pulling their legs apart, holding them down, tying them to a tree and holding burning cigarette butts close to their naked bodies.
The photographs also show what appears to be blood on the women's bodies as well as a Christian cross and messages in Indonesian written on their skin.
She said the photographs had been taken by the Indonesian military and had been smuggled out of the country a few weeks ago.
Ms Soares said although she could not prove the photographs' authenticity it was unlikely any East Timorese woman would agree to pose for photographs that included a Christian cross being drawn on their skin.
The photographs, she said, were likely to have been taken last December, because in one of them a near-naked women is holding up a sign saying: Hidup hadia Nobel (``Long live the Nobel award'').
The 40 photographs were to be released in Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and at the United Nations.
Twelve of images have also been posted on the Internet _ on _ under the heading ``human rights violations''.
The Indonesian vice-consul in Darwin, Wisnu Mahendra-Kusuma, was not immediately available for comment. _ AFP

Sing a Song to Free East Timor
'Mate Ka Moris' ('Death or Life')

" 'Mate Ka Moris' ('Death or Life') is a cry of resistance of the oppressed but courageous East Timorese. During the Dili-Santa Cruz Cemetery Massacre of 12 November, 1991, wherein hundreds of peaceful mourners were murdered by Indonesian machine-gun fire, these words were some of the last uttered by the dying. "
Letter of the Holy Father
to the Bishops of East Timor

The Vatican web site (9 September 1999)
"In most firmly condemning the violence, which has also been furiously unleashed against the personnel and property of the Catholic Church, I implore those responsible for so many acts of wickedness to abandon their murderous and destructive intentions."

Mgr. Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo
Messenger of Saint Antony, November 1996
Exclusive interview with the winner of Nobel Prize for peace. The courageous archbishop talks of his spirituality and of the continuing drama of East Timor since the brutal Indonesian invasion in 1975.

East Timor - 20 Years Later
An essay on Bishop Belo, recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize.
AsiaNet - Indonesia
Indonesian Internet Information Center
PETRA Christian University Indonesia
Australia National Library Indonesia Homepage
IOLINK: Indonesia Online Search

News from Nowhere:
The Unheard of Massacre in East Timor

A 1991 essay on an under-reported massacre in East Timor. A must read.
East Timor: Land of the Dead
An award-winning Australian journalist's account of East Timor and its fate under Indonesian rule. A call for the United States to take action.
Media Treatment of the 1991 Slaughter in East Timor
Dossier: East Timor

By Jeffrey Benner
Mother Jones magazine, Primer on the history of the conflict in East Timor.

Brief History of East Timor
from the the East Timor Relief Association.
History of Occupied East Timor
Documents relating to the Indonesian occupation.
José Ramos-Horta
PBS Online NewsHour
interview with the exiled East Timorese resistance leader and 1996 Nobel Peace Prize recipient

NewsHour with Jim Lehrer: Crisis in East Timor
PBS Online NewsHour
includes the history of East Timor's conflict with Indonesia.

Discussion with Jose Ramos-Horta
PBS Online NewsHour
the exiled E. Timorese resistance leader, including an archive of the show's past reports on the subject.

East Timor Information Pages
The most up-to-date information on East Timor. Articles and news releases on the East Timorese Nobel Prize winners. Archives of massacres and human rights violations.
Stop the Hawk Deal
UK action against arms exports to Indonesia.
17. East Timor Referendum
East Timor: Special Report -- BBC News [RealPlayer]
East Timor Referendum: Indonesia's "Litmus Test"
Indonesia: Identity Crisis
Time Asia
The Struggle for East Timor
Mojo Wire
"Either way, it's a vote for civil war"
Sydney Morning Herald
War, Peace, and Security Guide

Scout Report
EAST TIMOR: An Short History of the Crisis
East Timor News: weekly summaries
TimorNet: East Timor and Indonesia's invasion.

'Free East Timor' central. The historical context for East Timor, and updates on the fight for freedom.
Essay on East Timor
An East Timorese first-hand eyewitness on the situation in East Timor.
Queens Uni Links
Mainly legal documents and some background.
An Australian group Community Aid Abroad
calls for action on East Timor

Land of the Dead

by John Pilger
English Pages on East Timor
Indonesia-l posts ,

all recent posts from Indonesian reports email mailing list
Indonesia Daily Report
selections and archives
Reg.Indonesia searchable database ,

Bali Post On-Line
Daily newspaper based in Denpasar (only in Bahasa Indonesia)
Bisnis Indonesia
An all business daily in Bahasa Indonesia with a small English section.
Borneo Bulletin
A net edition based in Singapore of the Brunei Darussalam daily covering Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak.
Jawa Pos
Daily newspaper based in Surabaya (only in Bahasa Indonesia) .
Kompas Online
A daily newspaper (in Bahasa Indonesia)
Kupang Online
Based in Kupang and covering Timor and the immediate region. (in Bahasa Indonesia)
Media Indonesia on Web
(in Bahasa Indonesia).
Republika Online
acces to several newspapers
Republika Online
Archive from autumn 1996. (in Bahasa Indonesia)
Riau Pos Online
Daily, based in Pekanbaru, Sumatra. A small English section.
Serambi Indonesia Online
Daily, based in Aceh, Sumatra. Dashingly marking themselves as the "main gateway to Aceh".
Straits Times
The netversion of the Singaporean daily. All in English covering Singapore, Malaysia and the region.
Suara Merdeka
They say they are "Independen - Objektif - Tanpa Prasangka (without prejudice)" (in Bahasa Indonesia). Covers Semarang, Solo and central Java, but no Yogyakarta-section.
Suara Pembaruan
Daily, based in Jakarta. An ambiguous archive covering a couple of months.
Surabaya Post
Indonesia daily, covering Surabaya and the east of Java. (in Bahasa Indonesia)
Waspada Online
A daily covering Aceh, Medan and northern Sumatra. (in Bahasa Indonesia)

MSNBC: Indonesia's Endgame
Suharto regime totters as Asia watches warily

Free East Timor

"'... with the resignation of military dictator Suharto, there was hope that East Timor would soon be freed under a more liberal system.
However, Habibie has just declared that there will be no referendum on the issue of East Timor as it is 'Indonesian'.'"

New president Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie
was Suharto's boyhood friend

Jakarta, Indonesia, May 2, 1998 - Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, Indonesias new president, has been a friend of President Suharto since boyhood. Commonly known by his initials B.J., Habibie, 61, has been a close civilian adviser to Suharto and serves as chairman on more than a dozen boards, many of them in science and research.

(Full text)
(Associated Press)

Internet Can Improve News Flow For Developing Nations
Speaking at Indonesia's first Internet and World Wide Web conference, Madanmohan Rao , Communications Consultant of the United Nations Inter Press Service bureau said that the Internet can help balance the flow of information in developing countries, where Western media currently dominate news flow. Many media in developing countries have established an Internet presence, enabling people around the world to get news and information directly from local sources, Rao said. In Indonesia, two publications already have a Web site: Kompas and Republika .(The Jakarta Post, Indonesia; January 17, 1996)

News & Views: Indonesia Based on the monthly 8-page bulletin offering a comprehensive digest of events and developments affecting Indonesia, both from a domestic and international perspective. This on-line edition brings you the complete text of the most recent issue, plus highlights of current news - News Bytes - which will be covered in more depth in subsequent bulletins.

Surabaya Post
(This is an announcement for a newspaper from Surabaya - Indonesia)
Sekadar info bagi yang belum tahu, Ternyata Surabaya Post sudah On line di Internet. Teman-teman bisa mencoba di Ternyata Surabaya Post sudah On line . Lumayan bagus (modelnya spt GATRA) dan bisa menjadi obat kangen akan berita Surabaya dan Jawa Timur. Yuk..selamat mencoba Puslitbang Telimek LIPI

Josef Priotomo Home Page

Media Indonesia Online
at PT Rahajasa Media Internet (Indonesian) Rekan-rekan Internet, terutama yang sangat haus akan berita dari dalam negeri... Media Indonesia Online sudah dapat dinikmati di Internet. Layanan online ini terselenggara atas kerjasama PT Rahajasa Media Internet (RADNET) dengan harian Media Indonesia. Terima kasih atas perhatiannya.
(Thu, 01 Feb 1996)
For further informations ask RADNET WWW administrator

Roby Nataatmadja Web site

a daily uncensored net source of Indonesia news and views
IRFA Media Indonesian Links An Indonesian internet directory. Main reference to enter Indonesian Community. You can add URL of your Indonesian websites or related here. It's free. For further information on IRFA Media contact
Asia Pacific Economic Review A unique U.S. based, bi-monthly publication providing in-depth (full-text) analyses by top experts on Asia Pacific's economies, weekly updates and business profiles
Notes: [ This Week Online | Newsmap | Great Asians | Archives |
Subscribe | Comments | Offers | Credits ] (Searchable)

Asian Technology Review
Focuses on new construction, telecommunicatons, and transportation technologies and business developments in the following Asian emerging economies: Cambodia, Indonesia , Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Philippines, and Vietnam .
ASEAN Internet Search
The ASEAN Internet Search is an information search facility for searching and retrieving information located on ASEAN web servers. You can use this facility to locate individuals, organizations, or search for subject keywords. The results will be returned in a list with, among other information, hyperlinks to the matching resources. The ASEAN Internet Search is a new and unique service provided by SunSITE Singapore at the National University of Singapore.

Try also Mario's ASEAN countries pages:

Government and Politics
President's BJ Habibie's own website
Ministry of Defense and Security/Indonesian Armed Forces
Departemen Pertahanan Keamanan/Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia - DEPHANKAM/ ABRI  . Only in Bahasa Indonesia.
Bahasa Indonesia and English section.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Departemen Luar Negeri. English and Bahasa Indonesia. Addresses to all Indonesian embassys, information about Indonesia and "News and Positions" on different issues.
Indonesian Department of Foreign Affairs
site includes updates and policy press releases, views and position statements on domestic and foreign policy.
Background Questions and Answers
Regarding East Timor Issues

from the Indonesian Department of Foreign Affairs. Addresses topics including Indonesia's position on human rights, the 1975 takeover of East Timor, and Indonesian-Portuguese relations.
Hot Topics
Indonesian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada
Informations about Indonesia, East Timor, tourism etc.

Ministry of Information
Departemen Penerangan. Only in Bahasa Indonesia.
Embassy of Indonesia in Washington D.C., USA
Embassy of Indonesia in Ottawa, Canada
Embassy of Indonesia in Helsinki, Finland
Embassy of Indonesia in Copenhagen, Denmark
Embassy of Indonesia in Paramaribo, Suriname
Embassy of Indonesia in Moscow, Russia
Indonesian Consulate General, Los Angeles
Indonesian Mission to the United Nations - Geneva
State Ministry for Population
National Family Planning Coordinating Board

Menteri Negara Kependudukan/Badan Koordinasi Keluarga Berencana Nasional - BKKBN. English and Bahasa Indonesia. SIDUGA-Net page with a lot of information on the subject of demography and related issues.

Indonesian Opposition Parties'sites