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(U.N. Conference 1993)

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West coast of Qatar, Hawar Islands
(STS68) 25.9 N 51.2 E
Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia
(STS68), 26.3 N 50.9 E
UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia
(STS68) 26.2 N 52.0 E
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar
(STS68), 26.4 N 50.8 E
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar
(STS68) 26.0 N 50.1 E
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CIA World Fact Book, 1994 entry
U.S. State Department Backgrouns Notes (1992)
U.S. State Department Human Rights Reports:19931994
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Industrial Outlook for Petroleum and Natural Gas (1991)