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According to the report, CIA officials tried to tell
the agency's top officials that Curveball was
"a suspected fabricator and may have been
mentally unstable"...

More... Germany's intelligence agency had warned CIA well before the Iraq war that Curveball's information was not credible - but the warning was ignored.
(Luke Harding in Berlin The Guardian, Friday 2 April 2004)

More... Curveball deserves permanent exile for WMD lies, say Iraq politicians | Defector Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi's hope of a political career met by scorn following admission he lied about Saddam Hussein's weapons programme. (Helen Pidd in Berlin, Wednesday 16 February 2011)

Watch video White House Had Intel On Possible Airplane Attack Pre-9/11
Amy Goodman speak with former FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds, who was hired shortly after Sept. 11 to translate intelligence gathered over the previous year related to the 9/11 attacks. She says the FBI had information that an attack using airplanes was being planned before Sept. 11 and calls Condoleezza Rice’s claim the White House had no specific information on a domestic threat or one involving planes "an outrageous lie." [VIDEO & rush transcript]

Video of George W. Bush
on the Morning of 9/11

This 5-minute footage in QuickTime format, obtained and presented exclusively by The Memory Hole shows President Bush sitting in a Florida classroom for five minutes after he was told that the second Twin Tower has been hit and that  America was being attacked.
   Download video:
 Download [12.5 megs]   Download [6.2 megs]
  • Read Longer Introduction to this video
  • Bush's Actions on 9/11
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    Data Loss Mail List

    More... New World Criminal Order
    More...Who the Americans running Iraq really are?
  • Far away from 
 Geneve Conventions
    OSS.Net Golden Candle Society
    Phil Taylor's 
 web site
    Wayne Madsen
    Tomlinson v. MI6
    Craig Murray's 
 British Torture 
    Project Bojinka
    International Relations
 Security Network ISN
    Strategy Page
    N A V A J O

    Watch video! And Now Something Completely Different:
    Bush "saw first plane hit the WTC on 9/11"

    Watch video! 9/11: A Closer Look (23:19)
    Watch video Phil Berg , lawyer for Ellen Mariani, discusses why he had doubts from day one about the official story of 9/11  (Mar. 26-28, 2004)

    Watch videoWatch video Zeinab Badawi talks to Tom Ridge
    the US Secretary of Homeland Security

    (BBC, Jan. 14, 2005)
    KrongardMore... Let Bin Laden stay free,
    says CIA man Krongard

     IntelForum discussion about this Krongard's statement
    If the world's most wanted terrorist is captured or killed, a power struggle among his Al-Qaeda subordinates may trigger a wave of terror attacks, said AB "Buzzy" Krongard, who stepped down six weeks ago as the CIA's third most senior executive. (Jan. 9, 2005)

    Watch videoWatch video   In absence of host Tim Sebastian, James Rubin, former spokesman of the US State Department took over Hard Talk questioning Mr. Harold Pinter about his "antiamericanism"
    (BBC, Dec. 22, 2004)

    More...   Harold Pinter has been awarded the Wilfred Owen prize for poetry opposing the Iraq Conflict and  The Nobel Prize in Literature 2005 .
     Watch video CNN Report Draws Scrutiny
      David Martin reports on an example of the thin line separating public information - the stuff daily news is made of - from the Pentagon's Information Operations, which involve war strategy.  (CBS News, Dec. 2, 2004)
     Watch video US Offensive on Fallujah
     Watch videoMore... Islamic Jihad Army  video message
      and transcript
    (Dec. 10, 2004)
    Must see this video..Must see this video..   Nightvision peeping gun makes you
     Watch video damn proud of US military  Watch video

     Watch video Apache Strike on Insurgents
     Watch video US Soldier Langhorst, Moises A KIA
     Watch video Insurgent Suicide Car Bomber
    Takes Out US Tank

    Search Hostages
      Gruesome videos of
      hostages killed in Iraq

     Watch video Germ Warfare: Dr Kelly's Last Interview
      Channel 5, UK, Feb. 13, 2004 (47' 47", 48,112 kb)
     Watch video Secrets of the Iraq War ITV1,UK, Jan. 11, 2004
      (49' 03", 25,735 Kb)
     Watch video I, SPY: The High Price of Failure
       (Hoover Institution)
     Watch video Crack the CIA
       (Sydney Indymedia)
     Watch video PSY TECH:
      Technical Remote Viewing

     Watch video " Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we; They never stop thinking of ways to harm our country and our people – and neither do we. " George W. Bush, August 6, 2004, signing a US$417 billion war budget.
     Watch video State Dept-CIA allowing terrorists into the US?
      Mike Springman
    , US foreign service official
    The NED News Watch   The NED News Watch
      " The National Endowment for Democracy   was set up in the early 1980s under President Reagan in the wake of all the negative revelations about the CIA in the second half of the 1970s. The idea was that the NED would do somewhat overtly what the CIA had been doing covertly for decades, and thus, hopefully, eliminate the stigma associated with CIA covert activities."
        William Blum
    Prophet and conspiracy
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    Mossad mulled killing Vanunu Mossad mulled killing Vanunu
    (Reuters, February 06, 2004)
    Exclusive interview

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