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He Likes Specialty
Web Guides,
and His Specialty Is War

Yes, the world is a sick place
and Mario Profaca is its webmaster.

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Mario Profaca

The New York Times WebGuide The New York Times WebGuide


-- a resource on guide on world politics and war, with an emphasis on Yugoslavia maintained by the Croatian journalist and free speech activist Mario Profaca. Mr. Profaca founded the site in 1995 as a reference guide on the war in Yugoslavia. The aftermath of the war and related conflicts are a major part of the site, but it includes information about conflicts around the world.



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Mario's Cyberspace Station
Répertoire de sites d'informations réalisé par un journaliste croate. - Tous publics - Anglais

Le site de Mario Profaca, journaliste indépendant en Croatie, offre un répertoire de sites d'informations internationaux. Il s'intéresse particulierement aux problemes des Balkans, et propose des liens vers les principaux articles et dossiers d'informations sur la guerre en Yougoslavie, les troubles au Kosovo et les travaux du Tribunal Pénal International.

[Los Angeles Times ] Mario Profaca,
Kind sir, I just visited your fabulous page!

To a journalist, to a news junkie, to whomever it is an absolute goldmine. I am going to share your site with friends in the news business (primarily at the Los Angeles Times) and they will be greatly appreciative! Thanks again!

      DeWayne B. (Doc) Johnson
      CSUN Professor Emeritus, Journalism
      Retired Desk Editor, Los Angeles Times (Thu, 24 Oct 1996)


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    The Editors of Luckman Interactive
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Mario's Cyberstation : Ce n'est pas une nouvelle console de jeux mais l'un des meilleurs sites d'informations en ligne.
Surprise : ce site qui fait l'admiration de tous, n'est l'œuvre que d'un seul homme.
Mario Profaca, 50 ans, ancien correspondant de guerre en yougoslavie, archive chaque année sur son site Web des milliers d'informations sur l'actualité mondiale. Des otages du Pérou aux soulèvement populaire des Iles Salomons, chaque conflit à la surface du globe est traité à travers une multitude d'articles de presse et de documents vidéos. Les sources d'informations sont sélectionées sur Internet parmi les opinions les plus divergentes. Mario lui-même ne prend jamais parti, sauf pour réclamer la justice en Yougoslavie et l'arrestation des grands criminels de guerre serbes. Hébergé sur Internet par l'université de Zagreb, Mario Profaca, actuellement au chômage, rappelle que son site ne dispose pour l'instant d'aucuns moyens financiers. Une situation qui pourrait rapidement évoluer devant le succès remporté auprès de toute la communauté Internet.

Olivier Malnuit.
(Mercredi 9 avril 1997)
Infos Net dans " Cyberflash " 
en clair sur Canal +  à 18h20...   Tél : 0145784711


Mr. Profaca,
Tonight I discovered your Cyberspace Station: Dirty Money .
I think you have put together an excellent page.

I am an internationally recognized (or so some tell me) expert on money laundering, having lived with the subject since the mid-1970s. I have produced a number of training videos on the subject for banks (they are the i ndustry standard), the DEA, U.S. Customs Service, INTERPOL, The U.S. Secret Service, and the CIA. The U.S. Government has sent me throughout Latin America to hold symposia for senior government and private sector leaders. In addition, I have trained thousands of Federal, state, local, and foreign law enforcement officers on the subjects of money laundering and conducting complex financial investigations.

I do a significant amount of criminal defense work with attorneys defending corporations and financial institutions or helping them determine exactly what their officers or employees did that got them indicted for money laundering. I have installed a number of comprehensive anti-money laundering compliance systems in financial institutions, and have been a consultant to several foreign governments on the subject of money laundering.

Because of your obvious interest in money laundering, I wanted to introduce myself to you and tell you to keep up the excellent reference work you are doing. I would enjoy hearing from you.
                                                My best wishes to you,
                                                Chuck Morley


News surfing produces
a war of views

Thursday 3 July 1997

Kirk Lapointe, Southam Columnist

Even with bias showing, it's still safe to say that the newspaper is the best medium to find the finest information, read the material in-depth and absorb it in context.

The Internet, while gigantic as a resource, hasn't developed a key ingredient as media: the ability to filter and determine what's best for the reader. It's one giant democracy, in an endless parliamentary session, seeking consensus. It assumes unlimited time exists to surf. It has no priority.

This week, as we look at 25 sites involving current events (with a couple of extracurricular activities thrown in), bear in mind that a lot of scanning took place just to find these World Wide Web addresses. [ ... ]

Interesting surf:

- Mafia? Triads? The drug trade? Journalist Mario Profaca, one of the Internet's most prolific contributors, rounds up the organized crime business: ( [ ... ]


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