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 Important Note!

Important Note: This declassified report summarizes many important findings and judgments contained in the Select Committee's classified Report, issued January 3, 1999. U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies within the Clinton administration have determined that other significant findings and judgments contained in the Select Committee's classified Report cannot be publicly disclosed without affecting national security or ongoing criminal investigations.

 Overview Overview
 PRC Acquisition of U.S. Technology PRC Acquisition of U.S. Technology
 PRC Theft of U.S. Nuclear Warhead Design Information PRC Theft of U.S. Nuclear
 PRC Theft of U.S. Nuclear Warhead Design Information Warhead Design Information
 High Performance Computers High Performance Computers
 PRC Missile and Space Forces PRC Missile and Space Forces
 Satellite Launches in the PRC: Hughes Satellite Launches in the PRC: Hughes
 Satellite Launches in the PRC: Loral Satellite Launches in the PRC: Loral
 Launch Site Security in the PRC Launch Site Security in the PRC
 Commercial Space Insurance Commercial Space Insurance
 U.S. Export Policy Toward the PRC U.S. Export Policy Toward the PRC
 Manufacturing Processes Manufacturing Processes
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 Appendices Appendices
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Prather Report has no friends
Chicago Sun Times, July 12, 1999
By Robert Novak Chicago Sun Times columnist

Jack Kemp last Wednesday released a startling document that was quickly consigned to oblivion. An experienced weapons scientist found that the Cox Report erred in claiming Chinese espionage penetrated U.S. weapons laboratories while failing to recognize Clinton administration culpability. As much as President Clinton would rather not hear this, Republicans like it even less.

Robert Novak appears on the CNN programs "Capital Gang" at 6 p.m. Saturday, and "Evans, Novak, Hunt and Shields" at 4 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. Sunday.

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They Call This Intelligence?
ABC News
The NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia is just the latest in a string of CIA mistakes. Take a look at an array of deadly mishaps.

Doubts About a Bombing

ABC News
The CIA may have ignored a mid-level official’s warning that the target NATO had chosen in Belgrade was not what they thought. NATO bombed the Chinese Embassy, and U.S.-China relations are still suffering, with new slights reported.

Two China Embassy Victims Called Spies

The New York Times
June 25 1999

Intelligence failure blamed for bombs
By Joyce Howard Price
The Washington Times
May 10 1999

CIA slipup behind bombing
By Jim Abrams
Associated Press
The Detroit News
Washington - Defense spy chiefs say faulty information led to mistaken strike on Chinese Embassy. A CIA error that was based on faulty information and then went undetected in subsequent checks.

Chinese Embassy was on the target list
Serbia Info News / "Sunday Times"
www serbia-info com news
Sunday Times, Tanjug
May 09 1999

BEIJING, May 8 (Xinhua) -- The government of the People's Republic of China issued a statement here this morning, in which it lodged the strongest protest against the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia.
"The Chinese government and people express their utmost indignation and severe condemnation of the barbarian act," it said. "The U.S.-led NATO should bear all responsibilities arising therefrom," it stated.
The Chinese government reserves the right to take further actions on the matter, it said.
U.S.-led NATO forces dropped three missiles from different angles on the embassy of the People's Republic of China in Yugoslavia at midnight Friday.
The building of the embassy was seriously damaged. At press time, two had been confirmed dead while more than 20 were injured with two others missing.

Clinton apologises for 'tragic error' caused by CIA
From Ben Macintyre in Washington
May 11 1999
The Times

President Clinton apologised publicly to China yesterday for the bombing of its Belgrade embassy, but insisted that an "isolated tragic mistake" caused by faulty CIA information should be set against deliberate "ethnic cleansing" in Kosovo.

CNN ALLPOLITICS: New Documents Show Johnny Chung Lobbied Administration For Chinese Oil Firm

Critics pointed out that the CIA's lack of information on Belgrade stands in sharp contrast to evidence that Chinese spies have been plundering American nuclear secrets for more than a decade. The US has long expressed concern that China has provided nuclear weapons or missile technology to Pakistan and Iran, fears compounded by China's suspension of diplomatic relations on arms control and international security after the embassy bombing.     (Full text)

 Chinese Espionage Cox Report News

Chinese Espionage: A Growing Scandal
May 13, 1999, © APB Multimedia, Inc.
The recently uncovered theft of top-secret nuclear information by a Communist Chinese operative is just one small piece of a decades-old intelligence scheme by Beijing, say experts. An APBNews.com multimedia Special Report explores what may have been stolen, how those thefts happened and who made them possible. Plus: Interactive timeline, photo essay and inventory of China's arsenal.     (Full text)

 Overview Asian-Americans fear backlash from China espionage report
 Overview CNN, May 27, 1999

Burton Reacts to Reports of Chinese Theft of U.S. Nuclear Technology
March 9, 1999

Washington, DC -- the Government Reform Committee   Chairman Dan Burton (R-IN) today criticized the Clinton Administration’s inadequate response to reported evidence of Chinese theft of U.S. nuclear technology. Burton said that these latest revelations about Chinese efforts to compromise America’s national security highlighted once again the failure of the Clinton Administration to seek the Chinese Government’s cooperation in his Committee’s investigation into foreign attempts to corrupt the 1996 elections.
"What we have here is another instance of the Clinton Administration putting politics above all else," Burton said. "First, the political process was tainted by foreign involvement and now the American people cannot help but question whether the Clinton Administration has jeopardized their security."
In 1998, the Government Reform Committee investigated and held hearings into the illegal flow of foreign cash into the 1996 election cycle. That investigation is ongoing.     (Full text)

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National Counterintelligence Center Counterintelligence News and Developments

Volume 1, March 1999

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 Overview Former Army Clerk Sentenced
 Overview Red Diaper Babies Sentenced
 Overview Alleged Pentagon Hackers Charged
 Overview Suit and Countersuit
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 CNN RealVideo: China Spy
The New Republic China Today
Secrets and Lies
by Jacob Heilbrunn

A journal of politics and the arts The Clinton administration has done a lot to fend off the Cox committee report on Chinese espionage. If only it had been so attentive when it came to dealing with the actual espionage.

Second Chinese spy case revealed

Spy Lab?
Monday May 10 1999
Security was lax and too few were concerned. Reports from ongoing investigations of possible espionage and known security lapses at U S weapons laboratories are growing more bleak...

Albuquerque Journal
 Wen Ho Lee as a student
  • Wilson Frustrated By Leaks
  • Clinton Orders Probe of U.S. Lab Security Threats
  • Richardson Tightens Up Lab Security
  • Experts: Nuke Tests Can't Confirm Theft
  • U.S. Policy, Exchanges Under Fire
  • Labs, DOE Defend Visitors Program
  • Congress to Push for More Disclosure of Chinese Spying
  • Lab Chief: Lee Fired for Security Reasons
  • Lab Firing Questioned, Defended
  • Richardson Fighting Political Fallout From Lab Scandal
  • LANL Fires Scientist in Spying Case
  • Report: China Swiped LANL Nuke Secrets

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