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Alleged Richard Tomlinson's MI6 spies list
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Former British spy appeals exclusion from Switzerland
(July 8 1999, Bwrn Switzerland, FOX News, AP)
Former British Spy Appeals to Swiss BERN Switzerland AP A former British secret agent has appealed Switzerland s decision to bar him from the country a Swiss Justice Ministry official said Thursday Richard Tomlinson left Geneva.

U.K. ex-spy runs from British officials
 Richard Tomlinson
Tomlinson: "Show abuses that go on
in the British secret service"
By Reuters
Special to CNET

[ BBC image: Former agent threatened to reveal names]
Former agent threatened
to reveal names (BBC)
June 9, 1999

GENEVA--Former spy Richard Tomlinson, wanted in London for allegedly divulging a list of British intelligence officers on the Internet, has fled Switzerland and is on the run and out in the cold in Europe. Speaking to Reuters on a mobile phone, Tomlinson said he left Switzerland yesterday after Swiss authorities Monday gave him 24 hours to leave the country, alleging he had violated a civil order not to publish the list. A spokesman at the Swiss federal prosecutor's office confirmed that Tomlinson had left Switzerland. He said Tomlinson faced a five-year entry ban. But spokeswoman Dominique Reymond said Tomlinson could come back if a Geneva court investigating the charges cleared him. Tomlinson said he hoped to return to Geneva after proving his innocence.

Tomlinson was dismissed in 1995 from the British Secret Intelligence Service--the foreign intelligence arm known as MI6. He was jailed in Britain in late 1997 after he showed the synopsis of a book on his career to an Australian publisher. He says the British authorities were persecuting him. Tomlinson said he could not go to the United States, France, or Australia because of pressure from the British government. "All countries I've been to, I've been banned from," he said. He said he would not go back to Britain. "I'd be sent to prison straight away while they get a case together." Going to a "hostile" country or Russia or Serbia was a possibility, he said. "I have considered going to a hostile country, but not to cause any problems. I really don't have anything to say anymore. I've been out of the MI6 for five years now."     (Full text)     Story Copyright © 1999 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved.

Russia Silent On Whereabouts Of Wanted British Spy  (Reuters)
Russian officials were tight-lipped Thursday over a report that a former British spy, wanted by London for allegedly publishing a list of British intelligence officers on the Internet, was hiding in Russia. Jun 17 (Yahoo!)

Richard Tomlinson's
e-mail addresses

 Richard Tomlinson
(May 18, 1999)
(May 17, 1999)

MI6 spy denies Internet list
Tuesday, May 18, 1999
The Sundays suggest MI6 is to investigate Mr al-Fayed
Former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson has again denied publishing a list of officers on the Internet, in an exclusive interview with BBC legal affairs correspondent Joshua Rosenberg.
"I don't think it's accurate, so why they gave it credence I don't understand".
He denied the MI6 agents could have been endangered by the list.
"To suggest that they're in danger is part of the mythology of MI6.

"They're determined ot suppress my outspokenness because it would explain to the public what MI6 really does," he said. "It would demolish the mystique that they've got"
"They want to prolong this myth of MI6 being really important to the state. That myth gets them their budget and keeps them their power in Whitehall."     (Full text)

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Dozens of Britons' lives at risk
after MI6 spies are named on the Net

by Richard Holliday And Mark Benham
This Is London
© Associated Newspapers Ltd.,
12 May 1999

The lives of dozens of British intelligence agents were today put at risk when they were publicly identified on a US-based Internet website. The agents are all officers working for the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), Britain's overseas intelligence gathering arm, formerly MI6.

The service - and Whitehall's senior intelligence advisers - began an immediate top priority investigation into the disastrous leak after they became aware of the site's existence at mid-morning today.
They were taking "all legal means" to either have the crucial information removed immediately or to shut down the website.
Rear Admiral David Pulvertaft, the Defence Advisory Notice Secretary at Whitehall - who gives advice to newspapers, television and radio on matters of national security - issued a plea to editors not to publish the address of the website or its contents as "such action could put lives at risk".     (Full text)

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The MI6 Monty Pyton Traitor
Britain's undercover spies were named on the Internet yesterday - by one of their own. Traitor Richard Tomlinson listed the locations of six MI6 offices throughout Europe and identified spies working for the Secret Service. The site set up by the Geneva-based renegade played the theme to Monty Python's Flying Circus as the names of operatives flashed up on screen.
The Government moved quickly yesterday to block access to the pages. (Full text)

UK Lawyer Ex-Spy Warned He'd Post MI6 Names
6.31 a.m. ET (1031 GMT) May 13, 1999
Tomlinson was sacked he tried to write a book about his MI6 career. The action led to his being jailed in Britain in 1997 under the Official Secrets Act. He was freed on probation after six months and left the country.
But in every country Tomlinson visited, there was an injunction against him speaking about his secret service activities, Wadham said. He was banned from France, refused an Australian visa and not allowed to enter the United States.
The New Zealand-born Tomlinson joined MI6 in 1991 and served in Bosnia, Russia and the Middle East. In the past he has made several spectacular allegations, including that Britain had a spy in Germany's central bank who leaked secrets over a 12-year period. A year after Princess Diana died in a 1997 Paris car crash, Tomlinson alleged British intelligence agencies were involved.
    (Full text)

Cyberspace and spies: the dark side of the Net
By ITN Online's Fergus Sheppard
As the British secret service fought to prevent names of MI6 officers circulating on the Internet, ITN Online was able to find a copy of the web pages put up by ex-MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson.
One New York-based Internet site which copied Tomlinson's pages reproduced a list of eight names of people claimed to be MI6 officers. The site also declares: "Richard Tomlinson has written us today that there was never any names or information on his site that was not public information, and that HMG is overreacting for public effect to stigmatize his efforts."
Also provided was a copy of Tomlinson's Geocities website - removed from the Internet by the US service provider. The New York site claims the original Tomlinson site was removed at on May 12, 1999, at about 11am BST. However, the directory of MI6 names said to be part of Tomlinson's original website had been apparently been removed from the original site before it was copied.     (Full text)

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Russia Silent On Whereabouts Of Wanted British Spy  (Reuters)
Russian officials were tight-lipped Thursday over a report that a former British spy, wanted by London for allegedly publishing a list of British intelligence officers on the Internet, was hiding in Russia.
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 MI6 proposal   MI6 proposal  R. Tomlinson:
MI6 1992 proposal
to assassinate
Slobodan Milosevic
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E-mail death threats for ex-spy
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May 15, 1999 (BBC News)
By Washington Correspondent Paul Reynolds and News Online's Kevin Anderson

British spies caught in the Web poised to flee
May 14, 1999 (The Sunday Times)
U.K. fights to contain spy list

May 14, 1999 ( News.Com)

James Bond look-alike accused of security breach
May 14, 1999 (Fox News)
Vendetta led to leak of MI6 agents' names
May 14, 1999 (The Sunday Times)
Who's being spied on?
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Magazine threatens to publish MI6 names
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Family fears for ex-spy's safety
May 14, 1999 (BBC News)
Rejects damage claim
May 13, 1999 (BBC News)
UK Spy List On The Net Story Said To Be A Cover-Up
May 13, 1999 (SIGHTINGS)
By JP Essene, Editor of Thee Under Ground Net
Note - This unusual commentary is of special interest
because of the alleged statement by Tomlinson that
Diana Crash driver Henri Paul was alleged to have been MI6.

Worldwide web of betrayal
May 13, 1999 (The Daily Telegraph)
MI6 agent list published on the Internet
May 13, 1999 (The Sunday Times)
Shayler: Internet list 'step too far'
May 13, 1999 (BBC News)
War of words over spy claims
May 13, 1999 (BBC News)
E-cyclopedia: 'D' Notices
May 13 1999 (BBC News)
Rogue spy publishes MI6 names on internet
May 13, 1999 (The Daily Telegraph)
Defends himself by e-mail
May 13, 1999 (BBC News)
War of words over spy claims
May 13, 1999 (BBC News)
Shayler: Internet list 'step too far'
May 13, 1999 (BBC News)
U.K. ex-spy accused of exposing agents
May 13, 1999 (News.Com)
The spy who was snubbed
May 13, 1999 (BBC News)
Website publishes British agents' names
May 12, 1999 (BBC News)
U.K. spies may have been exposed on Net

May 12, 1999 (News.Com)
UK acts to stop spy Website
May 12, 1999
[ image: Driver Henri Paul also died in the crash]
Driver Henri Paul
also died in the crash
Threatens further revelations
Dec. 2, 1998 (BBC News)
Predicts spy shake-up
Nov. 19, 1998
Connection to Diana, Swissair 111 crash?
Oct. 4, 1998 By JB Ehrlich, Geopolitical Analyst
(Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.)
Part One of Special Two Part Analysis
Final Farewell Analyses Perot - Chevenement
- Tomlinson Targets of New World Order Forces?

Claims Diana driver Henri Paul was MI6 agent
Aug. 29, 1998 (The Daily Telegraph)
Former agent meets Diana death judge
Aug. 28, 1998 (BBC News)
Ex-spy speaks to Diana inquiry
Aug. 28, 1998 (BBC News)
Ex-MI6 spy is grounded New Zealand
Aug. 7, 1998 (BBC News)
Tomlinson: "Show abuses that go on
in the British secret service"
Second spy silenced
Aug 6, 1998 (BBC News)
MI6 renegade off to 'new life'
Aug. 6, 1998 (The Daily Telegraph)
Gaddafi "plot": bid to silence former spy
Aug. 4, 1998 By Christopher Henning (Herald Correspondent in London)
Ex-MI6 man jailed over memoirs
Dec. 19, 1997 (BBC News)
Former MI6 spy jailed for trying to publish book
Dec. 19, 1997 By Michael Smith (The Daily Telegraph)
MI6 agent sent to jail
Dec. 18, 1997 (BBC News)
Ex-MI6 man admits secrets breach
Nov. 25, 1997 (BBC News)
Former MI6 man admits secrets offence
Nov. 25, 1997 By Michael Smith (The Daily Telegraph)
Briton Faces spy charge
Nov. 4, 1997 (BBC News)
Ex-MI6 man held 'after trying to publish book'
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