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AIDS was first reported in the United States of America in 1981 . Today, HIV the virus which precedes and causes AIDS is present in virtually all countries and has infected around 18 million adults and 1.5 million children. Now in its second decade, the HIV pandemic continues to grow, invisibly, at an estimated rate of 6000 new infections each day.

World AIDS Day is an annual day of observance designed to expand and strengthen the worldwide effort to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS. Its goal is to open channels of communication, promote the exchange of information and experience, and forge a spirit of social tolerance.

Once again due to the increased span of activities around World AIDS Day, the week running up to World AIDS Day will be "World AIDS Week".

World AIDS Week will begin on Friday 24th November and culminate on Friday 1st December: World AIDS Day.

World AIDS Day provides many opportunities: to talk and learn about HIV-infection and how to prevent it; to affirm a commitment to care for people with HIV-infection and AIDS and their carers; and an opportunity to celebrate those who are living with the virus and remember those who have died. The major international day of co-ordinated action against HIV and AIDS, it is now a yearly event in most countries.

By highlighting AIDS, HIV prevention and care activities already underway, and stimulating new ones, World AIDS Day helps build a lasting worldwide effort to stop the epidemic. Our aim must be to prevent the spread of HIV and so protect the wellbeing of everyone from the threat of AIDS.

World AIDS Day is co-ordinated internationally by the World Health Organisation's Global Programme on AIDS. The World AIDS Day team based at the National AIDS Trust provides a central information collection and sharing point for World AIDS Day activities in the UK.

For more information contact Gerald Janes

Contact addresses:
World AIDS Day,
WHO Global Programme on AIDS
World Health Organisation,1211,
Geneva 27, Switzerland
Tel: 00 10 41 22 791 4673
Fax: 00 10 41 22 798 1667
Keith Winestein, World AIDS Day Co-ordinator,
The National AIDS Trust,
Eileen House, 80 Newington Causeway,
London SE1 6EF
Tel: 0171 972 2915
Fax: 0171 972 2885

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*** From Net-Happenings Moderator *** Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 09:53:15 +0000 From: Chris Nial
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This page has been consolidated with our World AIDS Day page. (02Jan96)
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