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NOV. 18, 1991 - 2002
On June 19th, 1995, Croatian mothers went on hunger strike in front of Croatian Parliament (Sabor) building in Zagreb, thus entering a protest, both warning and inviting compassion. The desperate act has been pursued by the grieving mothers, seeking assistance in locating their sons, husbands, brothers, and grandsons who were taken away by force to be held in captivity by the Serbs in the year 1991. The seventh year now the ominous fatality has been deeply effecting their saddened motherly hearts. Censored by BBC TV

CROATIAN MOTHER'S APPEALAll of the endeavours they have made to find out what may be the sad bitter truth about what was befallen the 2,862 persons captured and missing during the cruel war have remained to be in vain. What happened to to the helpless columns of death that were taken to Serbia along unknown routes during those gory days of the autumn of 1991 is the question haunting the desperate mothers with the same painful intensity during their sleepless nights, their bitter deliberations, their searching through keepsakes, memories, and shades of tragic images.