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ICTY: Slobodan Milošević on trial
Any place to hide?
Any place to hide?
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Clinton's plan
to oust Milošević

How the West organised
Milošević's downfall

Who Really
Brought Down Milošević?

Albright Thanks Hungary
for Helping Oust Milošević

Milošević accused of
plundering gold reserves

(Mario's Spy News)
 Petition: Milošević to Haag Milošević has no place to hide
(The Australian, October 9, 2000 )
Milošević Son Turned Back
From Beijing

(Reuters, October 9, 2000 )
China Denies Entry To Milošević's Son
(Associated Press, October 9, 2000 )
More news related to Milošević son's

(From Mario's Spy News archive )
TIME Magazine: Tearing Down Milošević
(July 12, 1999, Page 1 )
Hackers on stand-by
as CIA finds Milošević cash

(Sydney Morning Herald, 5 Jul 1999)
Clinton Enlists Hackers to Topple Milošević
(ABC News, 5 Jul 1999)
Report: Clinton gave CIA the OK
to help to oust Milošević

(CNN Interactive, 5 Jul 1999)
Milošević indicted for war crimes
(May 27, 1999)
R. Tomlinson: MI6 1992 proposal
to assassinate President Milošević
   U.S. Cancels Plans for Raid on Bosnia to Capture 2 Serbs   U.S. Cancels Plans for Raid on Bosnia to Capture 2 Serbs
By Tim Weiner, The New York Times
Sunday July 26, 1998, page one

  French officer spying NATO for Slobodan Milošević
Weiner suggests that this decision, whatever it is, has been made against the wishes of the Commander in Chief ... or at least that he failed to 'persuade' those he commands to do what he wanted.

Karadzic's forged passport
15 July 1997 SFOR action:
'The big fish... Karadzic and Mladic, are still at large'
Allied commandos reportedly training to capture war criminals

Nando Newsroom (Aug 12, 1997)

Secret U.S. Mission
for Bosnia

ABC News

Karadzic Thumbs Nose at NATO

ABC News

U.S. Forces Fear Attack

ABC News

World Leaders in Crosshairs?

ABC News - Reuters

U.N. Warns Bosnian Serbs

ABC News - AP
Arrest Karadzic and Mladic!
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Petition: Arrest Karadzic and Mladic!
who have been charged by the International War Crimes Tribunal
with genocide and crimes against humanity

  • English:

        We the undersigned feel that it is the moral duty of our governments to order their troops in Bosnia to immediately arrest Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic - who have been charged by the International War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague with genocide and crimes against humanity.

  • Hrvatski:

        Potpisnici ovih redaka osjecaju da je moralna duznost nasih vlada narediti svojim postrojbama da odmah uhite Radovana Karadzica i Ratka Mladica optuzene za ratne zlocine i zlocine protiv covjecanstva na sudjenju pred Medjunarodnim sudom za ratne zlocine u Den Haagu.

  • Deutsch:

        Die Unterzeichner dieser Petition betrachten den Befehl zur Festnahme des Radovan Karadzic und Ratko Mladic von der Seite unserer Regierung als ihre moralische Pflicht. Die beiden sind beim Internationalen Kriegsverbrecher Tribunal in Den Haag fuer die Kriegsverbrechen und das Verbrechen gegen Menschlichkeit angeklagt worden.

  • Français:

        Nous, soussignés, croyons qu'il est du devoir moral de nos gouvernements de donner l'ordre à nos troupes en Bosnie d'arrêter immédiatement Radovan Karadzic et Ratko Mladic qui ont été formellement accusés de crimes contre l'humanité et de génocide par le Tribunal international de La Haye.


        Send e-mail message (with your name and e-mail address) to
        Dzevat Omeragic, or Stephen Albert, or to Damir Tomicic


        If you wish to collect signatures by hand. Print up a copy of the petition from one of Petition Web sites. Ask anyone who feels as we do, that these indicted criminals should be arrested, to sign (Signature and snail mail address) e-mail us and we will estabish a method of delivery appropriate to your individual situation (location, time you have finished collecting signatures etc.)