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The U.S. Air Force defines it as "any action to deny, exploit, corrupt or destroy the enemy's information and its functions while protecting Air Force assets against those action "

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Some monitor communications satellites, others land-based communications networks and others radio communications. Since then, all five UKUSA agencies have been responsible for monitoring diplomatic cables from all Japanese posts within the same segments of the globe they are assigned for general UKUSA monitoring.

the Global



 Exposing the Global  Surveillance  System   Covert Action

Exposing the Global
Surveillance System

by Nicky Hager
For 40 years, New Zealand's largest intelligence agency, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) the nation's equivalent of the US National Security Agency (NSA) had been helping its Western allies to spy on countries throughout the Pacific region, without the knowledge of the New Zealand public or many of its highest elected officials.


KH-11 Advanced Military
Surveillance Satelite

Images of War in Bosnia
Satelite Image of Baghdad
Satelite Image of Cuba
Satelite Image Catalogue in NIAES

A Theory of Information Warfare

by Colonel Richard Szafranski, USAF.
School of Information Warfare and Strategy
What is information warfare?

ACIS 3 - Preface. Martin Libicki: In recent years, a concept known as "information warfare" has become popular within certain circles of the U.S
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SIWS Introduction
1996-1997 Sun Tzu Art of War Award
in Information Warfare

Contact: Professor Daniel T. Kuehl, School of Information Warfare, Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University, Fort McNair, Washington, D.C. USA 20319-6000 Tel. 202-685-2257.
Knowledge strategies:
Balancing ends, ways, and means in the information age

by Lieutenant Colonel
William R. Fast, USA

The Silicon spear: An Assessment of information based warfare and U.S. national security
by Charles B. Everett,
Moss Dewindt, & Shane McDade

Information terrorism:
Can you trust your toaster?

by Matthew G. Devost, Brian K. Houghton, Neal A. Pollard
Unintended consequences
of joint digitization

by Lieutenant Colonel Steven G. Fox

Information warfare:
At the three year mark,
where do we go from here?

by Colonel Brian Fredericks, USA

A Chapter not yet written

by Colonel Adolph Carlson, USA
Information warfare:
Issues and Perspectives

by John H. Miller
Class III Information Warfare: Has It Begun?
Information Warfare - Protect Systems Engineering Division

(Code 72) Members of this Division provide services and products that protect United States NAVAL.
Different definitions of Information Warfare
Mark R. Kennedy.

The Information Warfare Research Center
Technological Warfare

information regarding technological warfare, information warfare, and computers implementation for military purposes
Information Warfare, I-War, Cyberwar
Information Warfare
The Global Clearinghouse
for Information Warfare
on the Internet
Digital Monkeyshines:
Information Warfare in the Office

Rivalry and contentiousness are no strangers to the office. But a change is occurring ...
Information Warfare Resources

Information Warfare is not InfoSec Repackaged
Winn Schwartau,
Advanced Displays:
Windows Into Information Warfare

By Lance A. Glasser.
Information Warfare
Mikael Prinzells homepage.

50 USC Sec. 403-4
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