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A Connection to Algeria's FIS

Algeria: Presse
Algérie Presse ServiceFrench
Algerian state run press agency. Updated daily with some of the most important latest news. Headlines and summaries of Algerian newspapers. Some hot issues are developed in longer articles.
Megastories: Algeria's Second Bloody War English
Good articles from the electronic news magazines related to the current political situation in Algeria.
News in Arabic and French about Algeria
Scandinavian-Arabic Information Center English

Good background information about Algeria in the CIAS site developed in Oslo by a former Norwegian TV journalist.
News and Media
Algerian News Agency
Algeria: Radio
Ech-ChaabDaily, Arabic
El MoudjahidDaily, French
El watanDaily, French
El-KhabarDaily, Arabic
El-Youm Daily, Arabic
Entv.dzRadio, French
HorizonsDaily, French
La Tribune Daily, French
LibertéDaily, French

Algeria -- Fielding's DangerFinder
Algerian Intelligence Community

Algeria Page
(Model League of Arab States).
Front Islamique du Salut
Official home page for the FIS Parliamentary Delegation Abroad. Its leader is Anwar Haddam was arrested in Washington for infraction to the immigration laws after living several years between New York and Washington. (English)
Front Islamique du Salut French
Another home page for the Salvation Islamic Front and its representatives abroad. This one includes the cease fire promulgation by the AIS (Salvation Liberation Army).
Harakat Moudjtamaa As-Silm [HMS]
Memo on the Movement of the Islamic Society Algeria

(July 1996)

G I A - Groupe Islamique Armee

Armed Islamic Group (Mario's web page)
Front des Forces Socialistes French
Unofficial homepage of the party leaded by Hocine Aït-Ahmed, auto-exiled in Switzerland.
Rassemblement pour la Culture et la Démocratie French
Official homepage of the RCD whose leader Saïd Sadi had always a very tough position against the Islamic Movement. Like the FFS it a party mostly popular in the Kabylia region and among the Berberian populations of Algeria.
Hijra International Online
Geneva based Muslim Organization. Its goal is to help Algerian refugees abroad and to give some information about the current conflict in Algeria.
Site about the history and the culture of the Tamazight (Berberian) people of Kabylia.
Algiers Investigation Center on Technical and Scientific Information. Basic Information about he country and some useful links to the main Algerian servers.
Permanent Mission of Algeria to the U. N.
Trade Compass: Algeria
Criminal Justice Statistics
Berber Culture
Languages of Algeria
Documents on Algerian history
Algeria information from Univ. of Pennsilvania
Algeria Net Library

General information
Networking Efforts in the Maghreb Region,
Report on connectivity with Algeria

Retrieve flag image
Movie, "Dab el-Qued City"
Retrieve map:
Map of Algiers
Another Map of Algiers
Map of Oran

Space Shuttle Pictures of Algeria from EarthRise Photos

UseNet newsgroup:
Arab Net

Comprehensive resource on the arab world and middle-east well-covered in the areas of: History, Geography, Business, Culture, Government and Transport -Tourism

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CIA World Fact Book Algeria
    1996 entry
U.S. Secretary of State
    speeches on Algeria
Human Rights Watch: Algeria
U.S. State Department Human Rights
    Reports: 1993 1994
U.S. State Department
    Travel Advisories
Report on Economic Policies
    & Trade Practices, 1994

Committee to Protect Journalists: Algeria
Internet Law Library
U.S. House of Representatives
Internet Law Library - Algeria
The Library

Library of Congress
Algeria Area HandBook
( at The Library of Congress Country Studies )

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