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Croatian Mothers' Appeal
War in Croatia, Serbian aggression and Croatian casualties
UNPROFOR in Croatia - A Chronology
Operation Storm 95
Bosnia and Herzegovina
War Crimes in Croatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dayton: Bosnia Peace Agreement
Pentagon BosniaLINK
International Crime Tribunal - Den Haag
Operation Home Front
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YU-Spiritsm & Reincarnation
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Nato: IFOR
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The Final Report of
the UN Commission of Experts
on the Former Yugoslavia

This gem comprises 3000+ pages
documenting war crimes in Bosnia.
OMRI Daily Digest
Open Media Research Institute
ZaMir Transnational Network
War Zone
at MediaFilter

Bosnia-Herzegovina and its Borders
According to International Agreements
and Constitutional Law
Voices from the War Zone
maintained by Dubravko Kakarigi
People Finder Service
This simple, Internet-based, interactive, database-driven service has been designed to help in the difficult and time-consuming task of reuniting families and friends separated by the war in former Yugoslavia. It is completely public and free to the users. All those who are looking for someone should regularly check PFS. Please post information to PFS which might help someone else, close or far away, reunite with their loved ones.
Note: To do its job, PFS must be a public facility. Please post only information which you don't mind anyone else reading. You, the person posting the information, must make the judgment as to how much information should be posted.
(To get an idea of useful information to post, you can browse through the database.)
We also accept and will post photographs. We make connections with printed media which post lost-persons notices in order to increase the likelihood of reuniting people. We will also attempt to interest NGOs and other displaced-persons and refugee-mail services inside and outside of former Yugoslavia to exchange information with PFS. We will also include in the PFS database missing-persons requests that we find elsewhere on the internet. Help us by spreading the word. Any ideas to improve the service are welcome.
January 11, 1996
Applied Computing Solutions, Inc. (904) 877-5280
For further information contact
Dubravko Kakarigi (
Croats Myth and Reality
MUST READ a book by the American author,
McAdams, at Vladimir's (Vuksan) Page