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Bosnia and Herzegovina

War in Croatia, Serbian aggression and Croatian casualtiesWar Crimes in Croatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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    Transcripts on Bosnian Crisis

    at National Public Radio

    Bosnia Internet Forum (Bulletin) Home page of English Bosnia Internet Forum news bulletin. If you wish to receive regular news bulletins about Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia here are the instructions on how to get included in BIF mailing list. (It's a FREE service with no further obligations). To subscribe to one of the services on offer, send a message to ,
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    Sarajevo On Line
    Full Access to Bosnian Medias Online - A fully operational Web site Due to the success of the first operation launched by World Media On Line in April 1995. The service was the first online journalism project allowing users around the world to communicate with residents of the city.
    It is also the first to give wide access to Bosnian media, offering exclusive and up to date news and information from ex-Yugoslavia. Seven of them are now on Sarajevo On Line :
    - Onasa - Oslobodenje - Slobodna Bosna
    Life - Dani - Radio Zid - Studio 99

    There is also a forum service, articles by distinguished intellectuals of the region, Computer art from TRIO, Rock samples from Sarajevo bands, and archives from our earlier Sarajevo On line experimental project.
    For more informations write to Gilbert CATTOIRE,
    the webmaster of Sarajevo On Line

    Napredak Online
    maintained by Marko Puljic

    a weekly newspaper from Bosnia
    (temporary URL so far)

    BosNet Newsfeeds
    Bosnia and Herzegovina info (index)

    FRANK TIGALAAR's (Netherlands) and
    Mario Profaca Go to Mario's Cyberspace Station Frank Tiggelaar Go to Domovina Net

    Mario's friends Frank and Damir are giving the most comprehensive overview of activities in Europe for the benefit of, and information resources on the Internet about Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    Rated TOP 5 % OF ALL WEB SITES by Point Com and available in several languages.

    Also take a look at their New(s) Page


    A newsmagazine providing news solely on Bosnia

    This Week in Bosnia-Hercegovina
    A weekly newsletter on events in Bosnia,
    from the Bosnia Action Coalition (Mass./NH).
    SOURCE: Al-Sirat Al-Mustaqeem
    (The Straight Path)
    ISSUE: No. 33, Safar 1415, August 1994
    TITLE: Al-Sirat Al-Mustaqeem:
    Interview with Sheikh al-Mujahideen
    Abu Abdel Aziz interviewed by Tawfig Tabib
    Contact al-Sirat al-Mustaqeem for the original arabic text.

    Al-Sirat Al-Mustaqeem: Interview with Sheikh al-Mujahideen Abu Abdel Aziz

       QUESTION: In short, how did (your) Jihad start in Bosnia, and what is the truth to the existence of an Arab Mujahideen Brigade under your command? What is its role and what are its relations with the Bosnian government?
       Comm. ABU ABDEL AZIZ: As I told you before, when Jihad in Afghanistan was over, with the conquest of Kabul, I went with four of those who participated in Afghanistan to Bosnia to check out the landscape. We wanted to see things with a closer eye. I wanted to find out the truth to what is reported by the Western media. And surely, as was reported, there was persecution of Bosnian Muslims. Many were slaughtered, others were killed, while others were forced to exile. The chastity of their women was infringed upon for the simple reason that they were Muslims. The Christians took advantage of the fact that the Muslims were defenseless with no arms. They recalled their age-old hatred. As to Arab Mujahideen (in Bosnia), they do not have a separate battalion. There is a battalion for non-Bosnian fighters. Arabs are a minority compared to those of the Mujahideen (gathered from around the World). This battalion is under a unified command and is called Kateebat al-Mujahideen (Mujahideen Battalion), Odred "El-Mudzahidin" as they call them in Bosnian. Militarily, it has a link to the Bosnian government under the general command of the Bosnian Armed Forces. It is in fact part of the seventh battalion (SEDMI KORPUS, ARMIJA REPUBLIKE BH) of the Bosnian Army.
       I am a field commander under the "General Unified Armed Command". We have - and all grace be to Allah - full jurisdiction in the region we are responsible for (Editor's note: Mostly central Bosnia). The general command of the Muslim forces wants to see results, it does not dictate strategy or action.   (Full text)

    The Christian Science Monitor
    special single-purpose site on the Internet's World Wide Web, which contains new Monitor stories by David Rohde. Rohde, The Monitor's Eastern Europe correspondent, was captured on October 29 by the Bosnian Serbs and detained in a jail cell for eleven days. He was released on November 8, 1995. Included on the web site is Rohde's personal account of his capture, detainment, and release, the stories he was reporting when he was captured, and the exclusive stories he wrote for the Monitor earlier, detailing evidence of the Bosnian Serbs' massacres of Bosnian Muslim civilians near Srebrenica. The site also includes maps, other documentation of the massacres, and a discussion area which will allow interested readers to add their comments and views on the issues covered on the site.


      Press Releases regarding
      UNHCR aid to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

      People Finder Service
      This simple, Internet-based, interactive, database-driven service has been designed to help in the difficult and time-consuming task of reuniting families and friends separated by the war in former Yugoslavia. It is completely public and free to the users. All those who are looking for someone should regularly check PFS. Please post information to PFS which might help someone else, close or far away, reunite with their loved ones.
      Note: To do its job, PFS must be a public facility. Please post only information which you don't mind anyone else reading. You, the person posting the information, must make the judgment as to how much information should be posted. (To get an idea of useful information to post, you can browse through the database.)
      We also accept and will post photographs. We make connections with printed media which post lost-persons notices in order to increase the likelihood of reuniting people. We will also attempt to interest NGOs and other displaced persons and refugee-mail services inside and outside of former Yugoslavia to exchange information with PFS. We will also include in the PFS database missing-persons requests that we find elsewhere on the internet. Help us by spreading the word. Any ideas to improve the service are welcome.
      January 11, 1996 Applied Computing Solutions, Inc. (904) 877-5280
      For further information contact
      Dubravko Kakarigi (

      Sarajevo Pipeline
      Messages to & from Sarajevo

      Sarajevo Alive - Sarajevo On Line
      Direct dialogue between the Sarajevo
      inhabitants and the Internet community

      No More Ceasefire
      at NetLine YPN

      Let's Share the Same Dream
      from Beati i Costructori di Pace

      Beati i Costruttori di Pace
      Italian association
      Blessed Constructors of Peace

      Help Album for Bosnian aid charity War Child
      info page

      Europe for Bosnia Campaign

      Story of Banja Luka
      Bosnian town, its history and a terrible destiny...

      Convoy Bosnia
      A project of the Lasiewicz Foundation, a non-profit organization which is helping wounded, orphaned and homeless civilians of Bosnia and Herzegovina

      Bosnia Briefings
      The Lasiewicz Foundation, Convoy Bosnia Briefings

      Bosnia Help Page

      Hope and Homes for Children
      While soldiers keep the peace, others are rebuilding. Hope and Homes for Children, a charity dedicated to providing homes for war orphans, has launched this Web page with information on its projects in the war-torn nation and on how to contribute.

      Bosnian Children Relief Foundation
      A non-profit orginization which provides food for suffering and starving children of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

      The Bosnia Network
      A interfaith network of concerned professionals trying to help plan the rebuilding of devastated communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

      Prayers for Bosnia