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CNN/Time AllPolitics
On January 30, 1995, Cable News Network, Inc.
( CNN) and Time Inc. New Media launched
full-service CNN/Time AllPolitics web site
dedicated to politics in the digital age.

"Candidates. Computers. Campaigns. That's AllPolitics..."

Best Bytes:
Top Story,
Results Of Virtual Primary,
Can Clinton Win?
E-mail From The Trail ,
Can't Pick A GOP Horse? We'll Find One For You
Reinventing America - It's Not Only A Game,
Back In TIME,
Don't forget to vote in the Virtual Primary,
Visit Other Sites: Home Page, News, Issues, Campaignland,
Candidates, Intelligence In Focus, Pulse, Contents etc.

prepared by
© Professor Avi Bass
Northern Illinois University
NIU journalism
intermediate newswriting class

WHO is in the running?
Presidential Candidates Biographies (Washington Weekly)
Politicians and Candidates
1996 Presidential Candidates (Jefferson Project)
Election '96
Countdown '96

WHEN and WHERE will the candidates face off?
Preliminary Presidential Primary and Caucus Dates
New Hampshire Presidential Primary info center (Feb. 20)
Cool Political Site Of The Week
Political Soundbite Of The Week

HOW should the campaign really be run? (humor)
Fidel '96
Dave Barry for President
Pat Paulsen for President
Bill Clinton for President (parody)
Russell Hirshon for President
Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall
"Republican Central Committee" (humor)
Political Humor collection (Jefferson Project)

WHY and HOW are the they running?
The White House home page
GOP Main Street
The Right Side of the Web (GOP)
The Democratic Party Web Page
Democratic National Committee
United We Stand America - The Grass Roots
President Hillary Clinton - The Dark Side (scandals)
Skeleton Closet All of the Scandals on All of the Candidates

WHAT do the analysts have to say?
1996 Election Materials (LSU)
Capitol Watch On Line
All Things Political (political scene)
The Jefferson Project (political sites)
Internet Literacy Consultants Political Tools Page
Political science research (CUNY)
American Politics Gopher
Political Resource Directory
Vote Smart Web
The Poynter Institute Home Page
Election '96 (League of Women Voters)
Voice of the Shuttle
Politics (Galaxy)

WHAT do the journalists have to say?
Election '96 (NPR)
Campaign '96 (Time)
MoJo Wire (Mother Jones)
The New York Times
C-SPAN Online
NewsPath to news and sources (news stories)

Meanwhile, WHAT is Congress up to? and the governors?
House and Senate campaigns (Candidates USA)
U.S. Senate and House web pages
U.S. Senate and House e-mail addresses
Thomas (legislative information)
Votes of Senators And Representatives
Reports from the State Governors
See also NewsPath to news and sources
for news stories and issue positions (and the NorthernNotes index).

Welcome to the White House
Provides better and more complete information on the White House and
federal agencies, and makes the information easier to find and to access.
- Information about government agencies that is easier to find and more
complete: Working with the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Welcome
to the White House now provides access to the best search facility for
government information on the Internet. Users can enter a plain language
question and be directed to where information on that subject is available
on all of the government sites on the World Wide Web. This index is more
comprehensive and faster than other online indices for searching
government information.

The President & Vice President:
Their accomplishments, their families,
and how to send them electronic mail

The Executive Office of the President
includes senior policy advisors and offices responsible for
the President's correspondence and communications,
the Office of the Vice President,
the Office of the First Lady,
the Office of Mrs. Gore.

What's New
The President's State of the Union Address and
the most recent additions to White House site

Interactive Citizens' Handbook
Your guide to information and
services from the Federal government

History and Tours
Past Presidents and First Families,
Art in the President's House and Tours

The Virtual Library
Search White House documents,
listen to speeches, and view photos

The Briefing Room:
Today's releases, hot topics,
and the latest government statistics

White House Help Desk
Frequently asked questions and
answers about White House service

White House for Kids
Helping young people become
more active and informed

White House WWW site for kids
- A special site for children: Welcome to the White House for Kids is a
first-of-its-kind online site for children who want to learn about their
federal government. The page is hosted by the First Family's cat, Socks,
and includes information on the history and architecture of the White
House, and children and pets who have lived there.

THE FIRST LADY - Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton has an internet home page that gives you the option of
writing her personally. The heading reads: FIRST LADY'S WELCOME...
then is followed by these words:
"Hello, I'm Hillary Rodham Clinton and I want to welcome you
to my Internet Home Page."
One of the choices handles e-mail directly. There is a short questionaire
asking who you are, what your e-mail address is, and what your message is.

President Bill And Hillary Clinton's Dark Side
"A nonpartisan look at the dark side of Bill and Hillary
, with quotes, links, and sources listed. Site's
current feature: $100,000 Payoff from Educational Foundation
Includes links to:
Clinton Expose Web site,
Disgraced Clinton Administration Officials,
Yahoo's Whitewater Scandal Page,
Mena, Arkansas: Contra & Drug Smuggling Center?

Whitewater Scandal

Hill Source
Lots of Clinton-bashing available via this service of the
House Republican Conference. Current titles include:

Response to the State of the Union Address
Clinton Administration's Impact on the State of the Union
The Big Whopper:
"Catching the one that got away..."
Clinton Versus The Truth
The Numbers Don't Lie
"Talking Points"
GOP Delivers on Welfare Reform
The President Breaks his Word Again
"Just the Facts"
Public Law 104-56
A fact sheet outlining the commitment the President
made with the Republican Leadership and to the
American people to balance the budget in seven years.

After theese interesting web sites concerning the great, fantastic way
in which the Republicans are handling things and how the Democrats
are messing everything up :) in order to balance the list and
provide humor for those of you who are thinking straight here is now
something completely different...

Federal Government Links
Collection of 69 Federal Agency Links
(including e-mail to President and Vice President)
and US State Home Pages. The variety of smaller
agency links appears quite useful.

The National Archives and Records Administration's (NARA) GILS

You can send
electronic mail

The President

The Vice President

The First Lady

The mailing address is:
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20500

Phone: (202) 456-1414
Fax:(202) 456-2883

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