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Time in Baghdad
Iraq العراق
Al-Jumhuriyah Al-Iraqiyah
Listen the anthem!
Listen the anthem!
Capital: Baghdad
33 14' North / 44 22' East
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Public Broadcasting Service
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Intelligence FailuresIntelligence Failures
InfowarTerrorism, OSINT & Infowar
Media and News SourcesNews Sources مواقع مختارة
News News and media

  • Azzaman (English)
  • Azzaman (Arabic) Leading daily paper, recently transferred from London. Edited by Saad Bazzaz, a former Iraqi media chief who fell out with Saddam Hussein's regime in 1992
  • Alahali (Arabic)
    "The first liberal newspaper of Iraq" 
  • Baghdad (Arabic)  Newspaper of the Iraqi National Accord (INA), with regular updates.
  • Baghdad Bulletin (English)
    Produced by British and American journalists.
  • Iraq Press (Arabic)
    "Independent press agency of political, economic, cultural and social affairs." Also  in English
  • Iraq Today (English) 
    "Iraq's first independent English daily".
    Published by  Iraq Institute for Democracy
  • al-Ittihad (Arabic) Weekly newspaper of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK).
  • al-Ittijah al-Akhar (Arabic) Nationalist weekly linked to al-Watan party.
  • al-Jihad (Arabic) Weekly newspaper of the Islamic Da'awa Party.
  • al-Muajaha (English) Not exactly a newspaper but an open publishing forum for news/opinion about Iraq. Linked to
  • al-Mutamar (Arabic) Weekly newspaper of the Iraqi National Congress (INC).
  • Nidaa Arrafidain (Arabic) Newspaper linked to the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI).
  • Regay (Kurdish) Irregular publication of the Kurdistan Communist Party, Iraq (KCPI).  Also publishes Kaldu Ashur in Arabic for Assyrians.
  • ash-Shuyu'iya al-Umaliya (Arabic) Weekly newspaper of the Workers' Communist Party of Iraq. Also some news  in English.
  • al-Taakhi (Arabic)
    Daily, apparently an Arabic version of KDP's Xebat.
  • Tariq ash-Sha'ab (Arabic)  
    Weekly newspaper of the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP). 
  • Xebat (Kurdish) Daily newspaper of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

  •  Pentagon Channel
    Regional Air Movement
    Control Center (RAMCC)

  • Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
  • Conus Replacement Centers
  • Iraq Military Facilities
  • Introduction (
  • Maps

  • Satellite imagesSatellite photos
    of key sites in Baghdad

  • Russian Satellite Image of Central Baghdad
  • Iraqi Tuwaitha Nuclear Center
  • Saddam Husein's Presidential Palaces
  • Iraq maps

  • Multi-National Force - Iraqالاخبار العسكرية من العراق
    Multi-National Force - Iraq

    Multi-National Corps - Iraq
  • Leaflets  (CENTCOM)
  • U.S. War Dead - Post May 2003   (Fox)
  • US Military Killed, Pre-May 2003   (Fox)
  • Casualty Reports  (CENTCOM)
  • POW / MIA  (DoD)
  • POW / MIA (CNN)

  • Coalition Provisional AuthorityCoalition
    Provisional Authority

    Coalition Provisional Authority
    Multi-National Security
    Transition Command - Iraq

    White House  Iraq Fact of the Day
      Fact of the Day
      Iraq News Archive
    State DepartmentIraq Update
    U.S. State Department Reports
    The Iraq Weekly Status Report provides updates in the seven key areas identified as pillars of U.S. Government policy.  The October 2005 Section 2207 report provides updates on Iraq Relief and Reconstruction.
  • Iraq Investment and
          Reconstruction Task Force

    (Department of Commerce)
  • Iraq Project and Contracting Office (PCO)
  • Special Inspector General
          for Iraq Reconstruction

  • UNU.S. Mission to
    the United Nations

    International Crisis Group

    Reports / Briefings
    Search Crisis Watch DatabaseSearch:
    United States Coast GuardUnited States
    Coast Guard:
    N e w s

    U.S. MARCENTU.S. Marine Corps


    HIV/AIDS In Iraq

    UNUN BCPR Crisis Prevention
    and Recovery:

    Disaster Reduction Unit
    UNUNDP Iraq Country Office
    UNOSAT Satellite Imagery on Iraq

    News and Media  Radio and TV

    Watch it!TV live
      General overview
  • Timeline: Iraq (InfoPlease)
  • Timeline: Iraq (BBC)
  • BBC Country Profiles: Iraq
  • BBC: Iraq Handover
  • Reuters Alternet Country Profiles: Iraq
  • Library of Congress Country Study
  •  PDF file Library of Congress Country Profile
  • CIA World Factbook Profile
  • UT-MENIC: Countries and Regions: Iraq
    Selected links from the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, covering government and politics, history and archaeology, news and newsgroups.
  • Country Analysis Brief
           Energy Information Administration,
           Department of Energy
  • Development Gateway:
         Country Profile: Iraq

    A portal for resources on Iraq listing specific topics, development projects, reference information, and companies with experience in Iraq. Topics include relief and recovery and non-governmental organizations.
  • CIA World Factbook Profile
  • Iraq Country Facts
           Multi-National Force - Iraq
  • U.S. Department of State:
           Iraq Country Information
  • U.S. Department of State:
           Iraq Background Note
  • Nationmaster: Iraq
          A compilation of facts and figures
          from many sources
  • Medea - Iraq  
          European Institute for Research on
          Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Cooperation
  • MSU Global Edge Profile
  • MSU Global Access
  • Economist Country Briefing
  • InfoPlease Almanac: Iraq
  • InfoPlease Atlas: Iraq
  • International Monetary Fund Profile
  • U.S. State Dept. Iraq Country Information
  • U.S. State Dept. Iraq Background Note
  • U.S. State Dept. Regional Topics
  • U.N. Statistics: Millenium Profile
  • UNESCO Institute for Statistics
  • World Bank Profile: Iraq
  •   Government
  • Who's who in Iraq
  • Iraqi Interim Government
  • Iraqi Ministry of Culture
  • Iraqi Ministry of Electricity
  • Iraqi Ministry of Health
  • Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education
  • Iraqi Ministry of Trade
  • Iraqi Ministry of Trade - IBCGuide
  • Baghdad Municipality
  • Iraqi National Communication
           and Media Commission
  • Iraqi Ministry of Displacement
           and Migration
  • Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • National Council
  • Iraqi Special Tribunal
  • Iraqi Ministry of Industry and Minerals
  • Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq
  • Transitional National Assembly
  • Iraqi Parliament (Arabic)
  • Chief of State and Cabinet Members (CIA)
  • Heads of state and prime ministers
           Historical list (ZPC database)
  • Coalition Provisional Authority
           (Website preserved for historical purposes
           until 30 June, 2006)
  • Governing Council
           The temporary body established 13 July, 2003.
  • First post-Saddam cabinet
           Ministers appointed on 1 September, 2003
  • Political groups in Iraq
           Parties and personalities who
           opposed Saddam Hussein
  • Iraqi National Congress (background)
  • Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq
  • Supreme Council for
          Islamic Revolution in Iraq
  • National flag of Iraq
  • National anthem
           Audio, lyrics and sheet music
           (National Anthems Reference Page)
  • Constitution of Iraq
  • Interim Constitution of 2004 (English)
  • Constitution of 1990 (English)
  • Constitution of 1925 (English)
  • Interim Constitution (English) (ICL)
  • Establishing a Stable Democratic
           Constitutional Structure in Iraq

          (Public International Law and Policy Group
          and the Century Foundation)
  •   Military / Defense
  • Military of Iraq
  • Iraqi Defense
          ABC Country Book for Iraq's defense
  • Military of Iraq
          Military manpower, transnational issues,
          maps, geography, history of Iraq
  • Forces: Iraq  (CNN)
  • Forces: Iraq/Security Services  (CNN)
  • Cong. Res. Service Reports
  • SIPRI Military Expenditures
  •   Intelligence
  • Iraqi Intelligence Agencies  (FAS)
  •  PDF file Charter of the New Iraqi
          National Intelligence Service (INIS)
  •  PDF file Order Authorizing Establishment of
          Iraqi National Intelligence Service

           Coalition Provisional Authority Order
           Number 69, April 2004
  • Iraq Spy Service
          Planned by U.S. To Stem Attacks

           by Dana Priest and Robin Wright,
          Washington Post, December 11, 2003
  •  PDF file Iraq: Its Infrastructure of
          Concealment, Deception
          and Intimidation
      a report from
           the UK Office of the Prime Minister,
           January 2003.
  • Release: UK Government 'intelligence'
          report on Iraq revealed as plagiarism
  • Iraq's Security and Intelligence Network:
          A Guide and Analysis

           by Ibrahim al-Marashi, Middle East Review
          of International Affairs, September 2002
  • Forces: Iraq/Security Services  (CNN)
  • Intelligence on Iraq
          Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • WMD in Iraq: Evidence and Implications
          Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • U.S. DOJ Documents
  •   Legislature
  • Parliamentary law and practice
  • Bibliographic References
  • Legislature Overview
  • SIPRI Int'l Relations and Security Trends
  • U.S. State Dept. Bureau
  •   Human Rights
  • Human Rights Watch Profile
  • Human rights reports
  • Human Rights Watch
  • Amnesty International
  • Amnesty Intl. Documents Library
  • Human rights in Iraq (Wikipedia)
  • Introductions to Iraqi Law
  • Freedom House Freedom Rating
  • Heritage Foundation Freedom Report
  • RWB Freedom of the Press Profile
  • U.S. State Dept. Human Rights Report
  • U.S. State Dept. Religious Freedom Report
  • Doctors Without Borders Activities
  • International Red Cross Activities
  • ReliefWeb Documents and Maps
  • UNICEF Activities
  • UNICEF: Iraq Country in Crisis
  • Country Links
  •   Foreign Policy / Relations
  • Foreign relations of Iraq
  • Country Indicators Mapserver
  • Council on Foreign Relations Resources
  •   Diplomacy
  • Embassy Listings For Iraq
  • Iraq embassies in the world
  • U.S. Embassy - Iraq
  • Key Foreign Service Post Officers
  •   International Organizations

  • Languages of Iraq Ethnologue Database
  • GeoHive Population Statistics
  • Population Reference Bureau: Iraq
  • PRB Pop & Reproductive Health Data
  • PRB World Population Data Sheet
  • Refugee & Internally Displaced People
  • U.S. Census Bureau Country Data
  • UNFPA State of World Population
  • World Bank GenderStats
  • World Bank Health/Nut./Pop. Stats
  •   Culture
  • Iraqi Cultural Heritage
  • Local Languages and Dialects
  • Religions
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  •   Academic Resources
  • Universities in Iraq
  • Arab Gateway: Iraq - history
  • Political History
  • Rulers of Iraq  Since 1921
  • Documents
          Historical and political texts relating to Iraq
  • World Bank Education Profile
  •   Health
  • CDC Health Advisory
  • FAO Nutrition Profile
  • Global Hospital Directory
  • U.N. WHO Health Profile
  • U.N. WHO Travel and Health Guide
  •   Environment & Resources
  • UNEP Country Envronmental Profile
  • FAO Early Warning System
  • World Resources Institute: Iraq

  • FAO Forestry Data
  • FAO Water Data
  • USGS Minerals Data
  •   Food & Agriculture
  • FAO Agricultural Data
  • FAO Fisheries Data
  • FAO Food Crisis Early Warning System
  • FAO Water and Food Security Profile
  •   Energy
  • International Energy Agency Statistics
  • U.S. Dept. of Energy Profile
  • U.S. DOE Int'l Energy Annual
  •   Banking
  • Currency converter  Iraqi dinar (IQD)
  • Bank Holidays
  • Investment Financing Sources
  •   Business Promotion
  • Business and Investment Guides
  • Iraq: Iraqi Business Center
           منظومة ألمراكــز العراقيــة للأعمال
  • Protocol
  • Telephone Directories
  • Transparency Int'l Corruption Report
  • World Bank "Doing Business" Info
  •   Development and Business
  • The Iraq Investment and
          Reconstruction Task Force
  • Information on reconstruction contracts
          The State Department's Office of Commercial
          and Business Affairs
  • Oil, gas, and electricity
          US Energy Information Administration
  • World Bank: Iraq
          Comprehensive economic data
  • Iraq and the IMF
  • Economic news and data (
  • Water in Iraq  Aquastat country profile
  • Business Opportunities
  • Development Gateway Country Profile
  • Development Organizations List
  • U.S. AID Mission Directory
  • U.S. AID Mission Web Site
  • U.S. TDA Activities

  • UNDP Human Development Reports
  • UNIDO Activities
  • World Bank: Iraq
  • World Bank Documents & Reports
  •   Privatization
  • Privatization Link: Iraq
  •   Trade and Investment
  • Trade and Investment
  • Treaties & Agreements
  • Partners and Trade Leads
  • FAS Agricultural Trade Data
  • Federation of Int'l Trade Associations
  • U.S. Census Bureau
          Commodity Trade Data
  • U.S. Sanctions
  • Overview of U.S. Sanctions
  •   News and Media Sources
  • News and Features on Iraq
          Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
  • In Arabic
  • Southwestern Asia and the Middle East
          Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
  • RFE/RL Iraq Report
  • The New Iraqi Press 2003
  • BBC World Service (Arabic)
  • BBC News
  • Iraq Daily (
  • The Guardian Iraq coverage
  • Google news
  • IRIN News (UN)
  • Business and economic news
  • Press: News and Media Sources
  • Press: Newspapers On-Line
  • News: Newspapers On-Line
  • Press: Regional / Country Periodicals
  •   Radio & TV   الأذاعة و
  • Broadcasting in Iraq
  • Radio Free Iraq
           Live Audio Broadcasts (Arabic, RFE/RL)
  •   Telecom, Info Tech & Internet
  • Communications
  • Electronic Iraq
  • Iraq Foundation
  • Iraq4ever
  • American University Profiles
  • U.S. DOC Profile
  • World Bank Profile
  •   Transportation & Travel
  • Transportation in Iraq
  • Shipping Facilities
  • World Seaports Directory
  • U.S. DOT Transportation Profile
  • World Airlines Directory
  • World Airports Directory
  • Currency Converter
  • International Dialing Codes
  • Expatriates, Living Abroad, Relocating
  • U.S. State Dept. Travel Warnings
  • U.S. State Dept. Passport Services
  • Overseas Security Advisory Council
  • U.S. State Dept. Consular Affairs Bureau
  • U.S. State Dept. Consular Information
  • Tourism Offices Directory
  • Travel Info Portal
  • US Customs - Know Before You Go
  • Worldwide Geographical Names Server
  • Local Time
  • Weather: Local Forecast
  • Local weather
  • World Meteorological Organization Data
  •   Maps
       High resolution aerial photos over Iraq:
  • Baghdad (2.3 Mb)
  • Fallujah (1 Mb)
  • National Geographic Satellite Map: Iraq
  • Univ. of Texas Library Collection
           Country maps: Iraq
  • al-Bab: Maps of Iraq
  •  PDF file
  • UN Detailed map of Iraq
  • InfoPlease Atlas: Iraq
  • Yahoo Search

  •   scroll

    IFRCInternational Federation of
    Red Cross and Red Crescent

    MUST SEE !Al-Qaeda and Russian Secret Services
    Axis Globe Full Coverage
    MUST SEE !Join CENTCOM Mailing List
    The U.S. CENTCOM Electronic Newsletter
    MUST SEE !What Extremists Are Saying
    The CENTCOM website OSIF/OSINT sources
    News Releases
    News Features

    Media and News Sources
    BBC News | In Depth
    Conflict with Iraq

    This in-depth report from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is frequently updated and covers the latest news, analysis, feature stories, background information, timeline and maps, as well as a database of documents, country information and related web links. Features on the recent election are included.
    CNN Special Report: War in Iraq
    Online report from CNN covers all aspects of the war in Iraq and post-conflict status, including an archive of daily news on the war (archived after May 1, 2003), casualty numbers, descriptions of the weaponry and Coalition forces, and a section on The Struggle for Iraq.
    Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR)
    The web site for the London-based organization IWPR includes a number of publications on Iraq in English with plans to translate documents into Arabic and Kurdish; among these are a weekly Iraqi Crisis Report and a new daily Iraqi Press Monitor. E-mail subscription is available.
    Iraq Body Count
    This web site tracks "reported civilian deaths resulting from the U.S.-led military intervention in Iraq." The database provides information on individual incidents date, time, location, target, weapons used, and the media source where it was reported. Also includes and overview of the projects, a description of methodology and related links.
    Iraq Coalition Casualties
    This web site tracks military deaths and wounded, using as sources the U.S. Department of Defense, CENTCOM and the British Ministry of Defence. Includes a news feed from wire services, a news archive, a database of incidents, casualties and fatality details on individuals. Also describes the methodology and defines the time periods used.
    Leddy Library: Iraq 2003: Sources of News
    Compilation of news sources on Iraq from the Leddy Library, University of Windsor, covering mainstream and alternative press.
    News from the Iraq Foundation
    Digests and summaries of news reports on Iraq from a variety of sources with an archive going back to 1999.
    One World.Net: Full coverage: Iraq
    Extensive database of news and analysis on Iraq with articles contributed by OneWorld partners, searchable by keyword, topic, and region with additional criteria for narrowing the search.
    Online NewsHour: Iraq in Transition
    The web site of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer includes special reports on Iraq, with breaking news, features, audio clips, sections on governing Iraq, the insurgency, the reconstruction, and maps, among other resources. Previous archived reports on The Iraq War and the Road to War are also linked, as is a recurring video feature of the Honor Roll of American Service Personnel Killed in Iraq.
    RFE/RL: The New Iraq
    This special section of the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty web site includes current news, maps, a timeline, articles, analytical reports, selections from REF/RL Newsline III with daily news about Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, Iraq reports, as well as Arab press comments and a link to Radio Free Iraq (news in Arabic).
    UN News Centre: Iraq
    Portal web site of the United Nations News Centre for Iraq information, with current news on the activity of UN agencies and missions in Iraq, with statements, briefings, and related stories. Includes documents (UN Security Council resolutions, for example) and the UN report dated February 23, 2004 on The political transition in Iraq (PDF).
    Yahoo! News Full Coverage- - World - Iraq
    Comprehensive list of links to special reports, news stories and sources, audio/video, magazine articles, related web sites and usenet groups. The Yahoo! News - Iraq in Transition update section of Yahoo! has the latest news, audio and video on Iraq.
    Public Eye
    What Extremists
    Are Saying

    أخبار من العراق المحتلة
    Jihad Unspun
    Internet Haganah
    Middle East Media
    Research Institute
    Global Terrorism
    Strategy Page
    Al-Qa'ida Recruitment video
    Search Latest Fatwa News
    911 Mastermind
    Field commander
Abu Laith Al Libi
    Overseas Security Advisory Council
    an exclusive interview
 with CBS News Anchor
 Dan Rather
    Watch CBS News


    Abu Musab
    Global Terrorism after the Iraq War
    U. S. Institute of Peace
     PDF file Who Are the Insurgents?
    Sunni Arab Rebels in Iraq

    U. S. Institute of Peace
  • Osama bin Laden
  • Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
  • Azzam al-Amriki

  • The War on Terrorism:
    Post-Saddam Iraq

    Comprehensive list of annotated links on Iraq created and maintained by David Durant, Political Science and Government Documents Librarian at East Carolina University, covering "selected resources on the political, economic, security, and other aspects of Iraq since the fall of the Ba'athist regime of Saddam Hussein in April 2003."
    The War on Terrorism:
    Saddam Hussein and Iraq
    has annotated links to resources for the situation in Iraq before April 2003, including news and commentary, government documents, political background and analysis, military and strategic issues, weapons of mass destruction and the impact of sanctions.
    Alternative Resources
    on the U.S. War Against Iraq

    Annotated directory of news and
    activist sites opposed to American military action
  • Alternative News, Analysis, and Commentary
  • Organizations Concerned with Iraq
           and the Middle East
  • Special Reports on Iraq Destruction
           of the Cultural Resources of Iraq
  • Antiwar Organizations
  • Demonstrations, Petitions, Letter-Writing
          Campaigns, and Resolutions

  • Zarqawi Letter published
    at official U.S. State Department web site (?!)
    February 2004 Coalition Provisional Authority English translation of terrorist Musab al Zarqawi letter obtained by United States Government in Iraq.
    OSINT, PSYOP & Infowar
    Latest news
    How Modern Terrorism Uses the Internet
    By Gabriel Weimann, U. S. Institute of Peace
    Methods Utilized by Terrorists
    in the New Age of Technology

    7 Seas Global Intelligence
    Society for Internet Research
    Internet Haganah
    9/11 The Darkest Day
    An MSNBC interactive module
    depicting the events of that fateful day.
    Terrorism Research
    Good site for some of the latest research
    and analysis on terrorists and terrorism.
    Al-Qaida Tradecraft
    Analysis of the means and methods employed by Al-Qaida in the conduction of its activities.
    Arabic Linguistics Training
    Specially designed to prepare you or your students for the Arabic Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) produced by the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC).
     PDF file Hunting the Sleepers:
    Tracking al-Qaeda's Overt Operatives

      Clandestine Radio Watch Latest Report Clandestine Radio Watch

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    Any word All the words Exact phrase
    Supporters of Shariah:
    Terrorists Database