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    Asia Pacific Economic Review
    A unique U.S. based, bi-monthly publication providing
    in-depth (full-text) analyses by top experts on Asia Pacific's
    economies, weekly updates, business profiles and practical
    how to information.

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    Asian Technology Review
    Focuses on new construction, telecommunicatons, and
    transportation technologies and business developments in
    the following Asian emerging economies: Cambodia,
    Indonesia , Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Philippines,

    and Vietnam.

    ASEAN Internet Search
    The ASEAN Internet Search is an information search facility for searching
    and retrieving information located on ASEAN web servers. You can use this
    facility to locate individuals, organizations, or search for subject keywords.
    The results will be returned in a list with, among other information, hyperlinks
    to the matching resources.

    The ASEAN Internet Search is a new and unique service provided by Singapore at the National University of Singapore.
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