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Singapore Business Times
Southeast Asia's leading business daily provides more than100,000 readers in Singapore and elsewhere in Asia with the news and views they need to do business in Asia. By noon Singapore time each day, except Sunday, virtually all ST Asian news reports, along with commentaries and feature articles are available as well as 7 days of BT archives.
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The World Chinese Business Network

New Web Site Provides Link To Overseas Chinese Network for information on ethnic-Chinese companies around the globe. The Web site and a forthcoming encyclopaedia on the Chinese diaspora mark ambitious projects testifying the power of the Chinese economic surge. The Web site offers information about Chinese companies, trade associations, and advertising. Currently, most of the information is about businesses in Singapore, and a dozen other countries.
(Asian Wall Street Journal; January 25, 1996)

Singapore's Chingay
Singapore New Year Parade Can Be Viewed On Web Site procession, held on the Lunar New Year on February 24, will be transmitted live on the Internet. Highlights include a 13th century Indian royal parade, a Chinese cultural dance, and participation from Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, Turkey and South Africa. By putting the parade on the Internet, organisers hope to allow Singaporeans as well as friends and families of the international participants to "tune in" to the show.
(The Straits Times, Singapore; January 19, 1996)

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A site offering selections of ancient Tamil literature, local Tamil fiction and poetry, and educational resources for students who wish to study Tamil, has been developed by National Institute of Education lecturer Naa Govindasamy and the National University of Singapore's Internet Research and Development Unit, headed by Tan Tin Wee.
The page was launched at the National University of Singapore by Ong Chit Chung who chairs the Government Parliamentary Committee on Education. Dr. Ong said it was heartening that the Tamil community had joined the other communities in cyberspace.
(The Straits Times, Singapore; February 3, 1996)

Asia Pacific Economic Review
A unique U.S. based, bi-monthly publication providing in-depth (full-text) analyses by top experts on Asia Pacific's economies, weekly updates, business profiles and practicalhow to information.
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Asian Technology Review
Focuses on new construction, telecommunicatons, and transportation technologies and business developments in the following Asian emerging economies: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Philippines, and Vietnam.

ASEAN Internet Search

The ASEAN Internet Search is an information search facility for searching and retrieving information located on ASEAN web servers. You can use this facility to locate individuals, organizations, or search for subject keywords. The results will be returned in a list with, among other information, hyperlinks to the matching resources.
The ASEAN Internet Search is a new and unique service provided by SunSITE
Singapore at the National University of Singapore.

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