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US-Japan Project

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Japan's largest newspaper (circulation 10 million!). In addition to The Yomiuri Shimbun editorials, English translations that appear in The Daily Yomiuri and major news stories from the English daily are available. Information about The Yomiuri Shimbun and its group companies are also provided through the service as well as every day editorials and one major The Daily Yomiuri article, except for press holidays. The Yomiuri Shimbun plans to improve the service continuously. In addition to editorials from The Yomiuri Shimbun, news articles of major events appearing in the newspaper will be provided through the service soon.

 Shizuoka Internet Real Video by
Shizuoka Internet

The Yomiuri Shimbun  (Japanese version)

Contact: Webmaster

Asahi Shimbun

Knight-Ridder supports this service in both Japanese and English; The service is the first from a Japanese newspaper to dispatch Japanese news and information from a web server located in the United States.
Content includes: news from Japan; digests of news from Asahi Shimbun of the day, in Japanese; digests of news from Asahi Evening News, in English; press releases from major Japanese businesses and special reports from Asahi Shimbun.

Mainichi Shinbun
The "Mainichi Shinbun" ("Daily Newspaper" in English)
gopher offers 45 articles daily for ftp download.

The Kobe Shimbun
Global Village Magazine Special
Dong Bei Feng

Newsletter for and by
the Japanese students in the U.S.

Kyodo News
Foreign News Desk

Japan's leading news agency, Kyodo's Foreign News Desk has recently established new Web site named Kyodo News Foreign News Desk, unofficial home hage which is originally designed for its own consumption and links many useful site for information gathering.

For further informations send e-mail to Tsukasa Yokoyama
( Tsukasa Yokoyama's home page)

Tokyo KaleidoScoop (English version)  (Japanese version)



Tokyo Broadcasting Service
Radio Japan
World Service

International TV Broadcasting

Kansai TV

Yorihuzi Tetuya's home page
Yorihuzi Tetuya's home page Yorihuzi Tetuya, a Japanese broadcasting listener prepared a WWW link list of radio stations on his interesting home page. "This page is written entirely in Japanese, sorry, Mario." Yorihuzi Tetuya wrote to me.
  :)   (Thu, 7 Mar 1996).

Hokkaido University

TK Associates International, an Oregon-based firm is creating a Japanese cybermall, an online shopping service that enables U.S. manufacturers and retailers to advertise and sell their products directly to consumers - in Japanese. The service also teaches customers in Japan how to order products and services directly from the U.S.
(Knight-Ridder Business News; January 8, 1996)

Agora mail server in Japan
Usenet/Internet for the access-impaired
You can get Usenet postings (not just clippings) via the new Agora mail server in Japan; Send a command of the form:
(where "" is the newsgroup name)
to Agora mail server in Japan and you'll get a list of the current articles in that group. The articles can then be retrieved with a followup message to the same address. For related information, see Bob Rankin's FAQ entitled "Accessing The Internet By E-Mail", available by sending the command:
send usenet/news.answers/internet-services/access-via-email
to, or grab the file
via anonymous FTP at

The Japanese Government Procurement Database

US - Japan Common Agenda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Site provides The Japan - the United States of America Common Agenda for Cooperation in Global Perspective (Common Agenda). This page available for new features (Netscape) and a text-only version also available.

Kobe Multimedia Internet Council
Internet X-Guide to Japan Information

      at Stanford U.S.-Japan Technology Management Center

Japan Information at NCC gopher
Nihongo Archives
by Jim Breen
Washington Japanese Archive
German-Japanese Society of Karlsruhe
The University of New Mexico US-Japan Center
Japan - WWW Virtual Library


Phone Directory for Japan (partial)
Searchable english version of the Official Japanese phone directory. Published area is limited in Tokyo 23 ward and Osaka city and Kyoto city yellow pages for the trail. This trial period will last from October 1995 to September 1997. The site allows you to build and keep a personal directory! Copyright 1995 Japan Telephone Directory Project by NTT Software Laboratories

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