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Since 1985 the Beirut Times (weekly) has served the informational and social needs unique to the Arab Americans. Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Michael Absi, insures a specialized press that guides newly arrived immigrants to be assimilated into the local culture. Beirut Times' site provides a free sample issue (USA only), along with reader profiles, and general information. Reports online focus on the Arab-American media impact, influence, and markets.
Beirut Times
(weekly, another site)
The Beirut Times weekly newspaper has served the informational and social press needs unique to the Arab Americans. Availabe in English and Arabic, currently offering: Survey and Free Sample, The True Voice of Arab Americans Readers Profile, Arab American Media Impact Arab American Influence, Arab American Market - Profile

Terrorism, the US and the Middle East
are back together for an encore performance

The United States and the largely Arab-Islamic Middle East have been brought together again this week in a blaze of military violence, harsh rhetoric, and contorted emotions. The US bombing of Afghanistan and Sudan is the central act in a drama that once again threatens to launch a long-term confrontation between America and “Islamic terrorists” or “fundamentalist Islam”, as they are usually called here.
From the always amazing and enjoyable perspective of New York and the north-east American hinterland, the context of what is going on seems to me as fascinating as the particularities of the day-to-day events.

by Rami G Khoury, The Daily Star, Lebanon, Aug. 28. 1998
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A coalition meeting in Lebanon
TV(RealVideo) In Beirut, the Arab national assembly organized a coalition meeting with Sudan and Afghanistan in which participated the Sudanese ambassador in Lebanon
Aug. 26, 1998

Bin Laden calls Muslims
to fight against the United States.

For the second consecutive day, Osama Bin Laden called on Muslims from all over the world to fight against the United States and its allies, to attack American embassies and to boycott US exportations.

Defence minister calling to condemn US attacks
Letter from Mubarak to Assad
UN Security Council examining Sudan's complaint

Aug. 24, 1998

  Faza-ul Rehman Khalil, Chairman, Hrkat-ul Mujahedeen  Lebanese religious leaders attack the US

TV(Real Video)
Lebanon's radical pro-Iranian Hizbullah group said that the US strikes on targets in Sudan and Afghanistan were an act of aggression and terrorism.

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Clinton resumes his family holiday
United States president Bill Clinton has resumed his family holiday while the rest of the country braced itself for possible reprisals for Thursday's missile attack ...
Amr Mossa criticises the United States
TV(Real Video) Egyptian foreign minister Amr Moussa has implicitly criticised the United States' attacks in Sudan and Afghanistan by saying that international terrorism should be confronted ...
Osama Bin Laden will not be allowed to return to Sudan
Amr Mossa criticises the United States
A memorial service in Omagh
The Arab countries denounce the US strikes

Aug. 23, 1998

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Hizbollah condemns,
Lebanese Front supports US stikes

Beirut, Jezzine, Lebanon Bulletin, staff, August 21, 1998
As reported by the UPI agency, Muslim fundamentalist groups in Lebanon have condemned the U.S. strikes on suspected terrorist sites in Sudan and Afghanistan and warned Washington that violence will lead to more violence. The deputy secretary of Hezbollah, Sheikh Naim Qassem, told reporters in Beirut "We condemn this aggression, and we consider that this state terrorism is more difficult and more dangerous than that of organizations." A Hezbollah statement released in Beirut described the U.S. attacks as "blunt violations against Sudan and Afghanistan that cannot but be classified under the slogan of state terrorism, which the U.S. government has been practicing for a long time." Meanhwile, Lebanese Foreign Minister Fares Boueiz expressed fears that Israel might launch an attack against Lebanon, taking advantage of the recent U.S. strikes against Sudan and Afghanistan. Boueiz said: "Israel might attempt to carry out a certain aggression without being blamed for such an aggression under the cover that others are launching strikes against terrorism." But he noted that "the situation in southen Lebanon is completely different" saying the groups fighting Israel have the right to resist its occupation of the southern region and are not terrorists. Boueiz said he feared that Israel would try to exploit the fact that the U.S. administration is practically unable to follow up international matters because of President Bill Clinton's "problems."

The Lebanese Minister was commenting on renewed threats by Israeli Internal Security Minister Avigdor Kahlani, who called Thursday to avenge every Israeli soldier killed in Lebanon by shelling Lebanon's economic interests and infrastructre, especially electricity installations and bridges. The Palestinian fundamentalist group Islamic Jihad Palestine also condemned the U.S. strikes, describing them as "barbaric" for targeting a civilian institution in Sudan. The group's representative in Lebanon, Abu Imad al-Rifai, said the attacks were "another proof that the U.S. administration is the No. 1 terrorist in the world and the biggest sponsor of Zionist terrorism." He said the attacks were also a desperate attempt by U.S. President Bill Clinton to "cover up his crimes and moral scandal."

In Jezzine (South Lebanon), a press-release issued by the Lebanese Front (coalition of anti-Syrian -mostly Christian- resistance groups) responded to Hizbollah, Fares Bouez and the "other pro-Syrian, pro-Iranian, factions in Lebanon," and openly endorsed the US strikes against suspected Ben Laden bases in Afghanistan and Sudan. The Lebanese Front said "Hizbollah is the main terror group in Lebanon, and is responsible for the killing of 270 US Marines and hundreds of US servicemen in 1983. Hizbollah is behind the bombing of the US embassy in Beirut and the taking of hostages. This terrorist organization is no less responsible for global terrorism against the United States, and the rest of the free world, including the innocent civilians in Jezzine and the border zone in south Lebanon. Its crimes against Americans and Lebanese should also be punished by the international community and its bases eradicated by US power." The Lebanese Front invited the Clinton Administration to use preventive measures and "uproot terrorism not only from Afghanistan and Sudan, but also from the Bekaa valley, the southern suburb of Beirut as well as south Lebanon. We believe that combatting terrorism should be as global as the threat of terrorism."

The Lebanese Front criticized Lebanon's foreign minister Fares Bouez "attempts to cover up for terrorism," and warned from the "spying activities which are taking place in many Lebanese embassies to the advantage of fundamentalist groups such as Hizbollah or other Islamist factions." The Front assured the "American people that the overwhelming majority of the Lebanese people inside the country and in the diaspora stands behind Washington in its campaign against ben Ladin's criminals."

Is There Still a Lebanon?
Habib C. Malik's essays

Is There Still a Lebanon?

Middle East Quarterly, Fall 1997

The Real Conflict in Lebanon's War

The Washington Post, 20 August 1989

Parliamentary Elections in Lebanon: An Early Assessment

Policy Watch No. 216, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 6 September 1996

Parliamentary Elections in Lebanon: A Final Assessment

Policy Watch No. 221, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 4 October 1996

Arab Business Magazine
Healthy Living Magazine
Arab Scientific Publishers
    & Development Magazine
Femme Magazine
Institute for Documentation
    and Research on Lebanon
Tele-Liban News
Radio One Lebanon
La Une (Radio)
Murr Television
Middle East TV

Sat-7 TV

#Lebanon IRC channel

ArabNet  to the top of this page
Comprehensive resource on the arab world and middle-east including Algeria Bahrain Comoros Djibouti Egypt Iraq Jordan Kuwait Lebanon Libya Mauritania Morocco Oman Palestine Qatar Saudi Arabia Somalia Sudan Syria Tunisia UAE Yemen.
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Food Supply Indicators in Lebanon

Lebanon - A Heritage.

UNESCO: The World Heritage List
In the Aaftermath of Civil War

A very interesting article and photos by Selma Al-Radi, an archaeologist and a member of the GCI Visiting Committee:

    Since Lebanon's civil war ended in 1990, the country has been trying to reconstitute its institutions, destroyed during 16 years of savage fighting. In the last four years, enormous progress has been made toward rebuilding the nation's infrastructure and institutions. But much remains to be done, including protecting and conserving Lebanon's cultural heritage, which suffered neglect and destruction during the brutal war.
[ ... ] Beirut was where the war began, and the city's center was repeatedly and heavily bombarded, reducing many 19th-century buildings to rubble-strewn shells. Under Solidere's reconstruction plan, a few historic buildings were designated for restoration, but the rest of downtown was virtually razed in preparation for new construction.
    While this clearing of the city's center constituted a loss of some of the city's architectural heritage, it did provide an opportunity for archaeologists to determine the chronology of the ancient city known as Berytus. [ ... ]

See also:
ICLEI's Case Studies - Tripoli

The Beirut Memorial On Line
Beirut Memorial, Onslow County
Beirut by S.R. Brown Photgraphy
Exposition de photographies sur Beyrouth
Beirut - (Re)Building the City
Université Saint-Joseph
Beirut Arab University
American University of Beirut
Beirut International Airport Project
UNESCO's Statistical Yearbook

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