International Monetary Fund Publications
The reader may search or browse the IMF publications database. Selected titles in full text include the Wordking papers starting with 97/01 and the Papers on Policy Analysis and Assessment starting wiht 97/01.
This site also includes the Table of Contents for World Economic Outlook, May 1997, information about publications and subscriptions of the iMF, a publication scatalog, and order forms.
The IMF at a Glance, established at a conference held in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA, from JulyJ1-22, 1944, the IMF came into official existence on DecemberJ27, 1945 when 29 countries signed its Articles of Agreement (its Charter). The IMF commenced financial operations on MarchJ1, 1947. (Current Membership: 181 countries).
Statutory purposes: to promote international monetary cooperation; to facilitate the expansion and balanced growth of international trade; to promote exchange stability; to assist in the establishment of a multilateral system of payments; to make its general resources temporarily available to its members experiencing balance of payments difficulties under adequate safeguards; and to shorten the duration and lessen the degree of disequilibrium in the international balances of payments of members.
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Executive Lounge

Offers news from Reuters, stock quotes, summaries of breaking world and business news and a variety of other news-related items.
Bloomberg Online
Cheapskate Monthly

Newsletter helps you live within your means with dignity.
Interactive Nest Egg
Online personal finance magazine.
Investor's Edge
Free personal finance services. Stock and mutual fund quotes. Portfolio management. Financial news. Market indices.
Personal Finance Network
Tips, news, program schedule and audio.
FINWeb Home Page
Listings of financial and economic journals, working papers, and databases.
Stock Center for Stock Quotes and News

Personal finance information for the U.K.
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Wall Street Research Net

Superbly organized collection of links to research a company, a stock, the economy or business news.
Smart Money
The Wall Street Journal magazine of personal business.
In-depth feature articles on stocks, industries, investment ideas and trends.
the Financial Economics Network (FEN)
Journal of Financial Abstracts: Corporate Finance and Organizations

This journal covers major working papers on topics such as contractual rrangements and practices that govern firms, including financial contracts, corporate governance structures, business contracts, the market for corporate control, and organization theory.
Corporate Finance and Organizations
This journal covers accepted papers that are forthcoming in major finance and economics journals in corporate finance and organization on topics including contractual arrangements and practices that govern firms, including financial contracts, corporate governance structures, business contracts, the market for corporate control, and organization theory.
Capital Markets
This journal covers major working papers on topics such as investments, investment management, portfolio theory, market microstructure, the term structure of interest rates, international markets, and asset pricing. Online information involves abstract of articles printed, as well some further research results and findings in the economic arena. Subscription to the Financial Economics Network (FEN) offers greater sources of information.
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News, research, online trading and free (15-minute-delayed) stock quotes.
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The Messenger

The Messenger is a financial newsletter which provides the independant investor with key information and a mature vision of the market. Future enhancements to this site include published opinions of other professional traders as well as "Java powered" stock price calculators. (Volume 1, Edition 1.1, October 10, 1996). e-mail:

Financial Trend Forecaster

Monthly Newsletter Tracking and Predicting Trends and Inflation. Profit Opportunities in Gold, Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds. Historical CPI-U data. Moving Averages and Relative Strength.
Our proprietary Moore Inflation Predictor) is a Highly Accurate Predictor of the Consumer Price Index. From this Data and other Technical Indicators, we determine profit opportunities in Stocks, Gold, Bonds and Mutual Funds. Issues back to August, 1995 online.
The Current Newsletter Online will be password protected; there is a charge for subscriptions in print or via e-mail. For further information e-mail:

Caribbean Financial Time

which lists in a single location, the financial and other investment information about islands in the caribbean. It also offers business news about caribbean companies, as well as stock market informatiion. Anyone who wants to get further informatioon on this project can contact directly: James Corbin, Barbados, Phone: (246)-431-1456, Fax: (246)-436-5036

Finance & Development_-- IMF and World Bank

A quarterly publication of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, each edition of _Finance & Development_ has a different focus under the general aegis of economic policy development in third-world countries. For example, the December 1996 issue covers New Environmentalism, Capital Markets and Central Banking, whereas earlier issues have covered Reforming Government, World Development Report(s), Energy Policy, World Economy in Transition and more. Issues prior to Volume 3, Number 1 are available on paper only. [ATW]


Two unique styles have emerged in the frantic race to reach readers via email. The first one offers conventional editorial content. The second pays people to receive commercial email. In the exploding Business-to-Business category, two publications are sprinting head-to-head for business readers. The big prize for the winner is advertising dollars.
B2B ENEWS is an international, business-to-business newsletter covering direct marketing and Internet communications. It is published monthly and is distributed via email at no charge to Business Owners, CEOs, Managers, Professionals and Business Editors who request it.
B2B eNews recently announced it is growing at the rate of 1,000 new subscribers a month. B2B eNews claims a hard-to-reach, total business readership exceeding 18,000 in 66 countries -- 70% in North America. B2B eNews provides timely articles, news, surveys and insightful comments from readers. Each issue includes non-promotional, non-competitive Letters to the Editor from responsive readers around the world.

Digital Direct Marketing Letter

The Digital Direct Marketing Letter is a one-stop source for news, insights and analysis about marketing on the Internet. It publishes lead stories, analyzes trends and developments and offers strategies to help people make money marketing on the Net, along with updates on the latest Internet marketing research. The CyberMarketing Case Study is a popular feature that appeared in The CyberMarketing Letter, which recently merged with Digital Direct Marketing Letter. Subscription cost is $395 for 12 monthly issues delivered via email and the Web.

Intellipost BonusMail

Intellipost Corp. launched BonusMail, a scheme that awards consumers points for answering a questionnaire and responding to e-mail pitches. The points can be exchanged for "Rew@rds," or special offers on books, videos, wines or frequent flyer miles. Participating companies so far include American Airlines, United Airlines, Sprint and MCI. BonusMail appears to be the first marketing program of its kind that is based on e-mail, giving Intellipost a potential consumer audience of 40 mil users, as opposed to the Web's 17 mil users. Intellipost began signing up "STARS" (Specially Targeted Advertising Recipients) in 3/97. To receive credit, these consumers must send back the code word at the bottom of the messages. BonusMail charges advertisers a fee for each text e-mail sent, and additional fees if the message is opened or includes graphics.

The Internet E-mail Lottery

The Internet E-mail Lottery is offering free lottery tickets to anyone that registers. Lottery tickets are absolutely free and no purchase of any kind is required. Commercial sponsors buy the lottery tickets for registered players in exchange for the privilege of being able to include a short advertisement within the body of the lottery ticket. They have advertisements attached, which is where the company gets the money for the prizes. You don't have to pay anything and stand to win, just for looking at their ads. Limited to U.S. and Canadian residents only.


Do you need articles on business-to-business, direct marketing and Internet communications. Since 1982, I have written for San Francisco Bay Area business journals, Success magazine, Upline Journal and various on-line publications. In 1996, Upline Press published my business/marketing book titled Get A Life by Philip Stills. It has been among the top-ten best-sellers in its category every month for over a year.
contact: Philip Stills, Business-to-Business Communications since 1982, PO Box 1397 Santa Rosa, CA 95402, fax (707) 579-1197. mailto:

London Stock Exchange

General information about markets of the London Stock Exchange including UK shares and equities, AIM, gilts, stocks and warrants

Financial Service Online

Financial Service Online is an electronic subscription magazine featuring the insights and innovations of today’s most respected executives and managers. Financial Services Online delivers in-depth analysis to inform strategic, technology, acquisition and partnering decisions; and provides targeted coverage of the following areas: Competitive Activity, On-Line Technology, Market Opportunities, Marketing & Promotion, Movers & Shakers, New Alliances, Consumer Attitudes, New Products & Services, On-Line Security, And much more.
Subscription ($95 US/year) also includes Faulkner & Gray’s exclusive Online Market Survey, featuring market rankings, revenues, profits, projections and other vital data for dozens of industry pacesetters!

SA Financial Info

The Bureau for Financial Analysis is the largest supplier of financial information covering all aspects of companies listed on the South African Stock Exchange. Our information, in association with the University of Pretoria, is used to compile the South African version of the Top Companies report ( similar to the Fortune 500 ) and the SA Unit Trust survey ( similar to the MorningStar report in the US ). This web site offers this information for free to users around the world. Webmaster Joseph Pols, Internet Manager (Date: Sat, 3 May 1997).