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Jules Siegel: Saying Goodbye to Mario Puzo

Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 18:20:00 -0500
From: Jules Siegel
Subject: Saying goodbye to Mario Puzo

We more than acquaintances. We worked at adjoining desks at Magazine Management Company in 1964-65. Bruce Jay Friedman was the editorial director. They published dozens of men's adventure magazines -- the kind of pulps with covers of eight girls in bikinis with machinguns storming out of black adventure magazines -- the kind of pulps with covers of eight girls in bikinis with machinguns storming out of black helicopters.
cover I gave him some research materials on the Mafia in Sicily -- Norman Lewis's book, The Honored Society, among other items -- and he wrote a fictional adventure story based on it -- presented as fact in the shamelessly corrupt policy of the company's products. This went through the roof on all the marketing survey categories -- they read it, remembered it, liked it, wanted more of the same.
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Bonanno salutes Puzo
Family was model for bestselling 'Godfather'
By Jon Kamman
The Arizona Republic
July 3, 1999

Bill Bonanno of Tucson, whose family was the model for The Godfather and whose own memoirs as a mafioso have just been published, saluted Mario Puzo on Friday for having "set the gold standard" for books and films depicting organized crime.
"Mario had a lot of help in the sense that he grew up on the West Side (of New York City) and could put on paper what he saw and heard. He did it very masterfully," said the 66-year-old son of Joseph Bonanno, the archetype for Puzo's fictional Don Corleone.
"That piece of material has set the gold standard of this genre," Bill Bonanno said of The Godfather.
Puzo's work was "not a distorted version - never" of the mafiosi culture, said Bonanno, who objects to the term "Mafia" as a law-enforcement creation that strips the Sicilian mafioso term of its honorable meanings.
"I thought he depicted a story of tradition and a story of values and - no pun intended - really a family story," Bonanno said. "He left something that will endure."
The elder Bonanno, who was the so-called boss of all bosses of New York's five crime "families" in the 1960s, is now 94, alert and comfortable in Tucson, his son said.
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Thanks Rick! The most comprehensive source relared to American Mafia created by Rick Porrello,
author of To Kill The Irishman:
The War that Crippled the Mafia


The Rise and Fall
of the Cleveland Mafia:
Corn Sugar and Blood
Mafia Encyclopedia Required Reading

U.S. Senate


Mafia Family Album


Son of American mafia boss seized
The son of America's most famous organised crime boss, John Gotti, has been arrested along with dozens of other suspected gangsters. John "Junior" Gotti has allegedly led New York City's Gambino crime family since his father - nicknamed The Dapper Don because of his immaculate dress sense - was jailed for life in 1992.
(BBC News, Friday, January 23, 1998)
Salinger: Mafia Killed Kennedys
A few days after published on The Washington Post web site (Jun 6 1997) this text disappeared so that above link is dead and Mario failed trying to find it for you again using search engines and robots. Sorry... :)

Kennedy documents provide peek at the mob

From Correspondent Bruce Morton WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The veil behind which the Mafia hides from the public has been partially lifted with release of FBI documents once used by Congress to look into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. At least 15,000 pages of documents ... - Jan. 16, 1997
JFK Reference System
Washington Post Conspiracy-Phobia
CSS: Organized Crime & The New Society This is a well sistematized collection of sources and resources about organised crime worldwide, a web site of The Committee for a Safe Society (CSS) - Organized Crime & The New Society is warning that entire nations are falling to organized crime, and that every aspect of your life will be affected.
CSS: Photo Gallery

Definitions of "Organized Crime"
Organized Crime Threatens the New World Order

By long-time CIA-watcher Daniel Brandt. Considers Intelligence needs for new enemy, reviews Claire Stirling's book "Thieves' World", some info on spread of Russian and Italian gangs.
Global Organized Crime, New Emipire of Evil
By Linnea P. Raine & Frank J. Cilluffo, editors, Center for Strategic & International Studies

International Crime
Strategic Assessment 1997 - Flashpoints and Force Structure
- Chapter Sixteen

Recent transformations in the global economy and in international political alignments have been a boon to the criminal underworld. Capitalizing on increased cross-border flows of goods, money and people, criminal organizations have expanded their territorial reach and augmented their wealth and power relative to national governments. This development has spawned various direct and indirect threats to U.S. national interests. On the one hand, the new face of organized crime introduces new uncertainties into the international political environment, complicating U.S. relations with a number of foreign governments. For example, powerful narcotics constituencies increasingly threaten electoral processes, the exercise of sovereignty and the rule of law in a number of Latin American and Asian states. In post-Communist countries, violence, corruption and predatory behavior associated with emergent mafia formations jeopardize democratic reforms and generate nostalgia for authoritarian rule. On the other hand, organized crime's business lines--such as extortion rackets, and trafficking in weapons, drugs, or (potentially) fissile nuclear materials--are themselves a threat to public safety and the health of populations. The human misery inflicted by drugs in the United States is an obvious case in point.

Organised Crime in Europe
Histoire de la Mafia

(Le Monde diplomatique)
Who Is The Mob Today?
February 25, 1996 By Peter Maas
Speech by UN Gen Sec. Boutros Ghali
At Naples Crime Conference, November 1994. Full Text.
Intelligence Analysis, Crime Excerpts
Excerpts on organized crime and intelligence agencies. Also includes item on Haiti, drugs & CIA
Transnational Criminal Organizations: Strategic Alliances
The Washington Quarterly, 1995 Winter. Compares organized crime alliances with business alliances, gives a few examples of crime cartels working together, including Mexico, Colombia, Sicily, Nigeria, China.

The Emerging International Mafia -- Heritage Commentary

By Sen. Charles Grassley
Trends in International Drug Trafficking
UK Gov't FCO Briefing Paper, March 1995

Clinton urges global crackdown on crime

At United Nations 50th Anniversary, US President Clinton choose organized crime as his theme. News article Oct 22, 1995

Tiujana Cartel
Tiujana Cartel
Public Information Research, Inc.

NameBase NameBase is an online index to names of individuals, groups and corporations compiled from over 500 investigative books published since 1962, and thousands of pages from periodicals since 1973. Areas covered include the international intelligence community, political elites from the Right and Left, the U.S. foreign policy establishment, assassination theory, Latin America, big business, and organized crime.
Reviews from the Namebase Book Index includes Organized Crime Personalities, Organized Crime, U.S. and Organized Crime, Global.

The Mob Behind The Names

An article from Scallywag no. 27 on the Mafia and the problems of Lloyds.

Michael Moore's Database

This contains about 28,000 names of which approximately 21,000 are from Massachusetts. The other 7,000 are of names of people from all parts of the United States who have been involved in organized crime and financial crime.

Elliot: Mafia: Who's Who: Mobster Names:...

Battaglia lost out when, in 1967, he was convicted of extortion and sent to prison for fifteen years. Giancana took over

Yahoo! - European: Leading Italian mobs...
Stealing the family silver

From mafia ties and drug trafficking to bribery and insider dealing, allegations of corruption have tainted numerous privatizations around the world. An article from Euromoney February 1996.

The Sicilian/Chicago Mafia
There are certain stereotypes about Sicilians and the Mafia which is the reason why I am investigating the Sicilian as well as the Chicago Mafia further. According to Basto, a young body shop owner in the Chicagoland area who comes in close contact with Mafiosi daily states that, "The Mafia is one group of individuals in which you don't want to get involved with"(Basto Interview).
Mob bosses took a beating last year
From Correspondent Peg Tyre NEW YORK (CNN) -- Being a Mafia boss just isn't what it used to be. Sure, the old-line Mafia families in the United States have been on a steady decline for a while, but things took a sharp turn for the worse in 1996. Indeed, some of the biggest names in U.S. organized ... - Jan. 3, 1997
We welcome your Library related comments, ideas, corrections, etc. necessarily Endorses, Warrants or Approves of any Library material, and; Nothing is intended.
Hate on the Net
A list of supposedly relevant reading list for those white power types who are literate. Stormfront also provides a list of links to various similiar web sites and net resources.

Top Mafia Turncoat Testifies they could count on former premier Giulio Andreotti for help

10, 1996 PADUA, Italy (AP) - In a rare appearance without a screen blocking his face from view, Italy's most famous Mafia turncoat testified Tuesday that his criminal partners said they could count on former premier Giulio Andreotti for help. He also testified that a top Mafia boss, Gaetano Badalamenti, told him he and other bosses met with Andreotti in Rome in 1979 to thank him for getting.

New breed of Mafia Woman emerging from ...

New breed of Mafia Woman emerging from shadows in Italy - MN Daily Online - 04/30/1996. WORLD/NATION New breed of Mafia Woman emerging from shadows in Italy PALERMO, Sicily (AP) -- The Mafia kept her back in the shadows and away from its secrets.


MafiaNet (tm): Alleged Mafia Criminals in the New York City Region - information about five alleged familes of the Mafia in the New York area. New York Mafia Page - ultimate source for information on the New York Mafia.

Criminal Organizations

Ronald A. Pincomb Volume 10, Number 3. INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES (IOCE)(continued) [Previous Page] The following information illustrates the FBI's current investigative efforts to dismantle IOCEs that pose the most significant threat to the United States in terms of illegal activities, including drug trafficking and money laundering. ITALIAN CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES ...

GT OnLine World News

But Mafia women's new independence can mean deciding to stay behind when husbands and brothers go over to the side of the law. "They speak out so the Mafia will protect them, so they can stay where they live, their kids can continue to go to school," said Ms.

"Head and Heart"

They also became involved with unions and trash-hauling, and although the second-generation leaders don't like drug-running, the later generations are getting into that business, although much of that business, at least in transportation, is done by other elements of organized crime. SYMBOLS The symbolic mob hit is the "Head and Heart:" One shot in the face, one shot in the heart.

New Jersey says organized crime has ties to health care

NEWARK, New Jersey (CNN) -- The Mafia for the first time has infiltrated the health care business, New Jersey law enforcement officials said after conducting a two and a half year undercover investigation. State authorities Tuesday raided the offices of Tri-Con Associates, ... - August 21, 1996

Harvard University Press/Spring 1996 Boo...

It uses a dazzling combination of economic theory and sociological insight to make sense of a significant but mysterious social institution." Gambetta's book shows the fruitfulness of a rigorous economic analysis applied with consistency and it is, in spite of the ominous subject, fun to read.

History of the Mafia

This period established many young men as leaders in the New Age American Mafia. The members of the American mafia use extortion, bootlegging, prostitution, gambling, kidnapping, and murder to achieve their ends.

Utopian Visions

Some places of Budapest are almost unique such as: Marget, Vaszy, Square of Heroes and many others. Many of Mafiosi's use Budapest as charter place to trade illegal production.

Mafia boss Vincent "the Chin" Gigante
Gigante could be tried for murder

March 5, 1996 Web posted at: 6:15 p.m. EST From Correspondent Brian Jenkins NEW YORK (CNN) -- Mob informer Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano returned to the stand Tuesday to testify against reputed Mafia boss Vincent "the Chin" Gigante. - Mar 5, 1996
Reputed mobster's admission may cause case to crumble
BOSTON (CNN) -- The trial of reputed mob boss Frank "Cadillac" Salemme was thrown into disarray Wednesday when mob journeyman Angelo "Sonny" Mercurio told a U.S. District Court he had been an informant for the FBI. The dramatic admission came after federal Judge Mark Wolf asked ... - June 18, 1997
Former Mafia hitman fingers 'The Chin'
NEW YORK (CNN) -- A tanned, relaxed one-time Mafia hitman came out of hiding Thursday to provide damning evidence against accused mobster Vincent "The Chin" Gigante. Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano, a former underboss of the Gambino family, testified that he attended Mafia meetings with Gambino ... - July 10, 1997
Prosecution ends its case in 'Oddfather' trial
NEW YORK (Reuter) -- Prosecutors on Tuesday portrayed Vincent "The Chin" Gigante as an iron-fisted crime boss who banned mobsters from saying his name and who checked into hospitals to avoid arrest. Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Weissmann detailed the 21-count indictment in ... - July 22, 1997
Crazy old man or Mafia kingpin? Jury gets Gigante case
From Correspondent Peg Tyre NEW YORK (CNN) -- Tuesday marked one of the last days Vincent "The Chin" Gigante will be wheeled into federal court in Brooklyn, muttering and shaking. Both the prosecution and defense gave their closing arguments Tuesday in the 21-count ... - July 23, 1997
Gigante faces prison term for conviction
NEW YORK (CNN) -- Vincent "The Chin" Gigante, a reputed crime boss better known for wandering the streets of Greenwich Village in a bathrobe, was convicted Friday of murder conspiracy and racketeering. A federal jury deliberated 16 hours after a month-long trial before finding Gigante guilty of ... - July 25, 1997
Gigante found guilty on all counts
NEW YORK (CNN) -- A federal jury Friday convicted Vincent "the Chin" Gigante, accused of being the boss of the Genovese crime family, of murder conspiracy and racketeeering. The verdict -- guilty on all counts -- came on the third day of deliberations in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn. Gigante faced 21 charges ... - July 25, 1997
Reputed Mafia boss arrives at prison
BUTNER, North Carolina (AP) -- Vincent "the Chin" Gigante blew kisses to a baby and muttered quietly Saturday during a commercial flight to North Carolina, where he reported to federal prison. Gigante, who earned the nickname the "Oddfather" for walking New York City streets in a bathrobe, ... - July 26, 1997

John Gotti Sr.


The Jerry Capeci Web Page

Jerry Capeci is a reporter for The New York Daily News. During the last 10 years he has written articles about organized crime for many magazines and newspapers in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. He has co-authored three books about the Mafia and has appeared as an organized crime expert on network and cable TV news programs in the U.S. and Canada. From January, 1989 through August, 1995, Jerry also wrote a weekly column for The News about organized crime called Gang Land. . Hence the title of this Web Page.
On this web site you will also find some classic Daily News articles by Mustain and Capeci about Gotti (New York City Gambino Family head, now jailed for a very long time), including one that revealed that Gotti had fixed two trials, and another that disclosed that Gravano and Gotti were "backup shooters" at the sensational midtown Manhattan assassination of Paul Castellano.

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