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Financial Scandals
This page contains links to sources of information on various financial scandals.
It is maintained by Roy Davies, ( ).

"I make no judgements as to the reliability of the information. Presumably that from official bodies should be more reliable and authoritative than information from satirical magazines or individuals with an axe to grind - but then again it could be argued that official bodies have a vested interest in playing down their own shortcomings! Readers will have to make up their own minds about these issues." he wrote.

The Mena Scandal

An archive of the Washington Weekly.
Keywords: Mena Iran-Contra; Mena Terry Reed; Mena ADFA; Mena Arkansas; Mena Drugs; Mena Trial; Mena Buddy Young;

Thatcher's Bankers

The single most successful fund-raiser the Conservatives have ever had, or are ever likely to get, has been Alistair McAlpine

Did Murky Mucky McAlpine Launder Money Under Thatcher's Nose?

Issue 26: Page 20 . Scallywag Magazine.

The Black Hole of Tory Cash

During Margaret Thatcher's dozen wretched years in dubious power, hundreds of millions of pounds were raised in her name, and administered by her personal party bank managers.

J. Orlin Grabbe's Home Page

Grabbe is a prolific writer on the subject of shady financial dealings and related topics.

Getting Big Money Out of Politics

By Randolph T. Holhut . Money - and the enormous amount of it that is being spent to get people elected to office - has become a big issue in the 1996 presidential campaign.

Whitewater Information Exchange
An excellent starting point consisting of an extensive, well-organised set of links to information about this affair.

President Bill And Hillary Clinton's Dark Side

"A nonpartisan look at the dark side of Bill and Hillary Clinton", with quotes, links, and sources listed. Site's current feature: $100,000 Payoff from Educational Foundation Includes links to:
Clinton Expose Web site,
Disgraced Clinton Administration Officials,
Yahoo's Whitewater Scandal Page,
Mena, Arkansas: Contra & Drug Smuggling Center?

Whitewater Scandal

Exposé Web

The Exposé Web is a world-wide compilation drawn from many authors, newsgroups, and mailing lists as an archive of information on US government corruption and its ramifications.

The Whitewater Scandal

an archive of the Washington Weekly.

J. Orlin Grabbe's Home Page

Allegations Regarding Vince Foster, the NSA, and Banking Transactions Spying claiming that Whitewater is part of a much wider scandal.

Transparency International

The coalition against corruption in international business transactions.

Internet Corruption Index

A ranking of countries by the extent of corruption in public administration.

Research Committee on Political Finance and Corruption

Part of the International Political Science Association.

Crimenet Links to Crime, Law Enforcement and Espionage Sites

Although it is not specifically devoted to financial crimes this site might be of interest to people who wish to follow up related topics.


WhistleStop is dedicated to keeping elected representatives and other government officials in line. Only full information allows democracy to work, and information is the most powerful tool in causing autocratic governments to fall. The site is organised geographically with links to information in various parts of the world.

Bank of England Warning on Deposit Taking

The Bank of England has posted this warning notice due to fears about the use of the Internet to promote unauthorised deposit taking.

Forbes: In the Dark

Beware of billionaires bearing gifts

By Richard C. Morais. Forbes: Inside the world of George Soros (04/07/97).
Billionaire. Social engineer. Philanthropist. Now he's propping up the old gang in Eastern Europe. A near decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union, much of Central and Eastern Europe is still ruled by the old gang. Guess who's helping keep them in power?
IF YOU'VE DIMLY wondered what is happening in Albania, we can, in a brief sentence, explain: George Soros' friends are coming out on top. Late in February, armed gangs led by gangsters and ex-Communists, many of them veterans of the old secret police state, all but toppled an elected liberal government, and forced the president to appoint a neo-Communist as prime minister. While this was happening, George Soros sat in his London town house and calmly told Forbes that his Albanian Foundation is "an excellent group very much on top of the situation."

Spare an EMU?

Once-hot forex traders find themselves out on the street. And it's cold. Forbes (12/30/96).

Internet Scambusters

A free electronic newsletter on Internet-based scams. The site has links to other relevant sites.

Yahoo! - U.S. Rep. Kim Admits Taking Illegal Money

Yahoo! - Reuters, (Aug. 12, 1997)


Organized Crime: Mafia