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Organized Crime Threatens the New World Order
By long-time CIA-watcher Daniel Brandt. Considers Intelligence needs for new enemy, reviews Claire Stirling's book "Thieves' World", some info on spread of Russian and Italian gangs.

Statement of Louis J. Freeh
FBI Director before the
House Committee on
International Relations
Hearing on Russian organized crime
Apr. 30, 1996
The International Crime Problem
International Training
Interagency Working Group
Legal Attache Program

Russia's Global Crime Cartel
- The New American May 27, 1996 - An alliance between old KGB veterans and the new Mafiya criminal syndicates has serious implications for U.S. Law enforcement agencies linking arms with their Russian counterparts.

How Moscow Won The Cold War
By Tim Weiner WASHINGTON - With the help of a mole inside the Central Intelligence Agency, Moscow warped Washington's perceptions of crucial political, military and diplomatic ...

Russia Rediscovered
Just about any source of information that you refer to will be out of date - whether it be a month out of date, a year out of date, or longer. However, these prices, although in line with what we consider to be "normal" and affordable for most of us, are many times quite considerably higher, as a proportion of a person's income and spending power, for local people in Russia.

Moscow Today
Moscow is located at 55.55'of northern latitude and 37.37' to the east of the Greenwich's meridian, in the centre of the East-European plain in the zone of mixed forests. Moscow is the capital of Russia, centre of the Moscow region.

BISNIS: Locating A Business in Russia

Russia 1995 - Bill Bartleman
Russians, Americans alike - once film stereotypes vanish. Many young Russian families have to live with relatives because of a housing shortage.

Moscow Notes - A Trilogy
Prolog. Moscow Notes is a trilogy of travel experiences from 1993 through 1995 by Eric Fenster. These are both great travel stories as well as a chronicle of social and political events.

The New Mafia Order, Features Maya Angel
"In Moscow, after the Soviet demise, to be a member of the mafiya is equivalent to being a hippie in the Brezhnev era. It has cachet."

 O I C J
IASOC - Criminal Organizations

The "thieves within the code" structure Russian organized crime and have distinct characteristics. Although these groups may vary in size, they all:
1) have a leader or boss;
2) possess a semi-formal organizational structure;
3) employ a formal system of rules and regulations and;
4) maintain a monopoly over various criminal activities.

While the structures of these groups are not as formal or as close-knit as their Italian Mafia counterparts, there is order to their structure. For example, the boss or leader of the organization is referred to as the Vory V. Zakone, or thief of highest authority. Next in chain of command are the counselors or advisors, referred to as Sovetnik. The third tier in the structure is occupied by the Smotryaschiy/Brigadir, which are the lieutenants or mid-level managers. The next level in the chain of command are referred to as Boevik/Okhrannik, who are described as the soldiers who engage directly in the day to day criminal activities. Finally, at the bottom of the structure are theShestorka, commonly referred to as lookouts or associates.

The vory v zakone are well established in operating all criminal activities in the FSU, especially the black markets. When the breakup of the Soviet Union occurred, people were again without goods and services, drawing a large number of them to the black markets to trade. Even government employees found it necessary to steal from their state jobs in order to trade for other goods and services. For example, a government employee might steal food from the workplace to barter with a mechanic to fix an automobile.

IASOC - Russian Mafia

The Sexy Russian Mafia
Lydia S. Rosner. ABSTRACT. This article deals with the perceptions inherent in that phenomenon called the Russian Mafia.

Deals with corrupt Russian government
Colonel Volevodz visited the newly opened representative office of the FBI in Moscow and offered his services in exchange for the assistance he required in arresting and extradition of Russian financier Alexander Konanykhine and his wife, who immigrated to the USA in 1992. The FBI representative, whose main job was to secure assistance of the Russians in FBI investigations, sent requests to.

Nationalist view of organized crime in Russia
"In the summer of 1994, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) estimated that 25% of the Russian gross national income was derived from organized criminal activities. Tuinov, a member of Vladimir Zhirinovsky's extreme right wing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) discusses nationalist view of organized crime in Russia.

Supermarts Invade Moscow's Suburbs... And So Does A Gang Of New Capitalists
(Int'l Edition) zhipress September 16, 1996, Business Week Posted on September 6, 1996

Corruption in Russia: No Democracy Without Morality -- Heritage
Committee Brief No. 13, June 21, 1995. By Barbara von der Heydt

The Red Mafia: A Legacy of Communism
Annelise Anderson Abstract. The mafia is a major feature of Russia's experience in making the transition to a market economy. This article inquires into the nature and origin of ...

Russian Mafia Shakes Down The Country
by Steven R. Van Hook (First published November 20, 1994) The row-upon-row of Russian faces stared at me, expectantly, anxiously, but furrowed with frustration. ...

The Hindu Online : Moscow's Mafia
Weekly edition, Moscow's Mafia Date: 11-08-1996 : Pg: 15 : Col: a Cl: International News

Mafia Capitalism in Moscow
© 1994 by Andrian Kreye. A dark blue BMW pulls up in front of the Hotel Moskva, a concrete monster from the Stalin era looming just behind the Kremlin. Three young men step out, ...

Russia Archives
Also flourishing, however, is the "Russian Mafia," and journalists attempting to cover organized crime and other illegal activities have found that they are increasingly endangered. In March, television journalist and director of Russian public television Vladimir Listyev was shot dead near his apartment.

World War III is all around you. It is a decentralized Internet of murder, terror, and rape
It is our nation as a slow-motion race riot. It is children learning how to kill before they learn how to read. It is a booming brothel industry in Moscow. ...

The New Mafia Order
The New Mafia Order The "sistema," which has ruled Sicily since my great-grandparents were children, has grown

Legal Measures Against Legalization of Criminal Assets as a Means of Combatting Organized Crime
CJ EUROPE: March-April, 1996

Interpol Tries to Curb Spread of Russian Mafia
CJ EUROPE: March-April, 1996

Mafia Leader To Testify About Links With Russians
By Selwyn Raab, May 15, 1996, New York Times Two years after defecting with a parcel of underworld secrets, a former Mafia kingpin is expected to surface publicly for the first time on Wednesday to testify about the mob's alliances with Russian organized crime groups in the New York area.

Anthony Casso, the former acting boss of the Lucchese crime family in New York City, is scheduled to testify in Washington before a U.S. Senate Committee about murders and violent conspiracies arranged by American mobsters with Russian immigrant gangs, committee investigators said Tuesday.

While such ties have been known to investigators in the past, Casso's testimony is expected to provide a rare glimpse from a leading Mafia figure about the links between the powerful organized crime groups.

SLAM! Hockey
By DAVE FULLER -- Toronto Sun   The fate of Maple Leafs coach Mike Murphy will be determined well before the June 27 NHL entry draft in Buffalo.  Associate GM Mike Smith indicated yesterday that the status of the coaching staff will be addressed early next month.

SLAM! Hockey: Vancouver Canucks
The National Online - Transcripts 970422

Title: Headlines. Host: Peter Mansbridge (970422 Time: 22:00:00 ET - 22:26:00 ET) From CBC News...

ESPN SportsZone: From Russia, with apprehensive love

The following month, a Red Army hockey team administrator in charge of the team's finances was shot nine times outside the club's Moscow offices. "We still have guys who don't want to play for the federation, great players, maybe 10 more guys," Trefilov said.


MOSCOW (Reuter) - When the head of Russia's ice hockey federation was gunned down by a contract killer in April, sports in the former Soviet Union appeared to have hit rock bottom in a losing battle with organized crime. Hockey boss Valentin Sych and Spartak's Larisa Nechayeva, two of the most influential figures in the country's two biggest sports -- soccer in the summer, hockey.

TV right deal may be involved in killing of Spartak Moscow director

(c) 1997 Copyright (c) 1997 Times of London. Moscow (Jun 16, 1997 - 16:44 EST) -- Russia's sporting world was in a state of shock ...

Mafia Leader To Testify About Links With Russians

The investigators said that another witness, a turncoat Russian criminal, would describe attempts by Russian gangsters to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from Russian players in the National Hockey League. Another Mafia defector, Michael Franzese, who has admitted to being a captain in the Colombo crime family, is expected to testify about multimillion-dollar gasoline excise tax.

Stanley gets Squared away

  You might think that this spectacle was a tawdry, impossibly crass photo opportunity.   The host club beat the "Russian All-Stars" 3-2 on a last-minute goal by Nikolai Borschevsky.

Sports: Russian mafia's reach greater than first thought

Gene Y. Kholodenko ( Tue, 10 Jun 1997 09:03:08 -0700.

Russian Mafia Goes Global

America's Future, Inc. * Jan/95 *


I guess he loved playing hockey and would give up almost anything to play in the N.H.L He liked solving mysteries too and he is the main reason I might vote for this book. The Novel was suspenseful I Chose This Word When they were trying to get out of the castle or the Russian's hideout the questions in my head were "Will they get out" "How will they" "Was the mob going to kill them".

The mob on Wall Street

A three-month investigation reveals that organized crime has made shocking inroads into the small-cap stock market. (12/16/96)

CIA, FBI Warn Of Threat From Russian Gangs Robert Green, Washington (Reuter) - Organized crime is increasingly undermining Russia's government and poses a threat to the United States as well, the directors of the CIA ...

Russian Mafia reportedly can steal nuclear materials
(c) 1995 Copyright The News and Observer Publishing Co. (c) 1995 Reuter Information Service NEW YORK (Oct 14, 1995 - 14:54 EDT)

Security experts warn of loose nukes
March 12, 1996 Web posted at: 12:50 p.m. EST From Correspondent Mark Feldstein Washington (CNN) -- Security experts are sounding the alarms over loose nukes -- nuclear weapons dangerously within reach of would-be terrorists. The alarms are ringing the loudest over Russia ... - Mar. 11, 1996

Russia Latest on Plutonium Smuggling
RFE/RL Daily Report No. 160, 24 August 1994: Bernd Schmidbauer, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl's intelligence services coordinator, was quoted ...

POZOR Magazine
The gang which included Russians, Slovaks and Germans reached out to several buyers including a German undercover policeman who received a sample near Munich earlier in the year. Early anti-smuggling efforts were in disarray because of U.S. friction with top Russian nuclear experts, low funding and inattention at the top levels of the Clinton administration.

TIME International June 3, 1996 Volume 147, No. 23 . Pursued by prosecutors and stripped of political allies, old bosses are landing ...

Canada deports Russian organized crime kingpin
NandoNet Newsroom, July 30 1997

Criminals, Russian Nationalists and Dostoevsky
by Grant Felgenhauer Through a combination of wits, luck and ruthless violence, organized crime groups have assumed control over vast resources within the former USSR.

Interpol Tries to Curb Spread of Russian Mafia in Europe
Interpol chief Raymond Kendall . INTERPOL chief Raymond Kendall is pressing Russia's interior ministry to work with him on setting up local offices of the police agency ...

Sweden Attracts Russian Mafiosi
"Our countries are close to each other geographically -- that is why we're beginning to feel not only economic and cultural influences but also criminal influences," said Johan Frissell, Swedish vice-consul in St Petersburg. The document establishing the new unit in the Swedish consulate was signed during the visit of three high-ranking Swedish police officers to St Petersburg early in.

August 14, 1995 Russia's Really Hostile Takeovers Organized Crime Is Shooting Its Way Into Big Business
By Patricia Kranz In Moscow.
Oleg Kantor, president of Moscow's Yugorsky Bank, liked to spend his free time at his luxurious dacha outside Moscow. ...

IC - Cornerstone Ceremony For Haus Der Deutschen Wirtschaft
German Business Establishes New Presence in Moscow - Worries about Russian political instability, the delayed modernization of the Russian economy and the much-touted "Russian Mafia"

Sydney Morning Herald - Daily News
Page One National World Columns Business Prev Story Next Story July 13, 1996 Graft scandals end Yeltsin's honeymoon A series of scandals reaching high into the Kremlin suggest ...

Yankee Chicken, Go Home
Moscow Has A Beef About U.S. Poultry Standards By Stephanie Anderson Forest In Dallas, With Patricia Kranz In Moscow.
Russian citizens have been menaced by nuclear fallout and ...

Quotation of the Month: "Criminal Financial Dealings Dramatically Increased
in Russia" Russian Editor Reveals Banks-Mafia Connection. Banking appears to be one of the most dangerous occupations in Russia. Several dozen Russian bankers have been victims

Peace and the arms trade
Part of a series on Organized Crime and the Environment, by CSS

Moscow at night
You must acquire a visa before entering Russia. The Russian Consulate in Montreal (514-843-5901) is the place to ...

Thieves Professing the Code: Notes and References
Table of Contents RUSSIA Thieves Professing the Code: The Traditional Role of Vory v Zakone in Russia's Criminal World and Adaptions to a New Social Reality Notes and References Notes

Michigan Daily Online
New U.S. $100 bill worries Russians. The Washington Post, MOSCOW -- American media events tend not to get much notice in Russia.

"Dom" Russian Dramatic TV Serial, First 10 Episodes
"Dom" is a series of 40 fifty-minute dramatic programs (tele-roman or television novel) in which various economic topics are embedded including defense industry conversion; ...

RUSSIA: City on Edge Mired in squalor, awash in glitz, Moscow struggles to
TIME Domestic July 4, 1994 Volume 144, No. 1 RUSSIA City on Edge Mired in squalor, awash in glitz, Moscow struggles to find a sense of itself ...

Seattle Times Extra: World news
Feb. 13, 1996 Scam proves diamonds not Russia's forever |Background and Related Stories| by Richard Cole Associated Press Reports of Russian organized crime

Moscow: overview and structure of the city.
Moscow: overview. One of the world's great cities, Moscow (Russian Moskva) is the capital of Russia.

Gunmen seize bus with South Korean tourists near Kremlin
Nando Times Global Stories Archives : October 14, 1995 Gunmen seize bus with South Korean tourists near Kremlin ...

Blast kills Moscow businessman, wounds 2 bodyguards
A bomb explosion Friday killed a businessman and wounded two of his private security guards at a commercial building in central Moscow, police said. The blast killed Gennady Vzin, 35, chief executive of the Roscontractpostavka trading company, in what could be the latest ... - Jan. 17, 1997

Russian mob gaining U.S. foothold, senators told
May 16, 1996 Web posted at: 12:30 a.m. EDT From Correspondent Mark Feldstein WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. senators on the Governmental Affairs Committee heard some eye-opening testimony Wednesday from a man who says he worked with members of the Russian mob. He claims the Russian mob is ... - May 16, 1996

Yeltsin targets corruption, but some are skeptical
From Correspondent Betsy Aaron MOSCOW (CNN) -- In a single year, Russian Deputy Defense Minister and Chief Military Inspector Konstantin Kobets received official praise from President Boris Yeltsin -- only to be fired, charged with abuse of power, taking bribes, and ... - May 20, 1997

Russian mob grows in Brooklyn
May 23, 1996 Web posted at: 8:00 a.m. EDT From Correspondent Peg Tyre BROOKLYN, New York (CNN) -- His appearance is that of a Wall Street executive, but he is accused of being a powerful member of organized crime. Vyacheslav Ivankov allegedly runs the Russian mob from his Brooklyn stronghold ... - May 23, 1996

Sex, denials and videotape
Russian justice minister Valentin Kovalyov will be suspended from duties in the wake of a sex scandal involving nude pictures and a video that purportedly shows him cavorting in a sauna with naked women, Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin said Sunday. ... - June 22, 1997

Prosecutor: Russian crime getting more professional
By Tim Heritage PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, Russia, July 29 (Reuter) - Russia's chief prosecutor said on Tuesday crime across the vast country was becoming increasingly professional and the police were struggling to cope. Yuri Skuratov, Russia's prosecutor general, said ... - July 29 1997

Russian crime goes mass market
CNN - Aug. 7, 1997

Alphabetical list of all Russian banks described

MSNBC - Russians shine at white-collar crime
Russians shine at white-collar crime Gangs include ex-KGB agents, Gulag prisoners A Russian militiaman stands guard over alleged members of an Azerbaijani crime group ...

Russian Mafia in Izrael
During the past four years, Israel has welcomed nearly a million legitimate migrants from the former Soviet Union. Between $2.5 billion and $4.5 billion has been invested in Israel by the Russian Mafia since the collapse of the Soviet Union, according to police sources.

Israeli newcomers from the former Soviet Union
Yisrael B'Aliya's demand comes after years of stories in the Israeli press that highlighted the fact that various criminals and unsavory characters were newcomers from the former Soviet Union. The ultrareligious dislike the way they are portrayed in the secular press, where the term "black" (relating to their garb but also, of course, having other implications) is often used.

Yosef Kobzon delayed entering Israel at Ben-Gurion Airport
Russian-Jewish singer and businessman Yosef Kobzon was delayed entering Israel for some six hours at Ben-Gurion Airport recently, after the Interior Ministry listed him as a Russian mafia member. Senior political figures in Jerusalem became involved in the affair after Russian Ambassador Alexander Bovin demanded Kobzon's immediate release from custody and entry to Israel.

Israeli lawmakers linked to Russian mafia
Police Commissioner Assaf Hefetz said investigators want to verify whether the politicians were aware of Lerner's alleged involvement in criminal activities. Lerner, also known as Gad Ben-Ari, is suspected of involvement in fraud, connection to assassinations by organized crime figures in Russia and trying to bribe public officials.

Russian is 5th Anti-Zionist Critic to be killed
A top researcher for an anti-Zionist member of the Russian parliament was killed March 20,1997 in Moscow in an apparent contract murder - the fifth in recent months, officials said. Anatoly Frantskevich, an aide to lawmaker Alexander Filatov, an ally of Jewish critic Vladimir Zhirnovsky, was driving his Mercedes in Moscow when a bomb exploded under the car, ripping his leg and throwing him.

American Slain in Moscow
Businessman Gunned Down Gangland-Style By Lee Hockstader Washington Post Foreign Service (Nov. 5 1996)

Now on videotape for just $19.95 (2 hours of non-stop action) Click here to see more captures from videotape. It's 2 hours of non-stop action most of which is caught on camera by police surveillance and private citizens.

CNNfn - Playing Russian roulette
Russian Business & Trade Connections Russian Financial Pages New York (CNNfn) - Doing business in Russia is a risky proposition. The dangers were clearly illustrated by the murder last week of American hotel operator Paul Tatum, who died over a dispute on how to run a Moscow hotel.

Criminals, Russian Nationalists and Dostoyevski
Some experts estimate that as much as eighty percent of all private business and banking in Russia is controlled by organized crime. When you give the people the right to vote, they vote correctly.

By The Associated Press, London (AP) -- The British diplomats whom Russia accused of spying had been investigating a report that radioactive material might have fallen into the hands of the IRA, a British newspaper reported Sunday. . The colonel was quoted as saying British intelligence agents from MI6 had offered large amounts of money to Kremlin officials to try to find out whether the IRA...

The Jamestown Foundation - Prism
Corrupt officials in Moscowviewed Chechnya as a "free criminal zone" which couldbring them enormous profit. Yet another "resource" which organized crime enjoyedin Chechnya was the Grozny airport. (062395)

Business in Russia: Currency Coming home?
Harsh fiscal policy and political instability led to capital flight, but some of these funds are slowly finding their way back to Russia. 1 apital flight from Russia puts a damper on the kind of internal investment that is so necessary for the country's economy to come out of its post-inflationary lethargy.

Expert Thief Gadzhiyev's background
Expert Thief Gadzhiyev's background makes him an uncommon police academy applicant, to say the least. Officials from the Soviet embassy in Belgrade met with Gadzhiyev in prison "and asked me if I was going back or not, and I said I wasn't going back because of problems between the Armenians and Azeris in Baku."

Thieves Professing the Code
The Russian title vor v zakone is frequently rendered in English as "thief in law" which is the literal translation (see S. Handelman in "The Russian Mafia" Foreign Affairs, vol. 73, No.2, p. 86; K. Fireman in Newsday, "Moscow's Latest Menace: Mob Hits" May 16, 1994, A15; and S. Erlanger, "A Slaying Puts Russian Underworld on Parade" New York Times,.

C4I-Pro Archive: [C4I-Pro]
Proposed Encryption "Racketeering" Legislation

Proposed Encryption "Racketeering" Legislation". They paint a possible future which includes the use of or blackmail (not necessarily publicly known) against governments and multinationals using weapons of mass destruction.

Moscow Mockba
Russia Hall of Fame Moskau hat mehr zu bieten, als nur Mafia und Prostitution Die renommierte PC-Fachzeitschrift PC Praxis (5/96 / Seiten 124-125) ist voll des Lobes über Moskau ...

Current projects
In Russia, where privatization has resulted in a rapid feminization of poverty, Mafia groups are exporting women and children in increasing numbers to locations throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States. Research conducted in the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Russia has resulted in over 100 hours of footage, including covert footage of Russian Mafia members discussing overseas trafficking of.

"Potato Bag Gang"
They were known as the "Potato Bag Gang," a group of Russian criminals from Odessa who emigrated to the Brighton Beach area of New York City and victimized other Russian emigres. Though Jewish leaders here debate the level of Jewish involvement in the Russian mafia, both as victims and perpetrators, no one likes the idea of a new American -- Jewish or otherwise -- left holding a sack of.

Moscow Spartak director slain
Moscow (Jun 16, 1997 - 12:14 EST) -- Gunmen killed a leading female executive for one of Russia's most popular soccer clubs at her country home outside Moscow. Larisa Nechayeva, director-general of the Moscow Spartak soccer club, was shot in the head and the chest Sunday night, club spokesman Alexander Lvov said Monday.

TV right deal may be involved in killing
Larisa Nechayeva, director-general of the Spartak football club, was shot by an unidentified assailant Sunday at her dacha in the village of Taratino, near Moscow. "In the case of Nechayeva it is ... possible that she was a victim of a row involving Spartak's reluctance to sign a television rights deal," he said.

This is the Behind the Scenes Report
ESPN, citing a 15-month Senate investigation that produced more than 100 interviews with NHL players, officials, owners, team officials and agents says the Russian mafia's influence among NHL players is more extensive than first believed. There are 50 players from the former Soviet Union in the NHL and most of them are Russian including five members of the Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red.

US Senate: Russia mafia extortion in NHL...
ESPN, citing a 15-month Senate investigation produced more than 100 interviews with NHL players, officials, owners, team officials and agents, reports that serious conclusions have been made about the Russian mafia's influence among NHL players.

ESPN SportsZone: Mafia's reach greater t...
"I have heard some evidence of Russian organized crime also attempting to or actually extorting basketball players from the former Soviet Union," Bopp said, "and in one instance, a tennis player from the former Soviet Union." Investigators say extortion in tennis extends beyond players from the former Soviet Union to those from former East Bloc countries.

Russian political prisoner in U.S. jail
Konanykhine escaped from the kidnappers, emigrated to the United States, from where he appealed to the Hungarian and Russian law enforcement agencies, and continued his public campaign against the Mafia and corruption in Russia. During the ensuing investigation the FBI confirmed the kidnapping of Konanykhine in Budapest and the existence of contracts on his life placed by the Russian Mafia.

Russian organized crime groups in California
16 ROC groups launder the money through a elaborate trail of fictitious companies set up in Russia. Analysis Among the most significant organized crime groups to come to the aftention of law enforcement in California in recent years, are the Russian organized crime groups.

Russian Mafia in California
5/13/96 - Five members of so-called @Russian Mafia" organized crime syndicate have pleaded guilty to federal narcotics and fraud charges in Los Angeles, as VOA's Alan Silverman reports, the leader could go to prison for life.

Mafia targets NGO's
Russian Venture Capital Fund of America "RVCFA". "Distance Management Training Project for Russian General Directors".

Cargoweb Special
Recent articles from Cargoweb News about developments in Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation.

Russian Mafia
Russian Mafia - Snap Shots.

Russia-Japan: exchange of information about the networks of Russian Mafia and Japanese Yakuza
The customs departments of Sakhalin, Russia, and Niigato and Khakodate, Japan, have signed an agreement on mutual exchange of information about contraband weapons, drugs and other goods, as well as about the networks of Russian Mafia and Japanese Yakuza.

The Mideast (bibiwatch) : Lushansky
Post called Lushansky an "alleged Russian gangster". Lushansky was a "senior KGB officer"

Banks in Russia and the NIS
Copyright 1995 by West Research. Last update: Aug. 11, 1995 These are some, but certainly not all, of the banks operating in the former Soviet Union today.

History of Moscow Part 4
HISTORY OF MOSCOW The victory of Kulicovo Field brought in its wake a feeling of national unity and gave rise to national consciousness, which provided an impetus for the development ...

Moscow Business Telephone Guide
Since 1992 The Moscow Business Telephone Guide Online is the leading Moscow, Russia business directory. Includes interactive Moscow map with street index, city points of interest, ...

zhiwriter - Monday, July 1, 1996
Russian Fears: After The Voting, Who Transfers Power? June 29, 1996, New York Times, Moscow -- In the bad old days of Soviet rule, ...

Tiujana Cartel
Tiujana Cartel