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Financial Crimes Enforcement
U.S. Department of the Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)

What is money laundering?

Money Laundering: Elementary,Watson
© Intelligence Newsletter

n° 276, 23 Nov 1995
Semple Fraser WS - Money Laundering

Keep your hands clean by watching out for the launderers In the first of a series of corporate law articles for the Journal of the Glasgow, (2 Feb 96)
CSC011/14 - Assignment #8
Assume that you have established a monetary exchange ( money laundering?) business at Washington National Airport...
How Not to be a Money Launderer
This is the home page for Silkscreen Publications, publisher of How not to be a money laundererwritten by Nigel Morris-Cotterill, a lawyer and journalist in London.
Money Laundering and Growth of Casinos
GAO Daybook 14 Feb 1996. The General Accounting Office (GAO) released this reports
The Temporary Class

By Sam Smucker. Temporary companies are a tool for increasing the power of the bosses over the rest of us. Much like off-shore money laundering...

White Collar Crime 1996
(text only page) Section of Criminal Justice and the Center for Continuing Legal Education present. White Collar Crime 1996.
White Collar Crime 1996
Section of Criminal Justice and the Center for Continuing Legal Education
White Collar Crime Committee

ASIS. Newsletter. Winter 96. To facilitate corporate, governmental and public awareness in the identification and prevention of...
1995 KPMG Police Chiefs Survey
Executive Briefing About Our Research Police Resources Fraud and White Collar Crime. Use of Private Resources
"Money Laundering - A Guide for Insurance Companies,"
United States Department of Justice [1992], FBI - White Collar Crimes - Criminal Investigative Division,...
The DSI Report
July/August/September 1995 The DSI Report with information that is useful for competing successfully in today's business environment.
US Secretary of the Treasury Speech
The Department of the Treasury. As prepared for delivery. March 6, 1996 Testimony of Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin.
"The CIA directs operations against drug trafficking in Colombia"
DEA Agent Describes CIA's greed for Cali Cartel's Money and Intervention into Colombian Society Article from the Colombian journal Cambio 16, by Carlos Enrique Bayo.
Semple Fraser WS - Articles
ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution. Lock-in, Lock-out and Secrecy Agreements. Money Laundering. Funding an Acquisition.
Guernsey FSC: Focus on money laundering
Guernsey Financial Services Update The official newsletter of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. Issue 4 - Winter 1994/1995.
Butterworths Guide to International Money Laundering Laws
R Parlour. Jurisdiction: Europe & International....
EIFAN's Money Laundering Guide and Checklist
EIFAN Resume Winter 94/95 EIFAN's Money Laundering Guide and Checklist has been produced as an easy to read document. The guide provides an in-depth analysis of what the Money Laundering is all about
Money Laundering and Monetary Transaction Reporting
Guidelines Manual.
Tax Fraud & Evasion vol II - Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture, Sentencing Guidelines

This new treatise gives you authoritative analysis.
Butterworths Guide to International Money Laundering Laws
Money Laundering Tactics Changing

CJ International, March-April, 1996 Volume 12, Number 2.
Asset Forfeiture

Asset Forfeiture Practice and Procedure, Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture and International Financial Crimes.
Local USDA Employee Embezzlement & Farmer Fraud
Scene of the Crime: Local USDA Employee Embezzlement & Farmer Fraud. The US Department of Agriculture, Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
Rogues, Rascals and Outlaws
Politics and The Organizing of Crime in Rural Areas. Gary W. Potter.

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Who knows whether these experts know about each other?!
Money Laundering
Cyberpayments, Forfeiture, The Global Mafias, Offshore Investments, Securities, Corporate Security and International Financial Crimes It's not enough to BE clean -- You must also LOOK clean.Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture are critical consequences for the banks, attorneys, securities dealers and corporations, both domestic and international, who may be inadvertently in non-compliance. Oceana Publications, Inc. in cooperation with the Centre for International Financial Crimes Studies, Centre for Government Responsibility, College of Law, University of Florida is organising a Conference on Money Laundering, Marriott Marquis in New York City, NY - May 15, 1996Program has been designed to afford interaction with international faculty of experts, and to ensure a full-range perspective on the latest issues surrounding Money Laundering, Asset Forfeiture and White Collar Crime.

An Invitation from Fletcher Baldwin, Jr.,
Professor of Law and Director of the Centre for International Financial Crimes Studies, and Robert J. Munro, Program Coordinator and Co-Director of the Centre for International Financial Crimes Studies.
Money Laundering Alert
Source for information concerning the laws related to money laundering around the world. Includes information about the upcoming Conference in Miami, May-16, 1996, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, which will gather 38 leading U.S. and world experts to share their knowledge. Topics include examination of new money laundering techniques, explanation of the latest applications of the U.S. money laundering law, demonstrations of "cyberlaundering" and interactive multimedia computer-based training, full examination of suspicion reporting requirements and much more.
For more information about Alert Publications Partners or Money Laundering Alert click here or e-mail
President Clinton Pledges International Cooperation
Fighting Organized Crime

President Clinton Marks 50th Anniversary of the UN, Pledges International Cooperation Fighting Organized Crime and Terrorism. (October 23, 1995)
UN Crime Congress Targets Transnational Crime
UN Crime Congress Targets Terrorist Crimes, Firearms Regulation, and Transnational Crime.
Documents: Ninth UN Congress and the Prevention of Crime
Cairo, Egypt, 29 Apr - 8 May 1995. Distr. General A/CONF. 169/8 1 March 1995...
UNO-Criminal Justice and Crime Prevention

UN CPCJ Newsletter Numbers 22/23 July 1993. Special double issue on the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
Helsinki Institute for Crime Prevention and Control
Affiliated with the United Nations HEUNI
Marijuana Facts - How much would crime drop?

How much would crime drop? How much crime would be stopped by regulating the currently prohibited drugs?
International Narcotics Control Strategy Report (1993)
Financial crimes and money, courtesy of the Libraries of the University of Missouri-St. Louis.
Summary of Findings

Money Laundering Working Group.
Money Laundering

This memorandum updates work done by the Money Laundering Working Group... February 28, 1995.
104th Congress 1st Session To control crime
and for other purposes.
Jensen - AI and Money Laundering
U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, Information Technologies for the Control of Money Laundering, OTA-ITC-630
Money Laundering Amendment
-- Curtis, G. 12/15/95 Number LRGC 1/2/96 House received from General Counsel HDOCKET 1/2/96
USA: Legislative Alerts
Congress moving to undo sentencing Commission's Crack Cocaine and Money Laundering Sentencing Reforms
The Recognition and Action to be taken in respect of Money Laundering
FRAG 11/94. This Technical Release, issued in March 1994, explains the current state of the law related to Money Laundering
4th International Conference on Money Laundering
Trip Report - 1
4th International Conference on Money Laundering, Forfeiture, Asset Recovery, Offshore Investments, the Pacific Rim and International Financial Crimes....
4th International Conference on Money Laundering
Trip Report - 1
4th International Conference on Money Laundering, Forfeiture, Asset Recovery, Offshore Investments, the Pacific Rim and International Financial Crimes. ...
Money Laundering Enforcement Seminar

Held in Washington. WASHINGTON, D.C. Contact: Diane Carr(12 Oct 95)
Australia's move towards a cachless society
Seminar Overheads Office of Strategic Crime Assessments Friday, 18 August 1995
Taken from the April 1995 publication of Money Laundering Alert, this article goes to show how potentially the Internet can affect our lives ...(31 Jul 95)
Professional Seminars
Oceana's Professional Seminars. The Fifth International Conference on Money Laundering, Forfeiture, Offshore Investments, Wealth Law...
17th Annual International Asian Organized Crime Conference
Boston, Massachusetts, 3/6/95
International Conference on Organized Crime
Tentative Program. International Conference on Organized Crime, Corruption, and the Administration of Justice. March 2 - 9, 1996. Buenos Aires & Mar del Plata.
Freedom Forum reports: The media vs. the mafia
Country-by-country perspective on the problem.

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Global Organized Crime - the Empire of Evil
By Linnea P. Raine & Frank J. Cilluffo, editors. Center for Strategic & International Studies. (16 May 95)
Books: Octopus - The Long Reach of the International Sicilian Mafia
New York: Simon & Schuster (Touchstone Edition), 1991.
Transcrime Group Abrresses International Threats
The Research Group on Transnational Crime Transcrime, formed within the School of Law, Trento University, Italy
On Cooling Hot Money: Transatlantic Money Laundering
Transatlantic Trends in Drug-related Money Laundering and its Facilitation. Nigel South. Abstract.
Asian Organised Crime - Definitions
Parliamentary Joint Committee

on NCA Activities in Relation to Asian Organised Crime. (16 Feb 96)

Japanese Organised Crime in Australia

History and Characteristics of the Yakuza.
Mr Tom Sherman, Chairperson: Public Briefing
Parliamentary Joint Committee On The National Crime Authority Sydney, 11 Aug 1995
Forfeiture and Compensation
Criminology Resources on the Net - Australian Federal Crimes Act Confiscation. US Supreme Court Ruling on Asset Forfeiture.
Hong Kong handover
could prompt surge in money laundering. By Chris Kearney. (28 Nov 95)
Narcotics Control Strategy - Taiwan
Taiwan is a market and transshipment point for Southeast Asian heroin, a safe haven for drug fugitives
India's Underground Bankers
By Angelina Malhotra. Related Article: A Nose For Trouble
Indonesia: Narcotic Control Strategy
Republika Online: Pemutihan Uan (Money Laundering) in Indonesia

Republika - Jum'at, 3 Nov 1995, Cara Gampang Memutihkan Uang. Sarana paling ampuh melakukan pemutihan uang di Indonesia adalah melalui deposito...
U.S. alarmed by rising money laundering in Mexico
(c) Copyright the News & Observer Publishing Co.
Houston awash in money laundering
Crackdown only dents massive funneling of drug profits to Latin America. Related stories.
Swiss Anti Money-Laundering Legislation
Deloitte & Touche, Switzerland. Highlights of the Swiss Anti Money-Laundering Legislation. Insider Trading - Lifting Of Bank Secrecy. Money Laundering Operations.
FCO Background Brief - Criminal Intelligence
Information processed by the British National Criminal Intelligence Service ...
Kenneth Clarke: Worldwide fight against money laundering continues
48/94 20 April 1994 Kenneth Clarke opened a meeting in London of the Financial Action Task Force...
Chancellor of the Exchequer Kenneth Clarke calls for extra effort against Money Laundering
103/94 28 Sep 1994
Clarke calls for firm action against the launderers
HM Treasury Press Notice 132/95, 5 October 1995
Recent developments in Irish money laundering law
Netherlands Recent developments

Money laundering - Government scrutiny
Drugs policy in the Netherlands: Continuity and change

Introduction and definition of problem. The history of drugs policy in the Netherlands
The Islamic Threat
Van Impe Intelligence Briefing January, 1996 Iran, Syria counterfeiting U.S. dollars. New details of a huge forgery and money-laundering operation in the Middle East ...
Israeli crime king killed by hit man
Mideast Report. Tel Aviv (JPS) -- Underworld kingpin Gad "Schatz" Plum was murdered by a hired gunman...
KPMG Review Newsletter
Fighting Fraud Forensic Accounting. Anti-dissipation orders: What is a Mareva Injunction?South African Businesses as victims of crime.


Organized Crime: Triads, Yakuza, Mafia, etc. "The New Underworld Order"
Who Is The Mob Today?

By Peter Maas. February 25, 1996. The face of organized crime is changing in America.
Mother Jones Maffia Map: The Empire of Crime
The Empire of Crime. by Frank Viviano. Were Hollywood to update its mafia geography, Al Capone's Chicago would disappear from the map.
Organized Crime Threatens the New Order
As criminal capitalism replaces communism: Organized Crime Threatens the New Order by Daniel Brandt From NameBase NewsLine, No. 8, January-March 1995
Organised crime
Mafia moves. Dirty money. Organised crime in the former Eastern Block has become a major concern...
Fight Against Organized Crime in Russia
The New Stage of The Fight Against Organized Crime In Russia. Victor Shabalin J.L. Albini R.E. Rogers.
Russia's Really Hostile Takeovers
August 14, 1995.. Organized Crime Is Shooting Its Way Into Big Business By Patricia Kranz In Moscow.
Russian Organized Crime - A Growth Industry
by Aleksandr Zhilin , Jamestown, 22 December 1995
$50M lost to money laundering scams
By Yevgenia Borisova. Millions of dollars are believed to be transferred from Russia to Swiss banks in money-laundering operations...
Russia: The Financial Crime of the Century
by Aleksandr Zhilin
Baltics: Crime and Security in the Post-Soviet Era

by Christopher J. Ulrich.
Latvia: Human Development Report: Rising Crime
The Warsaw Voice - Money Laundering

July 16, 1995 No 29 (351) - Business. Trying to Get the Gray Out A gang that tried to hide proceeds from smuggling electronic goods ...
Macedonian Government announces war on crime
MAK-NEWS 09/08/95 (M.I.C.) From: MIC - Skopje < mic@ITL.MK>
Macedonian Radio Comments on Crime Increase
MilsNews, Skopje, 8 August, 1995
Slovene Police Successfully Fighting Drugs and Organized Crime
Slovenia is not immune to organized crime... Slovenia Weekly No.8, Criminality/Drugs. Ljubljana,

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DigiCash ecash - about ecash and crime
We often get the remark: "All this anonymous payment stuff only serves to keep the criminals anonymous", often with references to money laundering ...
A Crime By Any Other Name...
Vol 27, Issue 4: A Crime By Any Other Name... The information superhighway has its share of outlaws. And although the popular notion of computer crime may be of harmless youngsters...
Crime in Cybercity
Copyright (c) 1995, by Maclean's Magazine.
WebLink Election 96: Government acts against crime on information superhighway

The Justice Minister, Duncan Kerr, has warned that criminals would increasingly target the information superhighway
Tasty Bits from the Technology Front
TBTF for 12/22/95: Intuit reconsiders on SSN; money laundering vs. privacy.
US economists devise software to check hawala menace
American economists have devised a computer software to detect improper export and import...


World Criminal Justice Library Network Directory

Compiled by John Myrtle With the assistance of Marina L. Myhre, Rutgers University Australian Institute of Criminology...
International Crime
Digest/Index of International Instruments, 1815-1985.
Focus on money laundering
A move is being made to tighten voluntary 'money laundering' controls pending anticipated new legislation in 1995/6
Counterfeiting & Money Laundering Deterrence Act
of 1995 (S-307) Council on Domestic Relations.
Card Club Report #1
The crime debate. Legislators battle for new state gambling commission By Chris Hunter, Tribune Editor
CyberLaw and Political Links
Evil Senate Bill 974 a.k.a The Anti-Electronic Racketeering Act Evil Senate Bill 307 a.k.a Counterfeiting and Money Laundering Deterrence Act of 1995
Forfeiture and Money Laundering
A number of federal statutes contain forfeiture provisions for which the Postal Inspection Service has jurisdiction when the violation...
International Efforts to Combat Money Laundering
Gilmore, William C. (ed.) The effectiveness of concentrating on the profits of drug trafficking ...
Pan European and Local Crime in the EU
The Role of EUROPOL. David L Valls-Russell, Assistant Director of the Europol Drugs Unit at the Hague.
Report on the activities of the EUROPOL Drugs Unit
Drugs Unit between 1 Jan and 31 Dec 1994. First Year Progress... The Hague 24 Jan.95 File No:142304.
The Lindesmith Center--DEA
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) produces numerous documents that assess developments in international drug trafficking, drug transit...
RG Steps Up Fight Against Money Laundering
Intelligence Newsletter n° 263, 27 April 1995, © 1995
Money Laundering Enforcement Seminar
Held in Washington. WASHINGTON, D.C. (Contact: Diane Carr) (12 Oct 95)
San Diego County Puts a CAAP on Crime

The San Diego Imperial County Narcotics Information Network (NIN), under the hospice of the Western States Information Network...
Criminal Justice & Crime Victims
Crime Victims' Compensation Program, Criminal Law Update (newsletter)
House Appropriations Hearings
FY 1993 p.42 Federal Budget, Department of the Treasury. Financial Crimes EnforcementNetwork.
Money-Laundering in Miami?
Business Week: October 23, 1995 Cover Story By Mark Maremont in Boston with Gail DeGeorge in Miami.
Money laundering enforcement program A page of "U.S. Customs Service. Office of Investigations. Hosted by The Special Agent in Charge South Florida Area." - but still empty...

"Please excuse our mess." it reads "This area under construction . Will open soon ." (So, just try from time to time).
Florida Task Force Recommends
CSBS Examiner. February 2, 1996.
The Proceeds of Crime (POC)
POC program is directed at identifying, assessing, restraining and forfeiting illicit and/or unreported wealth accumulated through criminal...
Massive drug, money-laundering case continues
Caller-Times Interactive: News, Jan. 13, 1996. By Libby Averyt, Staff Writer
Smugglers hit for $2.5M
October 1995. The Berbice Anti-Smuggling Squad (BASS) had a busy week of intercepting importers trying to rob the Government coffer...
Law firms recommended for Corporate Crime (UK)


Juan Garcia Abrego

Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine; money laundering, conspiracy ...
U.S. Marshals's Most Wanted
U.S. Marshals Central California's Most Wanted

Wanted by U.S. Marshals, Central District of California.: Botiz, Morris Anthony. Charges: Continuning Criminal Enterprise. Money Laundering. Distribution of Cocaine. (and others)
Priest accused of fraud
Martin Greenlaw, a retired priest who faces 22 criminal charges of fraud, money laundering ...
Matthews Drug Arrest
Raises Many Questions

Were local businesses involved in money laundering? By Gil I. Rudawsky Aspen Times Staff Writer. (14 Oct 1994)